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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 29

Harry hasn’t spoken for hours. Being back at his apartment seemed a cocoon of misery. The place seemed lifeless without Jonathan to bring it alive. Lynn sat next to him, rubbing his back.

Lady was looking around her son’s place, pleased with the life he made for himself. He had clean water and no signs of infestation.

“Harry, there are some decisions we must make for Jonathan’s memorial service. Since you’re legally married to him I have no say. And I’m not going to lie, I am deeply hurt that he took that right away from me, but I understand.”

“Do you now,” said Harry with acid in his voice. He looked at her, fixedly. “Are you sure you understand what I lost? I lost my life partner, a man, your son, you detested. You damned us to hell and in the end my baby was killed by a drunk driver and you stand here hiding your hand, trying to understand my pain? Bitch get out of my house!”

Lady was to her rescue. “Harry. Please.”

“You haven’t been back in my life long enough to chastise me. As a matter of fact you can get the hell out, too!” Harry snapped, opening his front door.

Lynn closed it and Harry pointed at her. “You have five seconds to move your fake ass from in front of my door or I’ll shove you through it.”

There was no life in his eyes.

“If you do that I guess your secret, the one you kept from my son, that you aren’t in love with him will be safe with me.”

“What did you just say? I love my husband. Do you ever let up? Have you acknowledged your part in his demise?”

“This is how it’s going to go. I want control of his services. I might let you pick his attire, but I’m burying my child whether you like it or not.”

“And I’ll bury your ass with him, bitch. Face first. I’d skin your ass, real talk. He’s not your son. You reneged on that right when you called us outlandish names.”

“I have your conversation recorded, Harry.”

“I swear you get crazier by the second. What conversation. I’ll engage the bullshit, just to prove that you fell off your rocker and lost your marbles, crazy bitch.”

Lynn held up her cell phone. Pressed the Play button on the touch screen.

Lady’s mouth fell open when audio of Harry talking in his sleep confused even Harry.

“My son accidentally called me when you were having...confessions of the heart. You said you don’t love him because you’re not over losing Lou, your high school lover, to gun violence. I think this will stand up in a court of law. My lawyer will be contacting you first thing in the morning. I’m taking you to court to get my rights back to bury my son. There’s a week lien on his body at the funeral home, courtesy of the court.”

Harry grinned, deceptively. “Do that and I’ll call your police buddies and let them know that you’re Officer Becky, the cop by day, faceless slut by night escort that gets off on screwing cops for money. Your son told me, months before.”


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