Pure Attraction

By Phoebe Ng All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor

Chapter 14

“Damn.” Cara murmurs as we walk towards the guard house.

“What’s wrong?” I ask. She sighs and shakes her head. “I got 8 As only for this time’s test.” She frowns.


Wow, what an ungrateful bitch.

“Well if it makes you feel better, I got only 6 As.” I remark and give her a small smile. She shrugs. “My mum was mad because I couldn’t get straight As.”

Now I know where you got your ungrateful side from.

“She should be proud that you got that many As. Most of us -well all of us, actually- got lesser than you.” I point out. She scoff. “My mother always thinks that I’m a perfect girl.”

That’s because you are.

I give a surprise look which was obviously fake. “Doesn’t your mum know the concept of ‘nobody is perfect’?” Except for you of course, I add in my mind. “That’s exactly what she doesn’t understand!” She whines. “I wish I can just get fail and my mum will just encourage me to work harder.” She scoffs.

Bitch please, you can’t fail even if your life depends on it.

“I guess we can’t all have what we want now, right?” I say and walk a little faster so I can be ahead of her.

I put my bag down and sigh in relief that Cara is out of my sight. But then, she appears next to me and hands me her Macbook.

I’ve spoken too soon.

“Could you help me take this up to the van? I need to go and find someone.” She gives me a pouty look. I give out a forced laugh and take the Macbook out of her hands. “Yeah sure.” I answer and she plasters a smile on her face.

She goes inside the school again and at the same time, the van arrives. You couldn’t arrive when she was here too now, could you? I mentally curse the driver. “Oh hey, Par.” I turn around and see Austin standing there with a grin.

I smile at him while taking my bag from the ground. “Hey. The van is here.” I tell him. He looks at the van briefly and then nods. “I guess so. Shall we?” He asks and takes his hand out.

Should I hold it? No, that’s too straightforward.

Should I lick it? No! What the hell? Have you gone mad?

Should I at least acknowledge it by nodding? That seems a little weird, don’t you think?

What in fuck’s name should I do?!

I didn’t know what came over me and decided to go with the first idea. But of course, it isn’t what I was expecting.

He quickly pulls his hand away and laugh when I grab the air. “Sike.” He calls out and laughs. I gasp and then huff. I couldn’t believe he actually let me believe that he’ll let me hold his hand.

I walk towards the van without waiting for him. “Par! C’mon.” I hear him shout behind me but I tell myself to not look back and stand on my ground.

“Paradice, I’m sorry.” As fast as lightning, I was turned and I bump into a body. “Ow.” I mutter under my breath. I look up and see that his eyes are staring into mine.

Resist it, Par. I ease myself.

I break eye contact and climb into the van. “You know you can’t ignore me forever.” He says and I can imagine him with a smirk on that handsome little face of his behind me.

“Yes I can.” I scoff. Oh fuck.

“Ah-hah!” He exclaims and I turn to look at him. He was outside of the van doing a weird happy dance. I couldn’t help but laugh at his cuteness. “I knew you couldn’t ignore me forever.” He states and gives me a smile.

“Wow, you know me too well.” I say with a giggle. He finger guns me and holds the door of the van so he can climb on but then, the van starts moving.

Fucking hell!

He looses grip of the van and then breaks into a run. He tries to grab the door of the van but it is useless. He runs and hopes for the best that he can catch up with the damn vehicle.

“Austin!” I screech - and somewhat laughing at his moronic behaviour - as he tries to catch up with the van. “Paradice!” He yells back with a laugh at the end. He sprints and I try to give him a hand so he can jump on.

This looks like a typical scene that you will see in a romance film.

“Help me, Par!” He cries out and I notice that he starts to slow down. “Throw me your bag.” I instruct so that he can reduce the weight on his back. He quickly takes his bag off and throws it at me.

Thank the Gods above that I’m good at catching things.

“Now give me your hand!” I yell and try to grab his hand. We both laugh at the same time on how ridiculous this is. I hold on to the van as tight as I can and attempt to reach him.

When I grab his hand, the driver immediately stops, making my plan on saving Austin a total failure.

I instantly let go of his hand so it doesn’t seem like I am a pedophile or something.

“Wow, that dramatic thing was totally unnecessary.” He states and gets into the van. He takes a seat beside me and wipes his sweat off of his forehead. “I know right? Very stupid of us.” I comment and take a drink.

He chuckles and then smile at me. “I believe that the scene that we were doing just now was actually taken from a love story.” He notes and I almost choke on my water. I close the bottle and nod in agreement.

“I agree. But between me and you, I would do that shit again. Just for fun, I mean.” Then, he holds out his hand. I look at it weirdly while raising my eyebrow. “Is this another trick?” I question. He snickers and then shakes his head.

“No, no tricks this time.” He promises.

I eye him weirdly again before high 5-ing with him. “I guess that you were actually telling the truth. Would you really do that scene again?” I enquire and lay my head on the window. He smiles and pats my shoulder.

“If it’s with you Paradice, I would do my life all over again."

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