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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 37

Harry was awakened for chow. There was a tap on each solitary confinement cell door. If they wanted to eat slop (nutra loaf, all their food mashed into a phony looking meat loaf), each inmate had to be facing the iron doors when their tiny windows slid open and their loaf on cheap paper plates were pushed through. If you weren’t fast enough your food fell on the floor and splattered.

Fortunately for Harry there were three loaf explosions on his cell floor. He wasn’t an animal so refused to eat like one. Especially an unbalanced meal presented as slop you fed pigs. He ate like a King when he was free so he’d swallow his spit till he passed out if he had to.

He needed to lose about fifty pounds anyway so he focused on that while awaiting the fate of beating an ex-fuck buddy with an iron chair.

`Now that he had time to think about what he’s done in contrast to becoming a widow, he didn’t have an appetite either. They could have fed him lobster and caviar and he would have let the plate hit the floor.

There was no way that he was eating a freaking nutra loaf. The fuck!

An officer slid Harry’s window open. He didn’t even glance at the door. Sitting on his metal bunk with a back breaking thin mattress, Harry thought of nothing and no one but his beautiful husband, his heart heavy with guilt, sadness and inexplicable remorse.

Freakishly, the click of the lock sounded in an echo in Harry’s ears and a well-endowed guard entered, looking over his shoulder at another guard.

“Signal me if you see any official on the security monitors.”

Closing the door, corrections officer Jabari Clark stood before Harry. Licking his thick lips, his eyes took in Harry’s frail, but sexy, half naked body. The top of his jumpsuit uncovered his chest area, down to the start of his hips.

“Stand up, inmate.”

Harry yawned, making it painfully obvious.

“You’re a corrections officer, meaning you piss standing up like I do. Ask me nicely I just might look at you.”

Abruptly, Jabari snatched Harry off his bunk and kneed him in the groin.

Harry fell to his knees, quickly recovering. The hairs stood on his arms, shaking nervously. He’d never been to jail a day in his life.

Survival mode. When he was frightened it’s like he became someone else.

It was sinister, unapologetic.

He stopped shaking, standing erect. It was like he was never assaulted.

“Why are you in here, illegally I might add.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, punk. I hate sissies, real talk. I can’t get no pussy now because my girlfriend and baby mama follows your story on the news like you’re Jay Z. It’s all they talk about and I have a problem with that shit, fuck boi.”

“How did your ratchet ass gain employment at a county jail? You’re mad at me because your girlfriend ain’t fucking you because she is inspired by my life gone fucking public, taking my identity and putting it under a microscope for all the world to see. Imagine what I’m dealing with.”

“I’ll tell you what you are dealing with. You broke the law. You are in jail. You better hope you get out of here in ninety days. Because if you don’t your ass is mine, I can promise you that. It’s a different world, different game and different rules in jail.”

“Nigga, this is county jail, not state prison. Half of these dudes are going home in less than a year, probably in less than two weeks. You think you’re scaring me? I’m not intimidated.”

“I love a bitch with a hot mouth. I hope you can suck better than you can talk, sissy.”

“And further more…why am I explaining myself to an overpaid house nigga with a badge anyway. Shit ain’t no damn police badge. Hell TSA badges look more authentic than that double silver shit clipped above your stitched name. The fuck outta here, nigga. I’m doing just fine sitting in here alone until I get to go home.”

“You talk a good game, sissy. But who are you to waste state funds by letting the floor eat your meals? You’re going to grab a mop and some soap water and clean this floor.”

“Tax payer money funds that pig slop you’re trying to make us eat. I am a tax paying citizen. So in actuality I’m funding myself, so it’s my food to let fall on the floor. Better out than in, if you get my drift, playboy.”

Jabari grabbed him, brutally pinning him against the wall.

“I hate you, sissy,” said Jabari.

“Damn, somebody’s excited to see me. I know what it is now. You wanna fuck the source of your girlfriend’s attention.”

Grinding against Jabari’s huge bulge, Harry looked back at him.

“Shut up, bitch. I’m not gay. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Harry’s plump cakes dry humped Jabari erection. He was so horny he didn’t resist.

Pulling out his dick, his pants fell past his ankles when he slid deep inside Harry without a rubber.

“Damn that hole hot as fuck...”

Throwing the back of his head into Jabari face, Jabari fell on the floor, moaning piteously.

Taking Jabari taser, Harry shot volts into Jabari’s anus, making him squirm, momentarily paralyzed.

“Nigga, I don’t know how many brothahs you fucked in lock up. I don’t know where that dirty pipe has been.”

Harry pulled him by the feet out of his cell.

Pushing the nutra loaf cart on top of him, Harry went back into his cell, slamming the door shut.

Yes, Harry was gay, but that didn’t mean he wanted every man around.

Half of ya’ll looked like apeshit.

The other half were either crazy as fuck or unattractive.

P.s., if your baby mama didn’t want you, we didn’t want your limp dick asses either.

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