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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 33

Harry said, “Talk, dude! Say something, anything to justify what you took from me. Two things, nigga. His love for me and the option and inevitable decision to tell him my truth. That I wasn’t in love with him.”

“And let me guess. Now that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone, suddenly you care about leading him on.”

Lady, hesitantly, touched her son’s arm and he said, “Stay out of it, Mama or whoever you think you are.”

She withdrew her hand.

“We were a one night affair every time I had a shipment of cargo for corporations in your area, before you met Jonathan. I was deep in that a few times a month. You’re the very reason why my ex-wife left me. How soon we forget. She heard us over the phone fucking like there was no tomorrow.”

Lynn’s mouth fell open in shock. Judge Hills was quiet, taking it all in.

Lady sat in one of the empty seat, lowering her head, rubbing her temples.

Bob continued. “I made up a lie to hide my sexual preference, a life I had no interest in being a part of. That she heard me banging a woman. I was hitting your prostate so good I used to make you cum without touching yourself.”

Against his better judgement, Harry was publicly and socially exposed. Their ordeal all over Facebook Live; shared half a million times and being seen by the masses in staggering numbers.

It was the number one trending topic on the face of the earth. News vans by the hundreds, spanning three city blocks, were milling outside the courthouse.

Security provided by the city police.

“You left me, Harry the instant I opened up to you and professed my love. I wanted to be with you in every way, but I didn’t want that life. All in the open. Since we’re both extremely private men that loved our autonomy, why couldn’t we be together in the darkness?”

Harry wiped tears from his eyes, remembering his affair with Bob Grimes, the Other Man; a gay man’s nightmare. They met on a rainy night Harry was driving on the turnpike on his way home from a place of ruin.

An hour before they met, Harry had tried to surprise his then boyfriend, whom he was engaged to marry, by showing up at his bachelor party…

A night before their wedding day.

The club was popping! Smoke looming all over. Half naked strippers were bumping and grinding…

His soon to be husband used to be a down low gay thug, but the power of good ass brought him out closet to possess it.

Harry was in love with the street life, but had no desire to exist in that world.

Speaking to a few people that he knew, alcohol flowed, and the music was live and everyone were enjoying themselves.

He missed Kayle, his fiancé. He was annoyed because he cancelled his get together and decided to celebrate his last night as a single man at home brandishing a great bottle of wine, and jamming to some smooth jazz, lounging naked on the sofa mentally thanking his ex-boyfriends for dumping him because he found Mr. Right in an unlikely source.

The DL Thug.

“Harry what are you doing here? You’re not supposed to see your fiancé before your wedding. It’s tradition,” said Kayle’s second cousin Big D, a tall, vicious thug type that never honored their union.

“I know. But I miss him. Where is he?”

Big D grinned. “Let me get you a drink to celebrate your upcoming wedding.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Really, Big D? It’s no secret that you don’t support our relationship. So why the bullshit now?”

“I’m trying here, Harry. I’m sorry shit. Give ah nigga ah chance. Let me get us a drink. Then I’ll take you to Kayle.”

“Fine. I’ll have the drink. Just because I’m bored with my own company doesn’t give me the right to spoil Kayle’s Bachelor party.”

“That’s it, cousin n Law.”

“Lead the way.”

Walking through a sea of female strippers, Harry slid a few bills in random g strings, impressing Big D.

“You’re not like most sissies,” he said, handing Harry a Henny White and Coke.

“Gee, I’m flattered. I don’t know if I should be offended or take that as a compliment.”

“I mean, you act like a real nigga. You cool as fuck. You don’t bring attention on yourself despite being out the closet and you didn’t run out of the strip club at the sight of toys and veiled pussy lips. You cool with me.”

Raising his glass, he continued. “Let’s make a toast.”

Obliging, Harry raised his glass. “To what, Darnell?”

“To new beginnings via what will never be.”

“I like that.”

Both of them gulped the drink.

A molly was in Darnell’s glass.

GHB was in Harry’s. Courtesy of Darnell: Big D.

Harry was feeling euphoric, maintaining his swag.

“Drink good as fuck isn’t it, Harry.”

“Yes it is, daddy. Shit got a nigga loose.”

Taking him above the elbow, Darnell said, “Kayle’s this way. Let me take you to him.”

Floating, Harry danced past a few tables, following Darnell to the back of the club, off limits.

The music began to fade when Darnell headed down a long antechamber, dimly lit.

“Where are we going? Are you sure Kayle is this way?”

Pausing by a half closed door, Darnell said, “He’s in this room. Having a private dance.”

Slowly pushing the door open, a chilling breeze swept over Harry’s body as he entered into darkness.

Closing and locking the door, Darnell took Harry into his arms, tongue kissing him.

Sliding his hands into Harry’s briefs, grabbing hand full of ass.

“Why can’t I stop wanting you,” Harry said in a drug induced state.

Darnell pulled down Harry’s pants and slurped on his tightness. Harry was in ecstasy, riding his face. Darnell had some explosive tongue.

Picking him up, Darnell fucked him against the wall, grinding inside him long and deep until they both came together.

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