Caging the Enforcer - Enforcer Series Book 3

By Megan Fall All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action

Chapter 16 - Wren

Wren was thrilled the wolf was remaining quiet and playing along. She had caught onto what Wren was doing quickly, and it made everything so much easier. There was only one more thing Wren needed to do before David stormed back in. He was still in the hall, like she had asked, but he wouldn’t be there for long.

She set the syringe on the bed, and carefully pulled down the front of her tee. As soon as the wolf saw the mate bite, she gasped in surprise. Wren leaned closer once more, as she wanted to reassure the wolf.

“Our mates are in the same room. I promise I’ll get them both out, along with every other wolf in here.” As she watched, the wolf shed a small tear, and Wren knew the wolf would leave easier, knowing Wren had her mate’s back.

Suddenly David moved into the room, and Wren had no choice but to pull away.

“Does she need to be admitted”, David asked immediately.

“I was just about to test her blood now”, Wren explained with a smile. “Or would you like to do it yourself.”

David seemed to perk up at that suggestion, and he moved over to them and sat on the bed beside her. She handed him the syringe, along with the tiny jar of mixing solution. If the liquid turned blue when the blood was added, it proved the subject was a wolf. If the liquid turned red, and only retained the normal colour of blood, the subject was human.

Wren watched as David squired a bit of the blood into the liquid. She held her breath, not knowing if this would actually work. With Paul’s mating bite, she was worried her blood might have been affected, even though she still wasn’t a wolf. She watched carefully, and then sighed at the same time David cursed. The blood had stayed the red colour.

“Congratulations”, David said. “You aren’t afflicted with any of the diseases that would require you to stay here. We will release you, and you will be free to go.”

Wren had to bite her lip to keep the grin that really wanted to appear hidden. The wolf looked at her wide eyed, and she could only nod back, as David put the cap back on the syringe.

“How did you end up around here”, David asked curiously.

“I was actually out for a hike, and got terribly turned around. I honestly have no idea where I am”, she lied easily.

David motioned a guard forward, and he started to undo her cuffs. “I’ll have one of my men drive you into town. All I ask is that you don’t tell anyone about this facility. What we do here is very dangerous, and it wouldn’t be safe for anyone if one of our patients got out. I apologize for the way you were treated earlier, but we need to be careful with people who get too close.”

“I’m just glad I’m not affected”, she said. Then she watched as David helped her rise, and led her from the room.

“I’ll be back in a minute sweetheart. I just want to make sure this poor woman gets out okay, and gets a ride back to town”, he explained.

She nodded. “I wouldn’t mind using the bathroom to clean up a bit while you’re gone”, she told him.

He instantly moved to a closet, and she couldn’t be happier when he pulled out her crutches. Once she had them in her hand, she beamed up at him.

“Thank you”, she said sincerely.

“Just please don’t leave the room”, he said. “I want to keep you here a little while longer, and then we’ll go for a short walk around the halls and see how you do.”

“I promise not to leave”, she instantly agreed. He nodded, and left with the girl, shutting the door behind him.

Wren didn’t waste anytime. She used the crutches and pushed off the bed. Her knee hurt, but she was used to that after surgery. Moving carefully around the small room, she started to search for his keys and any information she could use. She knew he always had a spare set of keys hidden somewhere.

After fifteen minutes, she gasped in surprise. The keys were sitting on a shelf in his closet, hidden in a small box. It was the only thing he kept inside the box. She left it where it was, as a plan started to form in her mind. She knew she couldn’t use them now, but tomorrow morning would be a different story.

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