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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 32

Leaning back, Bob whispered, “But I don’t have legal counsel. I don’t have much time.”

“I have a video of those two racist cops attacking you.” Without making it obvious to no one in the room, she turned her cellphone at an angle that only he could see.

Despite feeling miserable and guilty about uprooting Harry and Jonathan’s life, he would do anything to get out of this nightmare.


Standing up, Lynn approached Bob, an expensive leather attaché case at her side.

Adjusting her reading glasses, she extended her hand, giving him a deadly look.

“I’m Brandy, your representation.” Lowering her voice, she said, “Play along and you’ll be fine.”

Once all cell phones were turned in, Lynn became deception.

Touching Bob’s hand, she looked over her shoulder. “Jonathan is my son. And you killed him, doing me a favor, no matter how much it hurts.”

She faced him, grim faced. “How does a booty call become the thing that erase my son? Honestly, I feel nothing. Harry took him away from me way before that car accident. I didn’t want a gay son. You freed me. I don’t have to watch his definition of love ever again.”

Bob didn’t know what to think. Deep in his gut, he knew he was about to make a deal with the devil. All the stakes were about to change.

Before Brandy could speak to Judge Harper, a tall, well-suited young attorney in an Airforce uniform, Class A, walked through the wooden courtroom door.

There was one of the best known attorneys behind him.

Mr. Airforce said, “Sorry I’m late, you’re honor. Traffic. I’m...”

The older attorney silenced him. “Your Honor, forgive our tardiness. I’m...”

“William Flights, I’m well aware of who you are, but this is only a formal hearing of the charges that will be brought up on your client per the State.”

“And he pleads not guilty, your honor.”

“Not guilty?” came a familiar voice from out of the blue.

Brandy knew that voice.

Harry said, “You murdered my husband and your fake legal crew says not guilty and you don’t even know who these morons are.”

Bob turned and gazed at Harry. Harry was inches from Bob’s face, staring him up and down. His hands were fists.

“I...I don’t know what to say to you, dude. I was on my way to bone a chick I met online. Yes, I...”

Holding up his hand, Judge Hills said, “Harry. I understand your pain, really I do. But he hasn’t been charged yet. That’s the point of today’s hearing.”

“With a cast of fake attorneys trying to get him off.”

Judge Hills grinned at William Flights.

“You know my track record, Hills. Forty seven consecutive wins in the past three years. This young man here is an intern. He’s fulfilling his law school quote required to graduate enabling him to take the state bar. He’s also in the Airforce Reserves.”

Judge Harper Hills was satisfied.

“I’ll allow it. Thank you for clarity. And who is the woman standing to your immediate left?”

Brandy whisked her glasses off, her hands on her hips. “I’m the paralegal, can we get on with this hearing.”

Laughing, Harry cleared his throat. “Bitch! Really? You’re a paralegal my ass. Lynn, is that you in all that funky ass make up.”

Judge Hills did a double take, sitting upright in his seat. “Counsel. In my chambers. Now.”

Storming out of the courtroom, Judge Hills was already sitting at his desk when William and Brandy aka Lynn entered private chambers.

Mr. Airforce attempted to close the door.

Harry’s hand stopped it before it closed all the way.

Pushing past the Airforce jerk, Harry snatched off Brandy’s wig, picking up the Judge’s glass of water, tossing it in her face.

“She’s a fraud, Your Honor. Officer Becky aka Jonathan’s mother. And this Airforce freak. Bob’s oldest son. I heard Bob addressing him as his son when you called counsel to your chamber of secrets. Isn’t this conflict of interest?”

Judge Hills was deeply upset. “Are you all aware that you just compromised the entire case? If this gets out we’re all over and I’ll be damned if I lose my legacy behind your insolence.”

“How soon we forget our past transgressions, Harper,” Lynn said. “Have you forgotten our deal? It involves a video going viral right as we speak. Of Hicks and Huckleberry attacking Bob Grimes when he was recovering from a car accident. The one I emailed you last night.”

Judge Hills was on his feet in an instant. “How dare you tarnish this case. Bailiff! Have this bitch arrested right this instant and recover her device as well. She didn’t turn it in like I instructed. I’m holding her in contempt of court.”

Lynn kneed the Bailiff in the balls.

But a sudden commotion inside the courtroom started a social media storm.

When the Bailiff went to arrest Lynn, everyone recovered their phones and recorded Harry walking up to Bob, punching him in the face. Bob fell back in the chair.

“You took my husband from me and made a deal with his cold hearted mother to get you off Scott free. I’m telling you now.”

Wiping tears from his eyes, Harry leaned into his face. “Over my dead body.”

Little did Bob know that the state was about to drop his case.

Two cops sending him into a severe seizure helped him get off.

Lynn would be pleased.

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