The Frosted Moon

By Danii All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


What happens if everything you thought to be true turned out to be a lie? What if everything you thought mattered didn’t? Madison is the most popular girl in school. She has a perfect life, or so she thinks. Her boyfriend is the hottest guy in school, and she is likely to be crowned the prom queen. James is the unpopular guy who lives next door. He has been in love with Madison since they were children. They used to be best friends, but when they started high school, they drifted onto different paths. He enjoys watching movies and being a hermit. She loves the parties and hanging out with friends. When an unexpected event brings them together, they realize the friendship they once had could be a stronger bond than the years they have spent apart. This book is a paranormal romance with adult content. It is a standalone novel which sets up future storylines for other characters.

Chapter 1

My alarm clock was going off, and already I wish the day was over. I lift my head from the pillow and place it over my head to drown out the sound of the alarm. If only it would stop. I meant time, not the alarm.

Yesterday was the worst day of my life. My boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me. My Sunday afternoons were often spent in the local park even when the weather was cold. I had arranged to meet a group of friends. It was only a 15-minute walk from my house so as usual, I’d decided to take a stroll; I found it peaceful walking along the dirt track lost in my thoughts.

Lance, my boyfriend or should I say ex-boyfriend met me at the edge of the field and we walked together to meet our buddies, the silence followed, but it was not uncomfortable or indifferent. We engaged in our normal banter as we got closer to the group, nothing out of the ordinary just the usual talk of events for the upcoming week. We spent most of the day sitting on the grass and playing on the swings. A little childish I know, but it was our senior year and growing up was approaching fast, none of us could deny it, but we wanted to enjoy our last year together even with silly antics. I think we were all trying to avoid the changes which were about to take place. I mean discussions needed to be made and responsibilities would be laid upon us but today was us being kids. The day was passing us by like a carefree summer breeze, even if it was November and a little chillier than usual. I hadn’t worn a cardigan however the cold didn’t bother me. At about 3 pm Lance received a phone call which ended in a heated argument. He had moved away from the group to have the discussion, but his body language had said it all. Lance was pacing up and down like a child about to perform a well-exhibited tantrum. Everyone asked if he was okay when he had finished, but Lance said he did not want to talk about it. His face was becoming very red, but it was hard to tell if it was from anger or frustration. Everything settled back down, and we went on to enjoy the daylight slip away. At approximately 5 pm we decided it was time to start thinking about going home. It was tea time, and my tummy welcomed the idea of food. The time was not unusual for us to depart but as we stood, Lance asked us all to wait. We all froze to the spot, and I looked at him with wondering eyes.

He appeared hesitant which was unusual for him; he was always so confident and sure of himself. He seemed to have his mind elsewhere, and a glazed look was showing across his face.

“I want to break up,” Lance said out of the blue while gazing in my direction. He wasn’t normally very confrontational, and he had said this in front of all of our friends. Yeah, thanks for that.

“Are you sure?” I said looking a little confused, was this something to do with the call he had received? Why did he wait until now to break up with me?

Why didn’t he do it at the beginning of the day or after everyone left? Why now?

“Yes,” he said angrily, but he didn’t sound very convincing. What the hell.

“Why?” I asked innocently. I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

He mumbled something about the reason not being critical, and there was no way we were getting back together.

I took a deep breath taking in my thoughts of confusion. I felt like time stood still just for a moment and then I put one foot in front of the other until I arrived home. No one tried to stop me, but I guess they were just as confused as me. Nobody moved or said a word they just watched me leave, including Lance. I didn’t see any point in arguing or making a scene. He had sounded like his decision was final, and I did not want to discuss it further in front of our friends. Everyone would be gossiping about this by the time I got to school anyway. I didn’t want any more information unveiling. Plus like he said the reason didn’t really matter it was over and that was that. By the time I got home my phone was beeping with a notification from Facebook telling me, I was single. Fabulous, now there was no doubt everyone would be talking about us.

I know things were not how they used to be but 2 months from prom; come on give me a break!

Lance was the most popular guy in school and to be honest, this was part of the reason I decided to date him. He had the perfect body and face. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and washboard tight abs.

The more I got to know him the more I realized his personality was somewhat lacking, but I was okay with this. I was dating the most popular guy in school, all I had to do was give a smile, and the school smiled with me. My grown popularity was enough for me to date a guy that only talked about football, exercise, dieting, football, football and did I mention football? I was part of the school’s gymnastics team, but you didn’t hear me going on about it.

I’d been to every game he’d played for the last year and a half, and this is how he repaid me. Did I mention I don’t even like football?

Our relationship had started as romantic dates, picnics in the park and relaxing beauty spa trips. We began to appear at school events together and were invited to more and more parties. We had both already been part of the mainstream click, but when we became a couple we were the most beloved people in the school, and I liked it that way. We came to realize we were happier when out in public than alone together. We hadn’t actually discussed it, but we stopped seeing each other in private about 6 months into our relationship and only text to organize our schedule.

In the last month, we had rarely even spoken to each other. We’d meet up at parties, be seen together and then enjoy our night separately. I knew he liked the arrangement as much as I did. The way we were in public said it all. He behaved like I was his world and he could not get enough of me. I hadn’t really noticed a change in his behavior, but honestly, we didn’t really spend enough time together for me to see. Well except for Saturday night, he’d asked to meet at a football rally. It was nothing out of the ordinary really, just a regular Saturday night in the football season. We met at the gates about ten minutes before the start. We did our usual appearances, and I went to join my friends. It didn’t go on too late, and I had gymnastics first thing the next morning, so I left earlier than most people. I decided to walk back to my car and head home. It was probably not the safest idea, but we lived in a small town, and I’d never had any problems before. It was dark, but I knew the direction to my car.

About half way across the field I saw two figures running. I could only see their outline, and I only saw them because they were so close. It was Lance I don’t think he realized it was me but he ran straight into me before I could stop what was happening. He apologized and carried on running across the field. It was odd, and I was sure he didn’t have much clothing on if any. I hadn’t even noticed he’d left the rally but didn’t really think anything of it until now. The person he was with was definitely male, so I just thought they were having a laugh and joking around. I thought maybe it was part of a prank or something.

I guess this may have been the start of his strange behavior. I mean what was he doing? The moment was so brief I could not assess his mood. I didn’t know if he was laughing or running from fear. It was just too quick. I didn’t really keep a close eye on his movements when we were out in public together, but maybe he had met someone else or something? Maybe that was why he broke up with me?

I probably should have felt more upset about the breakup, but honestly, I was just annoyed. There was no love lost between us, and both of us knew it, towards the end of our relationship even a few chased kisses in public had become an effort. I knew he liked what our relationship status had done to his popularity. He enjoyed having people like putty in his hand. He got this look in his eye that craved for dominance. Although I didn’t actually see Lance in a romantic way if I was honest, I did like the fact it took me off the market. I didn’t have to try with men, and they were always open with me like I was one of the guys. I didn’t have to put up with their bullshit, and they told me how it was without cryptic clues other girls seemed to get. Although now I was going to have to go out of my way to find someone else to go to prom with and hope I was still crowned queen. The thought of having to find a date made me want to crawl under the duvet and forget about getting out again.

The alarm was still giving off noise, and I knew I have to get today over. I needed to make today as painless as possible. I checked my phone and Facebook for an update. I was still single, and so was Lance. I guess that was something. As they say, nothing is real until it’s on the internet.

I needed to come up with a plan, a way to get through today with no hiccups.

I needed to find the hottest, cutest outfit you have ever seen or at least this would make me feel better on the outside. I eventually crawled out of bed. I’m normally really perky in the morning but not today. I headed to the mirror by the window in my room. I don’t know if I’m the only person who does this, but I stared at my reflexion and began to pull funny faces. This was probably the most fun I was going to have all day, and at least it put a smile on my face. I picked up my brush from the dressing table and combed my long, straight hair.

I opened the draw and took my make-up bag out. I needed a quick wash, and then I was going to apply my face. I was running a little later than usual already, but hey it was no big deal.

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