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The Night Of December 24th

By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


What is in store for Lilly Louise and Jeffrey on Christmas Eve?

Chapter 1

The night of December 24th was like a dream. There was a full moon in the sky that was as bright as The Morning Star! This especially put Lilly Louise and her husband Jeffrey in a romantic mood. Lilly Louise turned on the radio so that she and Jeffrey could dance to Christmas music.

Outside of their windows, her husband could see other couples bringing back Christmas trees to decorate. Then, they saw glittery Christmas trees that looked like they were for Easter! All of this filled this married couple with plenty of reason to celebrate! The centers of their emotions were now full of magic!

Jeffrey and Lilly Louise could now hear jingle bells in the distance! They could also hear distant heavenly messengers singing about Christmas! This inspired the two of them to follow these heavenly messengers and sing with them! No Christmas Eve that Lilly Louise and Jeffrey had ever shared was better than this one.

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