Captive Hearts

By Brittany All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 1

“The Ransom King strikes again” states channel 20’s news reporter. “This time his victim was twelve year old Maggie Washington. After three days of The Ransom King kidnapping Maggie, Maggie’s parents paid the $2,000 ransom for her safe return. Like all of the other victims, Maggie stated that she never saw his face. Now back to Chris who’s accompanied by Maggie Washington.”

“Thanks Jen”. Says Chris. “Maggie can you tell us the experience you had over the last three days?”

Maggie Yawns and look at her nails. “It was cool, kind of like a vacation. The only time he came in the room was when he brought me my food. He would wear this blue plastic Halloween mask on. Other than that I was left alone with a TV, comfy bed, and a Bathroom. There was no parents to bother me, but I guess one thing that was bad was the fact that there was no Wi-Fi.” She says and blow a bubble with her gum.

I turn the TV off irritated. “So stupid, how can she say it was fun. She was kidnapped and held for ransom. All of the people he kidnap say they had fun because he wasn’t mean. That doesn’t erase the fact that he kidnapped them. And what do they think he would have done if he didn’t get the money.” I say to myself and go downstairs. “dad is dinner ready yet?” I ask and he shakes his head. “The cook says he’ll be about five more minutes.” He says and I sigh.

My phone buzzes and I check my messages, it’s from Camy. ‘We should go to the movies and out to eat’. The text says and I reply with a smiley face and put my phone back in my pocket. “Dad can i get some money for the movies and to go to a restaurant?” I ask and he pulls out his wallet and hand me five hundred dollar bills. “I’m going to the movies and out to eat, I’m not buying a car.” I say and try to give him back two hundred. “You can have whatever is left.” He says and wave my hand away. I roll my eyes and put the money in my pocket.

“So what movie are we going to see?” I ask Camy. “Oh that one that just came out furious 7.” She says and we walk up to the desk. “Two tickets for furious 7.” I say and the lady nods. “That will be twelve dollars.” The lady says and I hand her once of the hundreds. “I hope you like it.” She says and hand me the tickets and my change. “I could of paid for myself.” Camy says. “I know, but I owed you six dollars from the other day.” I explain and she nods remembering.

When we get to the snack counter we order one extra-large popcorn, a bunch of candy, and two large sprites. Then we go find our seats in the theater. “Did you hear that girl was returned safely to her parents today.” Camy says and I nod. “Yeah, it’s not so surprising since the ransom king got his money. Now if her parents would have waited another weak they probably would have found her body in a ditch somewhere. They’re all so stupid, the ones he kidnap always be like how they had fun and it wasn’t so bad. They only act like that because they’re spoiled brats that get whatever they want and they know their parents will pay the ransom.” I say and Camy laughs.

“Emerald, your father is the third richest man in the world. You can get whatever you want, and you know if you were taken he would pay the ransom without blinking a eye.” She says. “That doesn’t mean I’m spoiled. Even though I can get whatever I want I don’t ask for a lot of things. Just what I need or something I really, really want, i don’t ask for things because they’re pretty or it caught my eye that’s a waste of money.” I say and Camy laughs again.

After the movie we go to Red Lobster. “so tell me, what would you do if you were to be kidnapped by the Ransom King?” Camy ask and I shrug. “I guess I would fight him off and try to get away. And if that doesn’t work and he still gets me I’ll be trying to escape the whole time.” I explain and Camy starts laughing. “Why go through so much trouble if you know your dad will pay anything to get you back?” She asks. “Because I don’t want to be like the other rich kids who are so dependent on their parents money and can’t do anything for themselves.” I explain and she nods.

After we’re done eating I drop her off at her house. “Be careful, you could be targeted by the ransom king or anyone else.” She says before getting out the car. “That will never happen.” I yell through the open window. “Never say never.” she yells back and goes inside her house. “Even if I do get targeted I’m not going down without a fight.” I say to myself and drive away.

Ransom kings P.O.V

“Nice doing business with you.” I say and hang up. That was so easy like always. I walk into the bank and up to the desk. “How may I help you?” The lady behind the desk asks. “I would like to make a withdrawal.” I say and she ask for the account name. “Birdy.” I say and she type it into the computer. “May I see a photo ID?” She ask and I nod pulling out the fake ID I used for this account. She looks at it and hands it back. “How much would you like to withdraw?” She ask. “two thousand.” I say. “That is the exact amount on hear if you take it all out the account will be closed, are you sure you would like to take it all out?” She ask and I nod.

After I leave the bank I get in my car and drive. I’ve been driving for two hours when I pull up to the hospital in Seattle. I go inside to the front desk. “I’m here to visit my grandma in room 204.” I say and she starts typing on her computer. “I’m sorry but she is no longer in that room. She is now in intensive care, and no visitors are allowed.” She says and I slam my fist on the counter making her jump. She begins reaching for the phone and I take my hand of the counter. “I’m sorry, is her doctor in?” I ask and she nods. “Dr. Mark you are needed at the front desk.“she says into the intercom. “Thank you.” I say and go sit down in the corner.

“Yes, what is it?” Dr. Mark comes in after a few minutes. “he would like to talk to you about his grandmothers condition.” The lady says and points to me. I stand up when he comes over to me. “Alex I’m sorry but last night she took a turn for the worse, she needs the operation as soon as possible.” He explains and I nod. “I understand, I almost have all the money. How much time do she have?” I ask. “Without the surgery she has a month two tops, and that’s only if her condition gets better.” He explains and I nod and leave.

When I get in my car I rest my head on the steering wheel. “I need ten thousand more dollars. No more small jobs I need something big.” I say to myself and pull out my phone and search the top ten riches people in the world. The first two doesn’t have any kids but the third riches has a daughter three years younger then me. “ok Emerald Jones you’re my next target.” I say and start driving in the direction she lives.

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