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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 38


I heard my name, but I slept so good I didn’t want to wake up. Plus it was always semi dark in here. You didn’t know they time of day, the day of the week or the position of the sun inside this box…not to mention the heat. I didn’t think I even had a bath since I’ve been in here…

“Harry! Get up, young man. You’re being released.” Bob Grimes dropped the charges against you. You’re free to go. Head to processing and Outtake s you can take your ass home.”

I didn’t know how I found the strength, but I jumped up off the iron cot and had never run out of solitary confinement so fast in my life.

I was a free man by six thirty.

It felt good to feel the cool air against my pale face. I was numb inside, going over my property. My cell phone was dead and I didn’t have enough cash for a taxi.

I decided to hit up an Uber driver. Nah, my phone was dead.

I couldn’t.


“I take it that you need a ride home,” said a dude from a car parked beside me, with the driver side window partially down.

“I would appreciate it. You’re not a psycho, are you?”

“No, Harry I’m not.”

The driver lowered the window.

When Harry saw Bob Grimes, he said, “I’d rather die before I get in the car with you.”

Bob got out of the car, opening the passenger side door.

“I’m deeply sorry, Harry and I take back everything that I said. At least let me drive you home. Then we’ll never see each other again.”

“I’ll sit in the back.”

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