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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 16

Gene held up her hand, flashing the promise ring Lynn gave her. “Doesn’t this mean something? You wear the same freaking ring. We lost our virginities after we promised each other that we’d never belong to another, no matter what. And we kissed and made love until we were orgasmic bliss, sealing our vow.”

“Open this door, now!”

“Mona’s here?” Wilt asked, Daisy and Gene shocked as well.

Lynn stomped to the door, snatching it open. “How dare you bring your dirty, filthy ass to my parent’s house!”

Gene pushed Lynn in the back, slapping the taste out of her mouth.

Lynn was mortified.

“You never hit me.”

“If we were truly sisters, this would be sibling rivalry, but we’re not related. My mother doesn’t know your father. I love you baby, but I’ll be rat’s ass before I ever let you talk to my mother like that. I didn’t disrespect your mother. So respect mine!”

Clutching her by the shirt, Mona pushed Gene out the front door. She stumbled into the grass, falling on her face.

“I don’t need a lesbo specking for me, daughter or not. I can speak for myself.”

Mona illegally entered her sister’s home and noticed a pair of sheers on Daisy’s living room table. Grasping them she saw Wilt. Standing behind her sister. She was choking up, her stomach burning.

“This is the house we made my daughter, Javonte. You told me this was your mother’s house. All of these wedding photos hanging everywhere has never been here when we used to make love in the very bedroom that I now find out belongs to my sister!”

Running at him, she stabbed him in the upper arm. Screaming, Gene ran up to Lynn, but her mother stabbed her in the upper shoulder.

“Mama! How could you stab my girlfriend! I love her, you crazy bitch! All of you are crazy!”

Daisy couldn’t find the words. “So you lied to us both, making us think we were the only woman in your life. I lied about having a sister because she always sleep with my boyfriends and this time, for years, she married my husband, an already married man.”

Mona pressed the sheers against Wilt’s neck. “How dare you!”

“How dare you hide my daughter? You told me you didn’t have kids. You used to babysit your home girl’s daughter. The very girl that has been sleeping with my daughter is my daughter?”

“You were supposedly in other countries, remember. Years would go by and I never saw you. So why would I tell you I was pregnant and had your baby? I wanted better for her, create a life for her that I couldn’t live with you. A fantasy. I really thought you were in the Army, always stationed overseas. Now I see why you never sent for me. You’re a broke couch potato with my sister working, taking care of you in a house you told me was your mother’s.”

“Why did you stab my daughter?’

Kicking Wilt in the balls, she turned the sheers on her sister. “Why did you denounce me, telling your husband, my husband, that you were the only child? Aren’t you the same bitch that accidentally killed our parents? Playing with matches and gas, your mishandling sent our home up in flames with our intoxicated parents’ ashes nearly an hour later?

“Don’t you remember we were separated, and raised in an orphanage since we were eight years old? I hated being separated from my own sister, but the selfish side of you killed our parents.

“Because you never wanted a sister, you wanted to be the object of our parent’s fancy. So you killed them, took them away from us, ripped me from your life when the state put us in the system, and now my daughter is your husband’s child, and I never knew that the sister that took away our mother and father, the sister that tore our family apart, wound up with my husband, and you claim I slept with all your boyfriends.

“Bitch we found each other after we turned eighteen by sheer chance. We saw each other once but because we led busy lives and you never wanted a relationship, we stayed clear of each other, promising that we’re at least just a phone call away.”

Daisy walked past her sister, taking Wilt’s clothes from hangers, and throwing them on the floor.

“Get outta my house. Now.”

Wilt was dumb founded. Speechless.

His daughter was gay. He had another daughter he knew nothing about and she was gay, fucking her own sister.

And his sideline hoe, a woman he also married behind his wife’s back turned out to be a sister she claimed to never have had.

Gene said, “I can’t believe my ears. So it is true, Lynn. You are my sister, and my father is this despicable creature in my face.”

Itchy eyed, Gene snatched the sheers from her mother’s hands and pressed them through her heart.

Blood poured to the floor, soaking in her clothes.

Lynn held her in her arms, screaming, broken, dead inside.

“Nooooo, Gene, baby, don’t die on me!”

Daisy, Mona and Wilt were in shock.

When Gene took her last breath, Lynn abandoned her family and turned to drugs and promiscuity.

For years. She was a bum, homeless. Dead inside, and meeting Jonathan’s father at an expensive restaurant, being invited inside because she was hungry, clad in rags and worn heels, was a turning point in her life…

She sat in the chair front of him, rich white folk glaring at her.

Francisco James didn’t care.

Neither did he care about his prosecutor wife, seated next to him, angry that a dirty bum was at the table, about to eat a three hundred dollar a plate meal...

Norma looked her over.

The bum looked familiar, but Norma quickly put it out of her mind.

Worrying about her image…

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