Caging the Enforcer - Enforcer Series Book 3

By Megan Fall All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action

Chapter 10 - Paul

Paul eyed the door as it opened. When Jack growled beside him, he shot a warning glare at the wolf. He could smell David, and he didn’t want the wolf to antagonize him. Then the strong scent of blood filled his nose, and his whole body locked up tight. His little bird followed David into the room, but she stared at the floor, and refused to meet his eyes. He scanned her from head to toe, and realized it was her the strong smell was coming from. He tasted blood, when he bit down hard on the inside of his mouth to stop both him and his wolf from growling too.

“Wren”, David called. “I’d like to introduce you to our latest acquisition. This wolf put up a good fight, but he was no match for my silver bullets. I’d like you to take the normal blood samples, as I’d like to start testing tonight.”

Wren set her caddy down, and raised her head to get a look at Jack. Paul tried to get her to look his way, but she wouldn’t budge. When Jack started snarling at Wren, Paul knew the blood was bothering the wolf. As he watched, David moved closer to his little bird, and placed his arm around her shoulders. She shivered, and he knew David assumed it was from her fear of the new wolf. Paul could smell it in the air, but he wasn’t sure whether it was David or it was actually the other wolf.

“It’s okay sweetheart”, David said. “The wolf is chained up nice and tight. He can’t get anywhere near you. And I promise you, if he puts one mark on you, I’ll take one of silver bullets and shoot him right in the middle of the head.” Then David smiled down at her, like she meant everything to him. “I can stay if you’d feel more comfortable with me here.”

Wren quickly shook her head, and then tried to smile up at him. She pushed him away, and Paul was horrified to see her stumble on her bad leg. Of course, David grabbed her arm to steady her.

“You come see me later”, he ordered. “That’s the second time you’ve stumbled today.”

Paul watched as she looked up at David and nodded, but he was concerned with how pale she looked. Something was seriously wrong, but he needed David gone so he could find out what it was.

When she moved away from David once more, and stood better, Paul actually breathed a sigh of relief. David studied her a minute, then nodded in acceptance and headed for the door. Once he was completely through, Wren seemed to collapse in on herself. Paul couldn’t help the loud growl that came from his mouth. Jack glanced at him in question, but his little bird finally looked his way.

“Get over here”, he ordered, unable to mask the anger in his voice. He was terrified she would think he was angry at her, but she quickly limped towards him, and collapsed against his chest. He could feel her tears hitting his chest, as her arms wrapped around him. All he wanted was to hold her back, and it killed him that he couldn’t.

“What the fuck”, Jack sneered from beside them, but Paul was too worried about his mate to explain. She cried for a good five minutes, before she pulled back slightly and wiped at her tears. She kept close enough though that their skin touched, and Paul was grateful.

“Talk to me little bird”, he ordered.

Little bird”, Jack yelled. “What the ever loving fuck. She’s one of them.”

“Shut the fuck up”, Paul ordered, as he put his full enforcer power into the commend. Jack immediately closed his mouth.

“There’s a wolf here. His name is Matt. He’s been here almost since the beginning, and he’s like a brother to me”, she said, as new tears began to fall.

“David hurt him”, he deduced.

“David tried to saw his foot off”, she corrected. “There was so much blood. I did what I could, but I don’t know if he can heal from a wound like that.” Then she clung to him once more. He leaned down as far as the chains would allow, and kissed her head. “He has to heal”, she cried.

“Wolves can heal from almost anything”, he soothed her. “It’s a bad wound, but if he’s been here since the beginning, he’s a strong wolf.”

“What do I do to help him”, she demanded.

“You keep an eye on him. Keep the wound clean, and watch for infection. He can’t shift, so it will be harder for him to heal. Keep him well fed so keeps his strength up”, he ordered.

“Okay”, she whispered. Then she pulled back and looked up at him. “It’s getting worse. David’s getting more cruel, and he’s upping his methods. He’s going to start killing them.”

There was nothing Paul could say to that, she was probably right.

“You’re fucking mates”, Jack finally said. “How the hell did that happen.”

Paul turned to the wolf and grinned. “It’s not the ideal setting to discover it in, but I’m so in love with her, I don’t fucking care.”

Her head whipped up to stare at him. “I love you too”, she quickly replied.

“Don’t you dare make out in front of me”, Jack complained, and Paul’s smile turned into a smirk.

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