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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 2

He gave me a weird look. He was rather dashing in an old Michael Jordan basketball jersey and black cargo shorts.

“At my mom’s.”

I narrowed my eyes, displeased. “Are you kidding me? Your mom? Not the same wrench that wished you were dead a few days ago because you didn’t drop everything and run to her side, all over a measly twenty dollars you owed her. Not to mention she flipped when she found out we’re married.”

“She called me over to apologize, Harry.”

“Ursula the Sea Witch apologized to you? Now I know you’re pulling my chain.”

Jonathan handed me a cup of my favorite coffee. Smelled good, but I wasn’t a Folgers in your cup husband right now.

“Why didn’t you wake me up and let me know you were heading out, baby?” I asked.

He was uneasy. He hated confrontations. “Because I’m grown and I didn’t need your permission. Good or bad she’s my mother.”

I shook my head. “Are you hearing yourself? You’re married. You should have let me know you weren’t going to wake up in my eyes this morning. Do you know how scared I was, that something happened to you. You don’t just leave.”

He was getting agitated. “You were sleeping. I thought I was going to be back by the time you woke up. I was tied up.”

“You could have left a note.”

“I text your phone. And again, I’m grown. My daddy died five years ago. Let the alcoholic enjoy permanent sobriety.” He gave me a half kiss and sipped his coffee, sitting down on the bed next to me. “She wants to talk to you.”

“I’m being punked. Aren’t I? I’m still not over your mother dumping hot gravy on my crotch because I married you.”

“It’s the past, baby.”

“Dude. Three days ago isn’t the past.”

“Just go talk to her. She’s truly sorry.”

I hopped up and pointed at him. “Maybe you didn’t hear what I told her when she nearly gave my mid-section third degree burns. I will never darken her doorstep again. I meant it.”

He grinned, slapping my romp as he sauntered out of the room, humming some Barbra Streisand cut.

“Get dressed. We’re going over there. And brush your teeth. You talk too much crap. Let her apologize, no matter how fake it may be. And we can get back to our life.”


I had a bone to pick with her anyway...

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