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By Sway Jones All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


She hadn’t wanted to get used to him. But no matter how she tried to harden her heart to him, he would do something that would melt her soul into a puddle of romantic goo. No one had ever given her flowers. No, no one had asked her what her favorite flower was and then gotten two dozen for her. He was her bodyguard against a drug kingpin that wanted to destroy her. He was only playing a part to lure the bastard out. But his touches and words seemed so sincere. Could a sexy ex-army guy fall for a curvy girl like her? some language, clean short romance story



George Carlyle followed his lieutenant’s lead into the underground bunker used for drug cutting. His steely gaze looked through his machine gun’s scope as if the crosshatch in it were permanently burned onto his retinas. Truth be told, this view of the world calmed him. He didn’t need to make choices that would end up screwing up his and other people’s lives. All he had to do was kill the enemy and keep his fellow army buddies from dying. Through any means necessary. Outside the crosshairs civilians and innocent bystanders took his attention away from his mission.

His nickname in the platoon was “Ready.” He was always ready to look down his scope and pick off the enemy. The other members of the platoon wanted to be on whichever squad he was on because they knew he would do everything in his power to get all of them home.

In the underground bunker he surveyed his part of the room making sure there were no armed “unfriendlies.” Several of the US soldiers had already taken down most of the armed guards and watchers. Inside were mostly women and children stripped to their underwear as they cut the cocaine and packaged it for wholesalers. Despite strong orders from a green captain back at base, the soldiers in the field didn’t see these workers as a threat so let them go once they were searched for any small firearms.

George led the group of civilians out of the bunker in order to dress. He constantly scrutinized and assessed their surroundings, a jungle that encroached upon the hidden operation even as the drug growers tried to cut it back somewhat to make some room for transportation. Nature always found a way, he thought somberly. The jungle didn’t care who you were. If you didn’t conform to life within it, you were picked off quickly by its myriad of hidden dangers.

After six months in the jungle, the men were exhausted and ready to go home. Their “interdiction” assignment had slowed down the drug supply to the world but not by much. Once one operation went down, another popped up in a different place literally only hours after reporting to the jeffe – the boss.

The drug war was one losing battle after another. The US soldiers were tired of small victories while knowing the strategic ones would never be fulfilled. People had an insatiable appetite for illicit drugs especially the American people.

George didn’t blame them. In order to keep America great, it’s people worked hard and never stopped long enough to get any rest. The United States was low on the list of countries whose people took vacations. Everyone else in the world seemed to grasp the importance of resting the body and soul. Yet to remain great, American citizens worked and worked hard.

Drugs were their “vacation.” A weekend spent high on marijuana or cocaine felt like a two-week vacation. Time meant nothing. Heroin made time stop. Americans needed illicit drugs to keep their GDP the highest in the world.

Now that the world was relatively war free at the moment, with ISIS having been penned into Iraq and unconstitutional measures to nip lone jihadists throughout the world leading to incarceration, the military-industrial complex needed a war to wage to sell it’s weapons. So the “war on drugs” was re-authorized and it was why George and his twelve brothers in arms were in the Mexican jungle hunting drug wholesalers and praying to make it out alive.

While the women and children got dressed George walked the edge of the cleared area next to the door of the underground bunker. The clearing was large enough to contain the twenty or so civilians and several soldiers. It was not large enough however to contain all of them and a jaguar.

As the big cat sauntered out of the jungle, everyone froze, except George. He aimed his machine gun at the beast and sighted it with his scope. It was at the moment he was about to shoot that the jaguar looked straight at him through the crosshairs. Panting slightly it’s fierce gaze captured George’s fearful one. George got goose bumps and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. The intensity of the cat’s stare showed the soldier the intelligence behind the animal façade.

Lowering his gun, George realized he couldn’t do it. He wasn’t “ready” to kill this majestic animal no matter how dangerous. The jaguar watched him for a few long moments, before turning away and strutting out of the clearing back into the jungle. George followed it until he couldn’t tell the cat from the trees.

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