A Christmas Dream

By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


What will the Christmas be like for Natalie and Marcus?

Chapter 1

This was a Christmas dream. Lights from a tree were shining as brightly as points of light from the heavens. In addition, lights from the windows of churches were also as bright as the light of the Supreme Being’s love. There were also other Christmas trees that had lights with shades of the rainbow.

All of this made Marcus want to sing. His voice brought tears to his wife Natalie’s eyes. Minutes later, a delightful sky of night came into sight. There was a glowing full moon. In addition, glowing crystals of snow and golden points of light from the heavens were both coming to the ground like glitter. Natalie and Marcus had to pinch themselves to make sure that they were not dreaming. This had them both weeping tears of Christmas joy.

When the two of them got home, they eagerly revealed their Christmas gifts to one another. Marcus' gift to Natalie was a bottle of Sparkling Aloe perfume. It blended greatly with her suntan lotion throughout the summer seasons. She wore it for him the first time they made love. After that, he fell asleep on her soft chest while listening to her breathing. It was his greatest slumber ever.

Natalie’s loving Christmas gift to her husband was a cute, grinning teddy bear. She had always called him her “human teddy bear.” Every time she had a nightmare or a bad day at work, he would hug her all the time. Natalie had been in an abusive relationship before Marcus. When she left her abusive boyfriend, she became inspired to work for crisis hotline for women. When she would get home at night, Marcus would have supper ready for her and catch her tears from listening to other women talk about what had happened to them. Marcus wept with her at all times while he hugged her because other kids in school tortured him, both mentally and physically. They were aware that his wish was to sing, and that used it against him. Luckily, Marcus had counselors and confidants in the same school who both ended the torture and made his aspiration as reality. When he told Natalie that he would never wish what he went through on anybody else, and especially not her, she was aware that she was in love with him.

The Christmas music that they listened to was a gentle lullaby. It sent their spirits flying. Soon, they were both crying tears of Christmas joy once more.

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