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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 48

Marcus called the authorities and turned himself in, taking all of the consequences that followed to spare my freedom.

I tried to talk him out of it, possibly bury Bob out in a heavily forested area and cover it up, but Marcus disagreed.

“I’m glad that I took out the trash for you. I told you, baby. That’s what real niggahs do. We toss that baggage with the non-recyclables. I’ll take the rap, just look out for a nigga that learned how to free himself and live his truth because of you and that letter you wrote.”

“Don’t throw your freedom away, Marcus. You were doing so well. Now I feel that I’m to blame. I shouldn’t have allowed you to get involved.”

“You can’t control how someone loves you. You can’t rush it, either. But here’s my response to your letter. You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever encountered. From the moment I lay eyes on you in the group it was love at first sight. You’re smart, ambitious and witty. You knew how to solve all our problems but your own. You married a man you weren’t in love with.

“Because of the cancer named Bob Grimes. He killed your husband to rob you of unwarranted happiness and to punish you for leaving him alone and horny in the darkness. I killed him to set you free, to become the man you’re destined to be.

“When you take crack from a stone cold junkie expect a violent attack. Bob sacrificed your husband so you can hurt for the rest of your life, the way he hurt when you chose freedom over lies in the shadows with his shame.

“I’m going back to prison, baby. I killed your greatest fear. Now that he’s gone you can work on yourself, become the man Jonathan would want you to be. He wants you to be happy, I know he does. That’s why once a week I put fresh white roses on his grave, bound in a bundle by lace and gold string.”

I was surprised. “You thought enough of my husband ad what I lost to do such a beautiful thing?”

“Yes. Henny Whit isn’t cheap, but you and Jonathan are worth it.”

“I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless, Marcus.”

“Jonathan wants you to know that it’s alright to find love again and move on. Your happiness is all he cared about. I was hoping to be the lucky man you moved on with. I’ll be all that you want, need, fuck and desire. I’m someone that will help you preserve your love for your husband while falling in love with each other and building something together of our own, I don’t know, a brotha can dream.

“If we never see each other again, just know that you’re beautiful,” Marcus said, kissing my lips. Breathing on my neck, kissing my nipples.

Jonathan, I’m sorry, baby. Please forgive me for leading you on. If you were here I’d tell you this face to face. It was wrong of me to marry you when my heart belonged to someone else.

I just want the pain to go away, just for a little while.

I want Marcus to make love to me.

Would it be okay with you, baby? Do you approve? Is this considered adultery?

I was so confused. I wanted a good nut with a man that was infatuated with me and protected me and fought for me.

He wanted some ass. I saw it in his eyes. Reward him for coming out to his family and friends because he thought he had a future with me.

He credited that to being madly in love with me. Men loved the way dick pounded fantasy. He was tired of thinking about it, dreaming about making love to me...

“I’m going to make love to you. And do me a favor. I want you to imagine that its Jonathan pounded that scrumptious ass while I’m digging you out. Release all your agony, all your depression and all your sadness on this dick.”

The way he caressed my body drove me crazy. He took off my clothes, picked me up and carried me across the room, fingering my sweet hole till my toes curled.


I called out my husband’s name, looking Marcus deep in the eyes when he pressed me against the wall by the living room window and arched my back while he slurped between my cheeks.

Jonathan, baby that feels good. Your lips are so soft and that tongue, oh baby that tongue is incredible...”

Marcus put on a Magnum XL and suckled on my nipple while he slid deep inside my depths. My walls gripped the shaft with silky, creamy delight.

I looked deep into Marcus eyes while he held my hips, bouncing deep within me. The pleasure and aggression made my hole slippery when wet.

His eyes were familiar.

I fell into his retinas, in a state of euphoria. I felt Jonathan reaching out to me. My eyes registered a moving, masculine blur making me cum without touching myself.


“What’s my name, baby?”


“Wrong answer, baby what’s daddy’s name?” He asked, plowing me deeper. Gut stroking my pleasure.


I looked in his eyes again, refusing to blink. We stared in each other’s image while he came deep inside me.

“Harry, baby…that ass feel so good. I’m coming, baby...fuck. This is my ass! Say it’s Jonathan’s ass?”

“This Jonathan’s ass, daddy!”

Red and blue lights danced all over our bodies when he started pounding me again.

Dick was so good it was breaking me down into daddy’s bitch.

Bringing that freak out of me was unnerving.

The only two men that ever brought out Louise, my inner freak, the uninhibited bitch, was Lou, my first love and Jonathan, my husband.

“We have the house surrounded!” said the cops on a loud speaker. “Come out with your hands up!”

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