Pure Attraction

By Phoebe Ng All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor

Chapter 9

I plop down to my seat and sigh. “Fucking hell.” I murmur to myself. “What’s the next subject, Ray?” I ask as she walks passed the timetable that is on the wall.

“Um… Science.” She states after she takes a look. “Fuck me.” I roll my eyes as I take my books from my bag. Don’t get me wrong, I love Science but the teacher who teaches us the subject just makes me want to go and rethink my life choices.

And don’t get me started on how Mr. Chang teaches class.

“Hey Par.” Zach greets me as he sits down at the seat beside me. He takes my book and starts copying yesterday’s homework. “Hi Z.” I greet back as Alyssa sits down next to me. “What is it now?” She asks as she tries to catch her breath. “Science.” He declares.

Then he turns to look at me. “Paradice, you suck.” He utters randomly. I shrug at his statement. “Yes I do. Dicks to be precise.” I affirms as his jaw drops slightly.

“Ugh I hate it when your sass mode is on.” I raise my eyebrow. “Why? Because I can fight your ass off?” I push further. He rolls his eyes then proceed to poke me annoyingly.

I try my best not to show my annoyed face but I couldn’t help it. “Can you stop that?” I say with a tone. He just shrugs and continue poking. I couldn’t help myself but to slap his arm away. “I told you to stop.”

“And I didn’t want to.” He smiles.

I roll my eyes at him. “Why have you got to be a pain in the ass?”

He shrugs again. “It’s what I do.” I notice Alyssa rolling her eyes, probably hear my conversation between Zach. “One of these days, someone is going to take out that stick that’s far up your ass.” She comments as she takes out her book.

Then, the door of the classroom and guess who came in?

Yup, it’s our damn principal Mr. Chang.

I swear his obsession with Science and Maths is worser than my obsession with the colour blue and Ray’s obsession with drums combine.

“Good morning, Mr. Chang.” Everyone greets him at the same time. “Well it isn’t a ‘good morning’ because I have to see his face. Getting up to go to school everyday is already bad enough.” Zach whispers in my ear and I try my best to contain my laughter.

“This is what we call… Life.” I tip-toe and whisper back into his ear.

He is tall like Austin but Austin is a little taller than Zach because when I whisper in Zach’s ear, I only tip half a toe (if somehow that made sense to you then God bless you) but when I whisper in Austin’s ear (yes I have done it a few times now), I need to be fully on my toes because he is just that tall.

Sometimes, he even slouches just so that I can easily whisper in his ear.

Zach chuckles as we all sit down. I decided to start my car and drive to Snooze-ville when suddenly, someone poke my forehead. “What the fuck?” I whisper at him as I push my glasses higher. He is the only person who pokes me on the face other than my sides.

Everyone knows how ticklish I can be.

And some even died due to it.

Just kidding.

But someday, it will happen.

“You can’t fall asleep. I need someone to talk to.” He pouts and I cross my arms. “I sure as hell can and you can always talk to Alyssa.” I say as I nudge my head towards her.

She raises an eyebrow, trying to say ‘what?’ but I just shake my head at her, saying that it was nothing.

“She’s… Cool to talk to but sometimes she’s just too England-ish.” He states and I didn’t hold back my laughter this time.

Long story short, me and Zach ended up standing outside the classroom as a punishment.

Um… Weak much?

Honestly, I’ve been standing since I was young so I already got used to this whole standing shit.

It’s not a punishment anymore…

It’s an action that I do twenty-four seven.

“Mr. Chang is such an idiot.” Zach scoffs as we both look at the scenery in front of us. The corridor is technically like an open space so we can see the outside without having windows.

“I know right but it is what it is.” I shrug as I see someone -Austin, to be precise- walking pass us. “Why are you two out here?” He asks, looking quite amused.

I roll my eyes. “Mr. Chang is being a pain in the ass. That’s why we are out here enjoying the scenery in front of us.”

“Well technically it’s Paradice’s fault we are out here. Don’t blame it on the old man.” Zach gives me a disapproving look.

My eyes widen. “My fault? If you wouldn’t have poked me on the forehead and fucking talked to me, I would still be inside and have already reached Snooze-ville.” I raised my arms in defence.

“Okay, I’m just going to leave you guys here.” Austin says as he shoves his hand into his pockets and continues walking.

Fucking hell, that was hot.

“Damn, he was practically staring at you the whole time.” Zach gives me a smug look. I raise an eyebrow. “So? There’s nothing wrong with someone staring at me because apparently, I look amazing.” I flip my hair dramatically.

He gags. “Please, there is something wrong if his pupils just turns into heart shapes when he looks at you. I mean, is that even natural?” He questions.

Heart shapes?

Mr. Nike… Likes me?

“I guess so. Anyways, you can’t blame it on me! I have a reputation to keep.” I say, switching the topics because I didn’t feel too good talking about it. He then rolls his eyes. “Your reputation is already down the toilet, Par. Let it go.” He claims, taking the hint.

Then, he squeezes my cheeks together so I look like a retarded fish. He laughs and smiles.

“Ugh, you look so cute.” He laughs.

I roll my eyes and try to push his arm. “Well you look disgusting.”

Just then, Mr. Nike passes by again. “What the hell do you think you are doing, Zach?” He asks with a hint of anger which is weird because what was he angry about?

Zach lets my face go and I hit his arm. “That was mean.” I huff as I cross my arms. He shrugs. “But it was worth seeing your retarded face.” He utters with a chuckle at the end.

“That’s not a way you treat a girl.” Austin frowns as he looks at me.

Is that…

Jealousy in his eyes?

“Don’t you have classes to go to?” Zach asks using the same tone as he did. Mr. Nike just rolls his eyes.

Before he go, he look at me once more.

When he was out of sight, Zach nudges me. “Wow, he was jealous as hell.” He states and that confirms it.

Austin was jealous because me and Zach were close.

Too close for his liking.

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