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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 17

Darkly bewildered, Norma said, “Do you care to tell me why your stink, dirty ass is at my damn table, bitch. Are you crazy?” She glared at her husband. “Have you lost your mind, Francisco…?”

While Francisco swallowed his anger, resisting the urge to snatch her head from her neck, Norma guardedly looked around, noting her surroundings.

Lynn wanted to run out of the room. Clearly embarrassed, she kept her head held high, refusing to apologize for who she was or how she looked.

Once she assessed the familiar moneyed patrons, Norma said, “And for everyone present in this restaurant. If any of you put this out there, you will feel my wrath. I’m a young prosecutor. A Pitbull. Outside of the courtroom the same rules apply!”

They listened.

No one dared get in her way.

She’s been on the cover of twenty three magazine covers in the past few months. She was a growing celebrity.

Remaining quiet, Francisco gazed into Lynn’s eyes, placing a finger over his lips.


Lynn didn’t say a word.

Francisco said, “Now that you made your announcement, sweetheart…I’m not a part of the elite group of people you just threatened. I’m your husband. I’m in a league all my own. You don’t get to talk to me like I’m a pile of dog shit you accidentally stepped in.”

“You lost that right and my respect when you told a bum bitch to join us for dinner.”

“I’m an adult. Yes, I’m married, so I will do and say whatever in the damn hell I please. It’s that simple.”

Norma challenged him. Lynn found it all amusing and thoroughly entertaining. Reality television at its finest and reality TV didn’t exist on the airwaves during that time in their lives.

“So you took away my ability to choose, choose if I wanted to eat with the likes of this streetwalker seated before us. She’s like a cockroach in a good bowl of soup. Yes, I’m married to you, but I will use my white privilege card when need be.”

Francisco stifled a yawn. Bitch was boring him. “She’s here now, so deal with it, Miss Prosecutor. Your ego knows no boundaries, does it? If you had a problem with me inviting her…there are more responsible ways to do that without pulling the narcissist number on our evening? Can you blow fire from your pie hole, too, wife?”

Norma said, “I blew it from that pathetic excuse of a penis, husband. You don’t remember silky white avalanches over your swollen mushroom head? You didn’t seem to question my fire, then.”

Francisco slammed a fist down on the table. Lynn was startled. Norma was taken aback, but she wasn’t intimidated.

“You should have addressed me, first, if you didn’t approve!” said Francisco. “But you addressed the restaurant patrons who are only here to eat and enjoy their lives. Your public image meant more to you than your uneasiness with a third member at the table. And now you’re offended.”


Obviously what you brought to the table turned out to be just what it was: nothing. Was our relationship not important enough to address me first while we’re in public, to see if I approved of you threatening our peers and representatives because you’re above those that are less fortunate than you?”

“You’re damn right!”

“Who died and appointed you a God, or God. I’m not the holiest man in the world, but even I know you’re not the King of Kings or Lord of Lords. Everything and everyone doesn’t evolve around you in your pathetic little universe you spoke into existence through the Law of Attraction and Abundance. The buck stops with me, candy panties.”

Giggling, Lynn said, “Candy panties. Ha, ha, ha, oh my damn that’s a good one.”

But Norma’s cold stare shut her right on up. Into a ball of silence.

“You’re are a piece of work, Francisco!” Norma interjected. “You didn’t ask if I was ok with you eating with bums before you took away my option to say yay or nay, but you wanted me to address you first after your invitation was effectively approved when she sat her dirty ass in a twenty three hundred dollar chair at the finest restaurant in town? She didn’t even speak to me. Just sat down googly eyeing my husband like she wanted to snatch your clothes off and fuck you on this table,” Norma said without yelling or screaming. She spoke at a moderate tone, without being too dramatic. It wasn’t her style.

“Fuck it, Norma and fuck you right now, seriously. I’m not with you for your damn money. I lost my career focusing on yours and trying to be a supportive husband by believing in your dreams and ambitions. I live off of my savings, and trust me the river isn’t going to run dry any time soon or in the near future.”

Francisco snapped for the waiter.

A tall, handsome college student assisted him.

Francisco glanced at Lynn, admiring how quiet and vulnerable she was, despite her outer appearance.

“Lynn, I apologize for you witnessing our spat. I can only speak for myself. I don’t want to speak for the Queen of Nothingsville on planet It’s Not Her, that’s for damn sure…What would you like to drink with your meal?”

Angrily, Norma looked at him. “I beg your pardon,” she protested, taking the waiter’s notepad and throwing it across the room. “She’s no eating with us, Francisco. You’re really pissing me off!”

Her reaction stunned everyone.

“Get out of here, now!” She yelled at the waiter.

Guardedly, he rolled his eyes and ignored her.

“Young man!’

“Listen, white lady! You’re not going to talk to me like I’m your slave. Just because you shack up with the niggahs now experiencing black cock doesn’t give you the greenlight to talk shit to me. I don’t know you or your man, real talk…!”

Norma snapped. Throwing water in his face, she rose in her six inch designer heels and pushed him from the table, kicking him hard in the ass.

“Get your lame ass out of here! Bum! Who hired that clown?”

Pulling his sleeves over his gang tattoos, he left without further comment.

She wildly looked around. “In fact, everybody out, now! Get the hell outta here before I have half of your corporate secrets headlining every newspaper on the face of the earth and your confidential nude photos as well.”

Silently, everyone gathered their belongings and filed out of the restaurant, including all of the staff.

Once the coast was clear and the nosey rich folk she represented was gone, she walked over to Lynn, getting in her face.

Round One, fight. “Your presence has compromised my image. I’m a brand and you are not eating on my dime. You’re gonna be washing dishes for two weeks in this restaurant to pay for that three hundred dollar a plate meal. Who told you I was a caring bitch? Goodwill, what’s that?”

Yeah, yeah, bitch! Lynn stared at the glass of water, snatching it up, gulping it down. She hadn’t had clean water in weeks.

Norma took the glass from Lynn’s hand and shattered it on the floor.

“Actually, she’s eating on my dime,” said Francisco, trying to calm down his wife, but knowing that they were already beyond the point of no return. No Man’s Land.

Norma said, “The devil is a lie! What’s yours is mine, have you forgotten?”

“And what’s yours belongs to me as well. My bank account doesn’t have your name on it. Besides, where is your heart? The woman is starving.”

Norma swallowed the lump in her throat. “Fine, eat the damn food. And once you do...don’t ever come here again!”

Chile, please.

Digging in her smelly panties, Lynn pulled out crumpled cash and dropped money on Norma’s nine hundred dollar hair do.

Lynn pointed at Norma. “I can afford to buy my own food. I never asked for your charity. Obviously your husband cares enough to offer me a meal. And I accept.”

“So the cunt can talk for herself. Ok, bitch. I see you.”

Lynn smiled, lowering her forehead and looking up with vicious eyes. “Any man that passes up good iron clad good gushy white pussy for a conversation with my dirty ass must tell you a lot about your imitation gold clitoris, Madam Asshole. I see you wipe back to front, choking on your bacterial infection. I’m not the one to fuck with. I’ll beat your expensive ass all over this ugly ass restaurant. In front of your goddamn husband, bitch, now try me! Make my day! Hit me and can’t fight, bitch I’d ruin you!”

Clapping her hands, Norma laughed so hard she almost threw up in the mouth “Bitch, I didn’t listen to a word you said. My ears are immune to stink breath bitches. I’ll pack your food to go,” Norma retorted. “Take it with you. I’ll even include one of the soap dispensers so you can wash your dirty ass on the way out. And pick your five one dollar bills up off the floor. You can’t afford the tab.”

Leaning over, her passion fruit exposed from her short skirt or whatever the hell she had on, Lynn picked up her money.

She faced Norma with startling intensity.

Francisco found it amusing. Lynn had spunk. No one dared to challenge Norma, but a famished bum just brought her back down to earth and reminded her that her shit stunk, too.

Where do I know her from? Norma thought to herself. I’ve seen her before, but where?

Defiantly, Lynn opened up the bills one by one, never looking away from Norma’s eyes.

“One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, oops five hundred dollars actually.”

Lynn threw the money in Norma’s face.

“I don’t wash dishes, bitch. I can afford to eat like a queen if I so desired. I get two crazy checks and I collect disability. I’m a bipolar bitch that isn’t afraid of your lame ass. Those chicken heads may have left the restaurant at your declaration, but bitch, I resist temptation. I don’t scare easily. Not after the hell I’ve seen since I was nineteen, turning tricks to survive.”

Repulsed, Norma slapped her and Lynn took one of the plates of food from the table behind her and cracked it over Norma’s head.

“Thank you, sir, for the invitation,” Lynn told Francisco in gratitude. “But I decline. While I roam the streets, looking for purpose and direction, I’m a blackened soul. The only woman I ever loved killed herself in front of me and our parents because we found out that we were sisters. She was a product of my father cheating on my mother.”

Lynn said, “I’m sorry, lady. I was hungry, yes, but I only wanted shelter, for just a moment. Every night I sleep on the streets. I can afford a hotel room, but I save every dollar I make. I used to be filled with life, my light taken when Gene took her last breath. I’ve been street walking ever since.

“I saw the way you and your white constituents glared at me when I sauntered through those doors. But neither of you suffer the loss I’m still grieving. The love of my life, a woman I loved for years, was my sister. And it kills me inside.”

Stunned, Norma slowly sat down in her seat, taken aback.

“Gene, I remember that case,” Norma found herself saying, recollection swarming her body in warm overtones. “It was the very first case of my career. I remember you now. I interviewed you during that investigation. You were a beautiful young lady. What happened to you that turned you into this caricature of who you used to be? Have you no love for yourself?”

Norma looked in Lynn’s soulless eyes and shuddered.

“I have nothing to live for,” Lynn said. “Gene was my everything and I had to end it the instant I was made aware that she was a sister I never knew I had. You don’t understand. She didn’t want a sister. She wanted us to pretend that it was all a lie and carry on sexually, but I’m not an incest type of girl. And my decision cost her her life.”

Lynn broke down and, teary eyed, Norma hugged her. Tight. Her heart broken. The gesture threw Francisco off. He was actually smiling. Norma did have a heart under all that ice. For once she snubbed her image and truly had empathy for someone other than herself.

“I’m sorry about your loss. But you gotta find a reason to move on. This lifestyle isn’t a way to live. It’s unapologetic and cruel.”

“I don’t have anyone. I’m an outcast from my family.”

“Do you want help?” Norma sincerely asked. “If you’re serious about getting off drugs I can put you in the best rehab facility in the city. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. And I’m truly sorry for the initial way I treated you. I wasn’t raised to hate. I’m just a control freak and I’ll do anything to win. It’s not always right, but it works for me.”

Lynn thought about it. At least she’d have a bed, a meal, a hot shower. And she wouldn’t have to make ends meet by selling her body any longer. She could get all the rest she desired.

Yes, that was it.

Gene would want her to move on and get her life together.

She just had to believe that.

It would be tough, probably hard, but she accepted Norma’s proposition and for two years, Norma never left her side.

They loved each other like sisters...

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