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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 31

All rise.

The Honorable Harper Hills...

Rolling her eyes, audibly popping her gum, Lynn was in disguise, dumbing down her sensual appearance for a more traditional look. Huge Bandi shades and too much dark makeup successfully his her identity.

Judge Harper was gorgeous, even in his eighties. He moved like a forty year old gymnast. He looked like he was still in his late forties.

“Please be seated,” he said. “This is a closed hearing. All recording devices are to be turned off and logged by first and last name and handed to the bailiff before we proceed. Failure to comply will have you in contempt of court, mandatory ninety days in county jail.”

Lynn watched twelve folk, including the bailiff, turn in their phones.

Smiling, she went Facebook Live, sitting back and waiting for when she decided to start the show.

Her view meter broke half a million views in a matter of minutes.

“Psst, Bob,” she whispered, getting his attention.

He was in shackles and a white jumpsuit.

Still tall and handsome.

“Do I know you?”

“It’s Officer Becky. We were supposed to hook up...”

“Yes, I remember. On the day of the accident. What are you doing here?”

Lynn swallowed hard. “I can get you off, charges dropped...”

Bob took deep breath

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