A Sweet Christmas Morning Atmosphere

By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Natalie and Marcus get a Christmas Morning visit from "Heaven's Messengers." But what great surprise does one spouse have for the other?

Chapter 1

It was a sweet Christmas Morning atmosphere. The tree had points of light on it that came from the heavens. The living room was glowing with candlelight.

Natalie and her husband Marcus were singing holiday songs to each other. They were both so full of Christmas spirit. Outside their door, a group of singers were also performing holiday songs. Marcus and Natalie could not resist joining in.

The joyous voices of Natalie were Marcus were getting louder and louder and more joyous when they blended with this group of singers. Heaven’s Messengers had come to Earth to spread Christmas joy to this couple. And they did. For everybody, this Christmas morning had come alive with both laughter, music, togetherness, and love. This was truly a day of celebration.

But one thing that made this day of celebration even greater was that Natalie had a surprise for Marcus. She was going to give birth to twins. At that minute in time, the entire universe was laughing and weeping tears of joy all at once. This was what Christmas Day was for.


On September 25th of the following year, Natalie and Marcus excitedly became the parents of two girls. Natalie named them Abigail and Gabrielle. All of Heavens Messengers came to share in this event. They sang in harmony to celebrate these truly heavenly messengers.

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