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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 35

The hearing was dismissed and the powers that be had a hard time trying to cover up the video of Hicks and Huckleberry’s assault against Bob Grimes, seen by sixty million people online and the courtroom drama has gone viral. Bob had some of the leading attorneys in the country trying to take over his case for the notoriety and the huge payday if Bob won his lawsuit against the police department and the state.

Charges against Harry were subsequently dropped, but he was still held in contempt of court.

The NAACP got involved. GLAAD got involved. Chicken neck Al Sharpton with the jacked 60s perm got involved, trying to be seen and not exactly heard.

A love triangle that uncovered the dirty end of politics and the antics of the local police department has shined a negative light on Miami-Dade County.

Bob and Harry’s past affair fueled an entirely new debate about the taboos of same sex relationships. Several Christian groups were saying heinous things about Harry, Jonathan and Bob. In their eyes Lynn was a hero, willing to stand up to her son, even if it ended in death…

But once again the media at large vilified Lynn.

And Judge Hills was in danger of losing his career.

Once he was booked and fingerprinted after Lynn and Harry, he was placed in a holding cell.

Face to face with Harry and Lynn aka Officer Becky, his paid prostitute.

“You do know this ends any monetary donation I was giving you.”

Harry grabbed Lynn by the throat, ramming her head into the wall.

“All of you killed my husband. Die, bitch!”

Judge Hills found it entertaining.

“After you’re done choking the life out of the pricey slut let me get next dibs. I love watching her suffer.”

Corrections officers pulled Harry off Lynn.

Separating him from Hills and Lynn.

“Die in hell, bitch. I will never forgive you. Fuck you!” Harry yelled as he was being led away, to solitary confinement.

Where he would be indefinitely…

For beating Bob with an iron chair.

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