Caging the Enforcer - Enforcer Series Book 3

By Megan Fall All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action

Chapter 11 - Wren

“He’ll come back for you”, Wren said, when she had pulled back.

Paul sighed. “He said he’d come back tonight, and he’s starting his little experiments on both me and Jack.”

“I told him you were too hurt to start on yet”, she cried.

“Well apparently he either thinks otherwise, or just doesn’t care”, Paul said. “I’ll be fine.”

“He just tried to saw off Matt’s foot”, she said, as she stepped back further. “I won’t survive it, if he does something like that to you.”

“We have bigger problems”, Paul told her, and she knew he was trying to distract her.

“What”, she asked, thinking nothing could be worse.

“Jack’s mate is close. She’s probably searching for him, and she’s pregnant”, Paul said.

She knew her face drained of colour. David always wanted a pregnant female wolf. He had dreams of experimenting on the mother and fetus.

“She can’t be caught”, Wren told them both. Then she turned to Paul. “Who do you know that can help us?”

Paul narrowed his eyes. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t get a message to him.”

She backed up even further, so there was about a foot between them.

“Tell me”, she practically ordered him.

“His names Cade”, Paul told her. “He’s alpha of the pack at Rainy Lake.”

“Is he like you”, she asked, not wanting Jack to know Paul’s secret.

“He is”, Paul conceded. “But you told me you have no phone, and you’re not allowed to leave.”

“True, but if you think I’m gonna stand back and watch him hurt you, you’re wrong. Matt’s foot may never heal, a pregnant female is close by, and David’s getting more creative”, she told him.

“There’s nothing you can do little bird”, Paul growled. “I’ll figure out a way to get us all out of here.”

“You can’t move”, she said. “You have silver chains around you. It’s up to me.”

He growled and pulled at the chains, but they didn’t even budge. She watched as his muscles bulged and strained, but still the chains remain solid.

She picked up her caddy and backed up, heading for the door.

“Wren”, Paul shouted. “Don’t you do anything stupid.”

“I love you Paul”, she said, then she turned and slipped out the door.

As she walked away, she could hear him shouting from the other side. Matt’s foot though had affected her deeply. He was like family to her, and David had gone too far.

She went straight to her room and put her caddy away. She took a minute to sit and think about how she was going to save everyone. She needed to come up with a way out. She had to get keys so she could unlock the doors and chains, then she needed to figure out how to destroy the facility. She knew David kept all his research here, he wanted it complete before he handed it to her uncle.

She pushed off her bed, and headed back out. It took her five minutes to find David. He was in one of the cells, and it looked like he was burning the wolf inside with a small torch. The wolf was howling and thrashing, and it looked like David was just getting started.

She turned to the guard and nodded. The guard immediately opened the door so she could enter the cell. The smell of burnt flesh was strong and she had to fight not to throw up. David’s head whipped up, and he smiled when he realized it was her.

“Wren honey”, he said. “I was just getting started. Did you come to watch.”

“No”, she whispered, as she limped towards him. “My leg seems to be getting worse, and I wanted to take you up on your offer to look at it.”

He frowned at her as he looked back towards the wolf. She could only see two wounds, so it looked like she had got to him just in time.

“You can’t wait until later my dear”, he asked.

“I wouldn’t interrupt if it wasn’t bad”, she told him.

“Of course you wouldn’t”, he sighed. “Can you give me a minute to clean up, then meet me in my lab. I think we should start with an X-ray honey.”

She nodded, relaxing slightly when he turned off the torch. “Do you need my help”, she questioned.

“No, I’m gonna leave these wounds open. I want to see if they blister and fester”, he told her with a grin.

She turned away before he could see her tears, and went right back out the door, making sure her limp was more pronounced. Hopefully she could keep him busy and away from the wolves for awhile.

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