Pure Attraction

By Phoebe Ng All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor

Chapter 29

They weren’t kidding when they say time flies by fast when you are having fun.

I look at my watch and notice that it’s a quarter to seven. “Wow, what a day.” He plops down onto the floor next to his mother. Mrs. Lawson gives him a disapproving look. “Austin, you shouldn’t sit on the floor. It’s dirty and are you going to expect Paradice to sit on the floor too?” She raises her eyebrow as she eyes her son.

He shrugs and then pats his lap. “She could sit on my lap.”

I instantly turn into a shade of red as the memory of us in the cinema pops up into my mind.

“C’mon, honey.” He whines. I take the popcorn from the counter and hold it with one hand as I take a handful of popcorn and shove into my mouth with my other hand. I nudge my head towards the drink, signalling him to take it.

He rolls his eyes but took the drinks nevertheless. “I’m so thirsty.” He mutters to himself and then pokes the straw through the cup cover. He takes a sip from the cup and then sighs in relief. “Let’s sit on the steps and wait for the hall to open.” He suggests. I nod and we both walk towards the stairs.

Everyone is looking at us like we had three heads when we sit down but it didn’t really matter. I lay my head on Austin’s shoulder and smile. “I’m glad I went out with you today.” I confess. He lets out a chuckle and then wraps his arm around me. “It’s not like you have a choice anyway but I’m pleased too.” He says cockily.

I hit his arm playfully. “What do you mean ‘it’s not like I have a choice’? We are living in a free world so excusez-moi for having the right to decide.” I snap my fingers for effect. He just laughs it off. “No; I mean by of course you would choose to go out with me because you love me. So technically, you didn’t have a choice.” He explains.

“You are a weirdo, you know that?” I cross my arms as I see a man walking towards the ticket booth, the place where your big ticket becomes a small ticket. “And yet,” Austin stands up and takes our drinks from the floor, me following suit while carrying our popcorn. “You still love me.”

I didn’t know what came over me but I lean up to give him a small peck on his cheek - someone’s cheek, for all that matter - for the first time in my whole fucking life.

He was stunned by my movement too but his lips still curves into a wide grin. “What the hell was that?” He wheezes in a good way. I shrug as I reach into my bag to find our ticket. “I just thought that I should show you my love towards you.”

When I thought it wasn’t possible, his grin got even wider. “This is somewhat the first time you have been so lovey-dovey to me openly.” He claims. My eyes widen as I huff in disbelief. “No, it’s not.” I take the ticket back from the man as we both walk into Hall 1.

As I try to open the door with one hand, Austin beats me to it. “Here.” He says as he opens the heavy door for me. “Thanks, baby.” I emphasises the word and got into the hall. I could practically feel Austin smiling behind me. “What’s our seat number?” He asks and I hand him one of the popcorn so I could take the ticket from my bag.

“Um… E8 and E9.” I state. Even though his hands are full of human necessities, he still holds out his hand, signalling me to go first. “Ladies first.” He smirks. I roll my eyes but still smile at his kind gesture and then take the popcorn from his hand.

I walk through the people, occasionally saying ‘sorry’ to the people whom I accidentally hit in the legs. “Be careful, darling.” I raise an eyebrow at his voice and turn around to look at him. “Darling? I thought my nickname was ‘honey’.” I utter as I stop when I see the number 8 imprinted on the seat.

I sit down and Austin sits next to me. He shrugs as he puts his drinks on the cup holder. Then, he hands me my drink. “’Honey’ is your main nickname, ’darling’ is used when I come back home from a day’s work, slam the door open and I’ll shout out ‘darling, I’m home!’; you know, how people do in movies.” He utters.

For the fourth time today, someone from the Lawson family hinted marriage and this time, I am really, really, like really flustered by the thought.

“Stop hinting marriage for God’s sake unless you are planning on it.” I mumble as I settle in.

“Oh trust me, Par, I am definitely planning on it.” He chuckles.

I swear I will slap my boyfriend one day. “Just stop it already.” I hiss to myself mostly. I hear his chuckles beside me so he must have hear it. I eat my popcorn and grumble a few unintelligent things to myself.

“Hey, Par,” Austin taps my shoulder and I turn to look at him. He was leaning against his seat while pointing a finger at the old man which was a seat away from him. “What?” I whisper. He gives me a grin and then whispers back, “Do you want to change seats?”

I hit him in the forearm and then continue eating my popcorn.

Why do people do this? Why do we eat finish the popcorn before the movie even starts; hell, before the trailers and advertisements starts? This, is what I call guilty pleasure.

“Par, I think you should stand up.” Austin says suddenly.

“What?” I question when I’ve faced him.

He then nudges his head towards something behind me. I turn around and saw a couple who were thrice my size - trust me, I’m not judging, just trying to describe the dimension of the human to you - walking through the seat.

Make that someone.

I curse under my breath and I believe that Austin hear me that’s why he is silently laughing beside me like a dying hyena.

Luck wasn’t on my side; I didn’t look before I stand up so when I stand, I bumped into the woman and fell onto Austin’s lap. I yelp in pain when my legs hit the armrest.

Some fuckers at the back still had the nerve to say ‘shh’ to God-knows-what-this-is when the trailer hasn’t even started yet.

“Shut it, assholes.” I utter even though they can’t hear me as I try to stand up but Austin wraps his arms around my waist. My face immediately turn hot like fire and I was relieved that the cinema was dark so no one could see my face which I think is as red as a chilli.

“Don’t.” He whispers into my ear. I didn’t know that a word could send chills running down my spine.

As the soundtrack of the trailer starts, I turn my head and my face is literally in Austin’s face. His brown eyes somehow sparkle in the dark cinema and I couldn’t help but wraps my arms around his neck. My eyes travels down to his lips. They make me think back to the day where me and Austin walked to my co-curriculum venue. I could sense his shoulders tensing and he visibly gulps.

He’s nervous, too.

If you told me last year that I would be in a situation where I sat on my boyfriend’s lap in a dark cinema, I would have thrown a pie in your face to make the joke even.

“Uh…” My throat was dry and my heart is racing.

Do I want him to take my kiss-ginity? Yes.

Do I want to stay like this forever? Definitely.

Do I want to embarrass myself? Hell no.

“I… Um…” I try to get out of his grip but he wouldn’t let me; I’m still locked in his embrace.

His eyes starts to linger and I feel like I’m about to jump to the moon. He looses his grip on me and then puts up one of his hands. Afterwards, he strokes his index finger lightly against my bottom lips. “I want to kiss you.” He murmurs as his eyes still catch sight of my lips.

And with that, my heart stop.

I didn’t know what to say but the truth. “Then, do it.”

Shit, shit, shit. What am I suppose to do? I hear people say that the first kiss is usually the sloppiest and the most confusing kiss of all.

We were edging closer and closer until…

“Oh fuck!” I yelp out as it starts raining popcorns above me and Austin’s head. We both turn to look behind and notice a bunch of douches laughing while continuing to throw popcorn at us.

That’s it.

I stand up and sit back at my original seat, just in time to see the starting of the movie. I could practically feel my boyfriend mentally killing the douchebags behind us. With shaky hands, I put my hand into the popcorn box and take a handful but before I could pull it out, he shoves his hand into the box too.

Our hands touch and when I turn to look at him, he is already staring. Shit, it’s just like the first time all over again. The spark is there and I think he felt it too. He gives me a soft smile and grabs my hand as the sound of London falling is in the background.

It seemed like the perfect moment - minus the fact that London has fallen.

“I love you, Par.” He states and lets go of my hand, then throwing the popcorn he takes into his mouth. He’s such a pig, I thought in my head. But I still love him, I add. “I love you too, Austin.” I smile even though he couldn’t see it.

At the time when I am comfortable in the flip seat, I suddenly feel like my bladder was about to burst any second. I stand up to go to the restroom but Austin pulls me down, making me seated again. “What?” I ask him. “Where are you going?” He questions and somehow, I could see one of his eyebrows raised and his lips pouting in the dark.

“The restroom; I currently feel like I’m peeing on my legs.” I reveal and then he chuckles. He lets my hand go and I walk up the stairs to the place where I assume the toilet was. When I couldn’t find it outside the hall - and the fact that my down there is literally crying for help, I ask the counter where the toilet was.

“The restroom is in the hall itself. Walk to the bottom of the stairs, turn left. You should see the restroom sign there.” She gives me the direction and I feel like slapping myself at this point. Now I have to walk back into the hall for the goddamn toilet.

I fucking pray to God that Austin doesn’t see me walking back inside the hall. It would be somewhat embarrassing. It’s our date and I should be sitting next to my boyfriend, making jokes about the movie and laugh every time the actors drop the F-bomb; not running around to find the bloody restroom.

I swear under my breath as I walk down the stairs towards the toilet. I turn my head slightly to look at Austin but he didn’t see me; he was too engrossed into the fight scene between Gerard Butler and the other guy which I forgot his name.

After I’ve done my business, I walk back to my seat. I look at my watch and I realised I just wasted about ten minutes just because I have the urge to pee. I walk through the seats and plop down next to Austin.

“Done tinkling?” Even though it was dark, I bet that he sees the look that I am giving him. He chuckles. “Who uses that word anymore? And yes, my bladder is fine now, thanks for asking.” I say while rolling my eyes, then turning to face the screen. “Where is the toilet, anyway?” He asks and then sips his drink. It was obvious that his drink is finished as it makes a loud sound every time he sips.

I offer him mine. He accepts it with a smile. “It’s down there.” I point at the place where I was five minutes ago. “I ran up and down just now.” I add as he puts his drink down. His lips turns into a smirk, a dead giveaway that he actually saw me walking up and down ten minutes ago. “I saw.”

He turns to look at the movie and I see the smile that was still tugged on his lips. I couldn’t help but stare at the boy whom I call my boyfriend. It seems like a dream but it’s actually reality. Somehow, he feels me staring at him so he turns to look at me, catching me staring at his beautiful face. I quickly snap my attention towards the screen, trying so hard not to let him see my burning face.

After a few seconds, I hear him say, “I love you, Par.” He then holds my hand in his and my heart leaps out of my ribcage.

“I love you too.” I whisper back, smiling.

“Paradice.” Someone calls out my name and I snap back from my trance. “What?” I call out and then blink my eyes a few times. Austin smiles then shoves his hand into a box full of chocolate chip cookies. “What were you thinking about?” He asks with his mouth full of cookies. Mrs. Lawson slaps her son’s forearm and shakes her head disapprovingly like before.

I shrug. “Just a few this and that.” I utter as my phone buzzes in my pocket. I take my phone out and gasp when I saw the word ’Mum’ flashing on the screen.

Fucking hell, I’m dead.

I take in a few breathers before picking it up. “Who is that?” Austin mouthes to me and I mouth back, “Mum.”.

“Hello?” I greet and shuffle around, trying to produce a good lie. “Paradice Newman, where the hell are you?” She spits out as I hear tires screeching in the background. “Um… I’m at Garden Hills.” I say, trying to calm my heart down as the panic kicks in.

Garden Hills?! You went to the city?” She shrieks.

“Yeah, his mum brought us here for lunch and a movie.”

“You are in the city with a boy, Paradice!” She yells in my ear.

“Mum, I-” I try to explain but she cuts me off.

“Stay right there. Me and your father are coming to get you.” She utters with a harsh tone and then hangs up.

And there is my death wish.

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