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Chapter 36

After Harry was taken away, Lynn faced Judge Hills with a sneer, ready to gut punch if she had to. She has dealt with him for nearly three decades. Everything and everyone has its season until the expiration date. Judge Hills has run his course, not to mention paid her $1,400 mortgage for the past twenty years. Hey, pussy wasn’t free and keeping his secrets was a job as well.

A kept nigga was the best nigga.

Despite his burst of aggression, they did what they were told.

“I don’t care about no longer taking your money in monthly installments now that our affair has been exposed. Plus my house is paid off. Question is...did my plan work.”

“What plan, bitch do you understand the world of shit we’re in?”

“Oh ye of little faith. As intelligent as you are and all the law degrees and awards you have, you sometimes lack common sense.”

“Says a bitch that can’t keep a dick out her mouth.”

“Be that as it may, chump, I purposely turned that hearing, arraignment, whatever into the media circus it became. I manipulated the masses into being split between justice in the eyes of Christians for getting rid of an abomination, even though he was my son from a drunk driver and unfairness and tragedy in the rainbow colored eyes of gay society, a society that is prejudiced against each other. Christians love their God, Jehovah and Christ. Ninety percent of gays worship Beyawnsay as their god, a false idol, Beysus.”

Deeply offended, Judge Hills back handed her, grabbing a fist full of her hair, yanking her into his face. “Are you that heartless that instead of mourning the loss of Jonathan you’d rather celebrate in victory that another gay man is dead? And I hate Wigoncé. I listen to Muddy Waters and the blues, sipping my moonshine. Bitch aren’t you a lesbian? Officer Becky with the smoke neck bone head. You gave my erection tonsillitis every time this Georgia sausage came down your throat in my attempt to curb my appetite for men. In my honest opinion your son was more human than the both of us.”

Judge Hills pushed her across the cell, but she maintained her balance, tears in her eyes.

Guilt ate away at her. She was dying inside because she wanted to mourn her devastating loss, but she was a born again hypocrite that seemed to become a more manipulative bitch after she was baptized.

What would her church friends think of her if she openly cried over the death of her homosexual son? She’s already received thousands of dollars from a Go Fund me set up by the Pastor she’s been fucking behind his wife’s back for months...until he ended the affair when his wife wound up pregnant from seeds his doctor told him were blanks, no potency.

The church community commended her for having the balls and the courage to publicly fight the gay spirit in her son and his delusional husband, Harry.

It started all out social media war on Worldstar, The Shade Room and many other popular social networks.

Dividing a nation.

Lynn had to shut down her social media accounts because angry gays were attacking her with rainbow emoji’s up and down her pages, on every post…

She continued to hide her lesbianism in the shadows while using God’s Word to her benefit and it has blown up in her face.

“Jonathan lived his truth, showing you the utmost respect, even to his grave, despite how you and your brain dead daughters treated him.”

“Don’t talk about my children, old man.”

“You’re no spring chicken. As much mileage you amassed on both sets of lips, I’m shocked your pussy isn’t living room curtains right about now.”

“I resent that, Hills. I understand that you’re upset, but we have to work together if we want all this to go away.”

“I don’t think this is going anywhere. And why can’t or couldn’t you accept your son and Harry for who they are/we’re? The Leviticus Era is over, the old order discontinued. If you would have read the entire book of Leviticus, the Law was on the seed. God gave a direct order to expand the earth. Two men and two women sleeping together wasn’t the sin. Wasting the seed to expand his earth was.”


“Don’t you understand that God was going to destroy this world for good? Remember the Great Flood. His son, Christ, made a conscious decision to die for our sins, all sin, and every sin. Back then, under the old order, God’s punishment was immediate. He spoke to Moses through a burning bush directly. Christ hadn’t been born of a virgin yet, but he existed spiritually. Christ and Lucifer are brothers, direct creations from the Father.

“After the direct order was given, expand the earth, only, God meant it. A husband ejaculated outside of his wife and when his seed the ground God struck him dead, instantly. God didn’t strike two men or two women dead for loving each other. The act or the companionship wasn’t the sin. The wasted seed was punishable by death.

“Wherever I pray is church. My body is my temple. Christians are clueless fucktards that will never see my ten percent in unnecessary collection baskets. They can tithe these nuts. Maybe if your son would have stood up to you instead of sparing your feelings because you were acting like the crazy bitch Joan Crawford from Mommie Dearest, you and your balding daughters would learn to have empathy for those that are different from you.”

Lynn shot her cuffs. “Don’t talk about your daughter’s that way, Hills.”

The blood drained from his face.

She drove the verbal dagger deeper into his heart, dismantling his ego. “Oh, I didn’t tell you that my daughters’ father frequent bathhouses to get Mercury pumped into Uranus, you secret punk...while you’re trying to tell Bible stories.”

Judge Harper Hills was in complete denial. “Daughters? You’re crazy! You were never pregnant with a child of mine.”

“You’re right. I carried two of your daughters. Fraternal twins, every spit of you they are, right on down to their arrogance. Since everything is coming out in the open I might as well tell you now. Stacy Hills Waters and Tonya Hills Waters are twenty two years old. I already had the DNA test done, years ago. Taking semen from one of your rubbers and fucking my doctor for the results, under the table of course, does wonders.”

“If this is true I will have your head.”

“The way I had yours swollen and throbbing in both sets of lips when we created your daughters. Haven’t you realized that I always have a trump card, baby. I have the means to expose some higher ups and save your accomplished career, but you gotta give me something in return.”

“Here we go again. Same ole shit again.”

“Every transgression I’ve had as Officer Becky was recorded and photographed by my private investigator. I have everything professionally archived. I even have Senators banging me in their wives’ beds on video. My face is covered, by the way.”

“I can’t believe I’m dealing with the devil. What do you want in return? Humor me. What if I decide to take my chances believing in the outcome of our investigation, believe in the system?”

“Then you’re a bigger fool than I expected. Pull your strings and get me power of attorney over my son’s burial. That’s all I want. ASAP. And I’ll call my contacts, your higher ups, and use my little video as insurance to clear your name from any wrong doing during that hearings disaster.”

“Fine, deal. But one thing is clear. Once we are cleared take me to meet my daughters.”

“I can do that. I’m sick of telling them that their father is dead. Your manhood, maybe but certainly not the genius that is Judge Harper Hills.”

“Get the ball rolling? You better not be lying to me, setting me up for failure. Why I’m trusting a cum guzzler confuses me.”

She pointed at him. “Don’t forget I have your bathhouse visits via photographs. Touch me again all bets are off, and I’ll start one of the most twisted paternity cases ever. How a cop, an escort by night, gave birth to a gay judge baby. Twins. You’d go down so fast I’ll walk away with your lavish homes, fancy cars and your balls on my heels.”

Pivoting, she beat on the door.

“I want my phone call, now!”

“Bitch this is jail,” said a female corrections officer, with a nasty attitude. “Phone privileges are over until the morning.”

Lynn was horrified. “We’re not staying here overnight.”

Harper found it amusing. Finding Nemo was trying to be the star of Jaws. “I’m still waiting on you to blow glittery smoke with your pussy, you so called shot caller. You can’t even get a fucking phone call.”

“Where is your supervisor, Sergeant Arms? I wish to speak to him, now.”

“He is...”

“Get him down here. Bring up Christmas of 2009. I’m sure he’ll see me then.”

The tone of Lynn’s self-assured voice was undeniable. The female corrections officer lowered her head, leaving the room.

She walked to the OIC office.

Officer in Charge.

Sergeant Arms, a burly man, was about to leave for the day. Sipping coffee, he turned down Shirley Caesar on his portable speaker.

CO Fantasy Jacobs, a short, big booty chick with an awful overbite, said, “Sir. Officer Lynn Waters is requesting a phone call after hours.”

He laughed, taking up his keys. “She can wait till tomorrow. Serves her arrogant ass right.”

“Um, sir. She knows about Christmas of 2009. The day our son was born without your wife’s knowledge. I’m happily married. My husband was in Iraq, so he thinks our son, our indiscretion is his. Fix it.”

The next day, around 1:30 p.m., Judge Hills and Lynn were released, under the radar.

Judge Hills was very impressed, but per Sergeant Arms’ instruction, they were to stay away from each other indefinitely.

If she wouldn’t have been ranted her phone call, Lynn was going to remind him of a body he buried in 2009, but who knew his secret love child with Officer Fantasy was her get out of jail free card.

Now she saw why Sgt. Arms killed his cousin in cold blood Christmas night of 2009.

He must have known about the love child that would have ended his marriage and Fantasy’s marriage to a now he’s-a-retired-General from the Army.

By the evening hour, Judge Hills name was cleared of any wrong doing. Lynn Waters name was cleared of any wrong doing.

Mysteriously, videos of her attacking Harry and Jonathan with a Bible vanished from millions of online accounts. Instagram accounts were deleted if they featured any content from the courtroom.

Those with hundreds of thousands of followers were deleted without incident.

Retractions were secretly ordered by the Mayor to make Harper and Lynn look like they shit cherry blossoms.

Lynn had the Mayor under her bra straps.

The blackmail game was so rewarding.

Victoriously, Lynn sat back on her sofa, nursing a brandy, making calls that would surely put Harry’s panties in a bunch.

She laughed just thinking about it...

A few hours later a startling news report broke Harry’s heart. It was on the front of a newspaper one of the guard’s threw in his cell.

The State drops charges against Bob Grimes…

Bob Grimes has tapped celebrity lawyer

Bishop Tatum and is suing the State…

“I guess there is justice after all,” said one of the guards, taunting Harry. “Let this be a lesson that being with a man is a sin before God.”

“Tell that to your wife the next time you don’t leave the house when she’s on her period, or when you eat sushi and shrimp before intercourse.”

Disgusted, the guard closed the small window on the door of the cell.

His stomach growling from hunger, Harry cried himself to sleep…

Having nightmares about Jonathan…

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