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Girls in London

By Kelsey Higgins All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance


Isla Rose Brady and her two best friends, India Summers and Bethany O’Grady, are very unlucky in love, but for one of them, that may be about to change. Isla is a 23-year-old self-published author with big dreams.​ When she meets 28-year-old Stuart Jones at her birthday party, the writer is convinced this is her happy ending. Though when an old flame, Jackson Harris, comes back into her life after three years, who will have her heart in the end? India Summers, more commonly known as ‘Indie’ by those close to her, is a twenty-two-year-old English teacher and single mother to her eight-month-old son, Ryan. Having been deserted by her ex-boyfriend when she announced she was pregnant, the single mom decides that love just isn’t for her, but sex is. As for Bethany O’Grady, the 23-year-old midwifery student knows she’s going places, but with a fear of blood, her midwifery career isn’t looking so good. Afraid of letting her dying grandmother down, she has decided to stick with the course…but this comes with consequences to her love life. The girls will meet much turbulence along the way to happiness, but at least they have each other...right?

Character Inspiration

*Isla’s looks are based on me**I thought it might be fun to add a few pictures of what I perceive the characters to look like, to help you visualize!*

Name: Isla Rose Brady.

Age: 23 - 24.

Birthday: October 31st.

Hair Colour: Blonde (dyed).

Eye color: Sky blue.

From: Kildare, Ireland.

Lives in: Kingston upon Thames.

Occupation: self-published author.

Nickname: Lala.

Tattoo(s): A bird tattoo on her arm in memory of her late grandmother.

Piercings: ears, cartilage.

Parents: Loughlin and Mairead Brady.

Name: India Summers.

Age: 22.

Birthday: December 9th.

Hair Colour: Brunette.

Eye Colour: Green.

From: New York.

Lives in: Kingston upon Thames.

Occupation: Single mother and English teacher.

Nickname: Indie.

Tattoo(s): her son’s name on her ribcage, with a flower design.

piercing(s): nose.

son’s name: Ryan Summers.

Ryan’s age (at the start of the book): 8 months.

Ryan’s Birthday: 10th February.

Ryan’s appearance: black hair(Paternal trait), green eyes.

Fun Fact: Indie was with her ex, the father of Ryan, for 3 years and he STILL left when she got pregnant.

Inspiration for India: Lucy Hale.

Name: Bethany O’Grady.

Age: 23.

Birthday: May 5th.

Hair Colour: Blonde.

Eye Colour: Sea green.

From: Ohio, USA.

Lives in: Kingston upon Thames.

Occupation: Midwifery student.

Nickname: Beth.

Tattoo(s): none.

Piercing(s): ears, naval.

Parents: Daniel (active) and Saoirse O’Grady (deceased).

Fun Fact: Beth is afraid of blood!

Inspiration for Beth: Lili Reinhart.

Name: Jackson Ronald Harris.

Age: 25.

Birthday: June 8th.

Hair Colour: light brown.

eye colour: blue.

From: Washington, USA.

Lives in: Luton.

Occupation: ex-part time model/detective.

Nickname: Jackie.

Tattoo(s): none.

Piercing(s): none.

Parents: Sandra (active) and Ronald Harris (deceased).

Fun Fact: Jackson’s middle name is his deceased father’s name.

Inspiration for Jackson: Trevor Stines.

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