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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 34

Breathlessly, Harry retreated. “What have we done?”

“I fucked you. You’re a hot piece of ass. I love the way you fuck my dick. Kayle wouldn’t mind, considering that he isn’t here.”

Harry pulled up his pants, pushing past Darnell. “What do you mean he’s not here? This is his bachelor party I paid for. He has to be here.”

Darnell was still naked and hard. He took Harry into his tattooed, masculine arms, thrusting his pelvis.

“Daddy want some more of that wet ass. Damn, bitch. I knew you could take good dick.”

Harry kneed him in the balls, running up the ante chamber, occasionally stumbling into the wall.

“I’m going to kill you, punk if you tell anyone what we did!”

Harry knew he was telling the truth. His street cred was undeniable.

He called a cab because he was in no position to drive. His head spinning. Deeply confused.

Big D drugged and fucked him.

How was he going to tell Kayle?

He’d kill them both.

A cab pulled up to him and he hopped inside, fighting a migraine.

He gave his address. The cab driver was there in about fifteen minutes.

After paying the fare, Harry staggered to his front door and let himself in. The night light plugged in a socket in the wall allowed him to see clothes strewn all over his living room.

Voices in the dark.

Loud moaning.

The sound of intense fucking.

“Fuck, nigga. Long stroke my hole. Damn, boi. You got some good dick.”

Harry turned on the bedroom light and backed into the wall. Darnell kept pounding his Big D deep inside Kayle. They were at it heavy.

“You got some good ass, nigga. I fucked your bitch Harry at the club. Both of y’all got good ass. I should make you both my bitches.”

Kayle’s eyes rolled to the back of his head in ecstasy. In a drug induced state, courtesy of Big Ds drink.

“I’m about to cum,” grunted Darnell and Harry threw battery acid on them, snatching up car keys from the nightstand.

Turning off the light amidst their blood curdling screams, he closed the door.

Leaving them in torment...

He barely made it to Darnell’s car with the illegal tints. Hopping in the driver seat, he nervously turned the key in the ignition, high tailing towards the turnpike.

Crying, swearing and heartbroken. The vehicle was swerving from rain swept streets. The gas light came on and Harry was out of gas in no time.

Once the rain slowed to a drizzle, Harry got out of the car and waved down a trucker. He kept going.

There was another truck. Getting in the middle of the road, Harry held up his hand, weakly, holding his gut.

He passed out when a tall man whisked him up and put him in the cab of his eighteen wheeler.

“You met me on the night you caught another man fucking your fiancé, the same night you were violated by your fiancé’s cousin,” Bob said, bringing Harry back from retrospection. “I was a lonely man married to my boring wife. She can’t cook nor fuck, yet I had kids to take care of. I fell for you. You was my sweet escape, my drug. I was addicted to you, your warmth and your fire. All I wanted to do was fuck you, that’s it, Harry.”

“That’s the past, nigga. I’m over it and you. Yes, you loved me, but we were going in two different directions. I don’t want to live a lie just to have you. I can get good dick anywhere. That’s all I was to you. A great fuck. You loved all the things I did to you that your wife couldn’t do. But I wanted more. So when you confessed your love for me I ran. At that moment it was over. I freed you, You made love to me to keep me obedient to your demands and mind games. I dipped on your ass.”

“And into Jonathan’s life. He was the rebound guy. You never coped with your relationship failure. You carried baggage. He was alone in love. No, I didn’t know him but who would have thought that his mother was a booty call I was about to fuck when I drunkenly smashed your car. “Newsflash. I knew it was you at the wheel. I ignored Lynn beating your car with a Bible. Seeing you angered me. How you left me. Taking that sweet ass away from me. Ruining my marriage and losing my house and custody of my kids. I mashed on the gas, intending to kill you. But your husband was taken instead.”

“You bastard!” Harry punched him in the face again.

In shackles, Bob fell back in his chair.

“What kind of evil soul are you, Bob.”

Mr. Airforce said, “Dad, you can press charges against Harry for assault. I’m only here because Mom begged me to take your case. I convinced William Flights to take you on. He loves high profile cases.”

“I’m going to do just that. If I’m facing jail time then I’m suing you and those racist cops beating me into a seizure. This is the price you pay for breaking my heart you selfish bitch. I’m glad I took your husband from you. Now you know how I felt. Going through divorce without that ass of yours to make it easy for me. Your own mother n law bargained with me to get me off. A state police officer that sells ass as Officer Becky. Hell, she even fucked Judge Hills.”

The numbers climbed even higher on Facebook Live. It has gotten so big new stations were showing the footage from social media over the airwaves, beaming into millions of offices and homes worldwide, even in foreign countries.

“Do you want to die today, you murderous Asshole.”

“It was my pleasure doing something his mother wasn’t strong enough to do. Kill his punk ass. Making you suffer. How does it feel knowing your husband died thinking that you never loved him and your chance to make it right or grow to love him has been permanently revoked, heartless sissy? Your ass wasn’t that tight anyway. Your head game was better. Tighter grip.”

All hell broke loose.

Harry picked up an iron chair and beat Bob into another seizure.

Judge Hills had had enough.

He had Harry arrested, but the police arrested him, Lynn, Harry.

…Bob was in the back of a paramedic truck being overlooked by his son, Daniel Grimes, whom was by his side, enroute to the nearest regional hospital with police and corrections detail.

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