SAMPLE Sheltering Macy - Stone Knight’s MC Book 8

By Megan Fall All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action


Preacher is the president of The Stone Knight's MC. He's tough, he's a badass, and his club is his life. He doesn't have time for love, nor does he want it. Macy goes through life simply existing. Her brother, Snake, hates her and blames her for their mothers death. Her fathers a gambler, and is rarely home. When her father can't pay a debt, the loan shark decides that taking her will be payment enough. The only choice her father has, is to take her to Snake for protection. But what happens when the president gets a look at her. Will he take it upon himself to protect the girl that desperately needs to be loved, or will he let her go, and remain the president that only cares about his club!

Chapter 1 - Preacher

Preacher walked into the common room, and froze at the sight before him.

“Will you get your god damned tongue out of my sisters mouth,” he roared. “I’m in the fucking room.”

Shadow just smirked at him, as he pulled away from Tiffany. “Well you weren’t in the room when I stuck it in her mouth,” he replied cheekily.

“Fuck me,” Preacher said. “Another god damned comedian.” Then he turned on his heel and stomped to his office.

He pushed open the door, then promptly slammed it shut after he was in. He sat in his chair and placed his elbows on the desk, then leaned over to place his head in his hands. His club used to be full of badass bikers, now it was full of pussy whipped men. He missed the old days, the days before pink rooms and women drama.

He tried to contain them, by placing the bikers and their women in cabins, but that meant the club house was getting fucking emptier. He tried to recruit, but it was hard to find good men worthy of the Stone Knight’s patch.

He looked up when the door opened and Steele barged in. “Don’t you fucking knock,” he growled.

Steele grinned. “Why the fuck would I knock, all you ever do these days is sit behind that fucking desk and pout.”

Preacher picked up a stapler and threw it at the brother, but Steele ducked as he chuckled.

“What the fucks your problem now. I heard you yelling from down the hall,” he asked.

“Fucking Shadow was making out with my sister again,” he sneered.

Steele laughed even harder then. “They love each other brother. That’s bound to happen. You just wait until you find a woman, then maybe you won’t be so crusty.”

“I’m not fucking crusty,” he roared. He picked up a paper weight to throw at the brother next, but Steele ducked back out the door. Fucker moved quick too, he probably got that from hanging out with Trike. Now that little fucker could move.

Preacher stared at the closed door, and leaned back in his chair. Fucking bikers were dropping like flies, even Mario had a girl of his own now. He needed to start a pool on who would be next and make some fucking dough.

Preacher gave up on the paperwork he had planned to do, and pushed out of his chair. When he walked back into the common room, he was happy to see Shadow and his sister were gone. He headed to the bar where Dragon and Navaho were sitting. Navaho instantly filled a glass with a shot of whiskey and passed it to him.

Drinking was what he needed to do now, he thought. Get rip roaring drunk, then pass out in bed.

“You okay prez,” Dragon asked. Preacher was on his third shot now, and decided to be frank.

“I’m sick of the fucking girls roaming around all the time,” he growled.

“Ah,” Dragon said. “So you’re jealous.”

“I’m not fucking jealous,” he roared. He would have said more, but his cell chose that moment to go off. He pulled it from his back pocket, and stared at Raid’s name on the screen. The brother had been placed on the gate today, so that meant someone was here.

“What,” Preacher said in agitation.

“Car pulled up to the gate. Man and woman inside. Apparently they’re family of Snake’s,” Raid told him.

“Call the brother and have him meet me at the gate. I’m on my way,” he ordered.

“Right,” Raid responded, before hanging up.

He turned to Dragon. “Snake has family at the gate. Care to join me,” he asked his Sargent at Arms.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Dragon said, as he pushed out of his chair and followed Preacher out the door.

Half way there they met Snake. “You got family,” he asked the prospect.

“Pop and his daughter,” he answered.

Preacher raised his eyebrows. “Not you’re sister,” he questioned.

“No,” he growled angrily. “She’s not my fucking sister.”

Preacher shrugged as they reached the gate. He had no idea what to expect. With this club, everything was a crap shoot.

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