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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 23

Abruptly, Harry sat up in his hospital bed, sweating profusely.

Looking around wildly, it took him a moment to fully awaken.

Alarmed, Lady was at his side.

“Jonathan, baby! Where is my husband?”

Lady said, “Calm down, Harry! You were having a nightmare! It’s just a bad dream.”

She showered his face with warm kisses.

Harry pushed her backward, hopping out of bed in his medical gown. He looked over the IV in his upper right hand connected to an IV drip and an EKG machine.

“Where is Jonathan, and why hasn’t he come to check on me yet?”

Desperately, Lady held up her hands, trying to calm her son.

“He’s resting, son. He’ll be here, as soon as he heals. You both were in a horrible car accident.”

“Bullshit! I know you’re lying, mother! You won’t even look me in the eyes the way you did when you made me give my life to Christ when I wasn’t ready to. Remember that, Ma? The day you pretended to support my lifestyle, all for show, of course. You’re no better than Lynn.”

“I promise I’m telling the truth, son.”

Harry picked up the remote and pressed the red alert button, calling the nurse.

“Somebody is going to tell me something I want to hear.”

“Yes, Harry,” said RN Wilson, his nurse for the day.

“I’m experiencing pain in my abdomen...”

“I’m on my way.”

A few seconds later, RN Wilson entered the room, concerned. “How long have you been experiencing this pain?”

“I lied, dude. I need you to take me to my husband, right now. Or I’ll go myself.”

RN Wilson lowered his head.

Staring at the floor.

Harry didn’t like the sinking feeling in his gut...

“What are you not telling me?” Harry asked rhetorically, tears welling in his eyes.

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