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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 15

Once the RN chick, whatever her name was, left Jonathan’s room, his alleged brother bit back tears. After years of being denied being in his life, he cupped his hand, kissing it.

He sat in a chair on the side of his bed, praying for his recovery.

“I’m here, baby. Your father is right by your side. You have my blood in your veins. You’re a fighter. Fight, my boy. So you can finally meet your biological father.”

Francisco James leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.

“What are you doing in here?” some lady asked, startling him.

Opening his eyes, he stared the Other Woman, his ex-mistress Lynn deep in her accusing eyes.

Standing up, he rushed up to her, grabbing her around the neck, squeezing.

“Bitch I’ll kill you if I lose my son!”

Pushing her on the marble floor, he walked past her. Grabbing him by the right pants leg, she said, “Wait, please. Just wait.”

Sucking in air he paused...

His hands now tight fists...

For years Lynn thought she got out of hot water.

But steaming crabs came pinching her lies away with claws of chaos and catastrophe.

Her past came in flashes before Jonathan’s biological father’s face, her credibility in serious jeopardy.

Francisco said, “Not only did you savagely strip me from my son, but you’ve made a fortune using my idea as Officer Becky, the masked lesbian escort and took it as your own. I was the one that got you into the business. I was the only one that knew your real identity. You were my wife’s best friend, the one she sent to seduce me and we wound up making a son I was forbidden from seeing.

“She paid you thousands to deceive me. Being a state prosecutor is all she ever cared about. Being with you during your escort days behind her back, after her ultimatum, when you wasn’t in your squad car arresting people, was our sweet escape. She never suspected a thing, but you still wouldn’t let me see my son and Norma’s threat kept me from pressing the issue.”

“Why is that important now, man? You were the unfaithful one. You were the one that cheated on her,” Lynn said, numb inside.

He ignored her. “I met you over seafood. As a street baser you got my attention, Lynn, by the hunger on your face staring at my food that faithful night, two years before you would give birth to our only son, the one fighting for his life right as we speak.

“You were a crackhead coke addict, and I put you through rehab, with Norma’s help (that’s how you both became best friends). You were dressed in rags and worn heels when I noticed you at the restaurant window, begging for rations.

“Strung out. I invited you inside one of the finest establishments to pay for you to enjoy a three hundred dollar a plate lean cuisine seafood dinner. As a man I felt that was the right thing to do. I didn’t do that for charity. I did that because if that was me strung out, I would want somebody to feed me, too.”

Lynn shivered. “Please. That’s in the past. Now is not the time.”

“I can remember your stale make up and your horrendous stench. But I looked passed that and saw the fading beauty in your eyes. My mother taught me to never turn away someone dying of hunger. That that could be Christ in disguise, testing your humanity.”

Lynn drifted back.

Two years before she became a cop.

Years before he talked her into something outside of herself.

She was nineteen years old and cast out of her family after a tragic and traumatic chain of mind-blowing events and disgraced after her father, Wilt, walked in on her being tongue serviced by one of her girlfriends.

In a fit of rage he snatched his daughter Lynn out of her bed by her hair, throwing her body on the floor. Thank God for the carpet. It protected her limbs from breaking.

Lynn was on her feet in an instant, putting on her shorts and shirt with quickened haste.

In seven seconds flat she was fully clothed, just in time to catch her father’s hand before he could knock the wind out of the girl she was in love with.

“Dad! I love her!” she said desperately. “I’m sorry you had to find out like this, that I’m a lesbian and always have been!”

Her tearful, desperate plea fell on deaf ears. Wilt gripped her face and pushed her on the bed.

“No daughter of mine is going to sleep with another woman! I’ll gut you like last Sunday’s snapper, do you hear me, Lynn? And this trick influenced you!”

She screamed, racing towards her father with all the strength she could muster and jumped on his back, biting him on the back of his neck before his fist connected with her girlfriend’s jaw.

“I’m going to stomp you to sleep!” Wilt promised. “For years both of you...” Angrily, he ran backward, slamming Lynn into the wall.

All of the framed photos of her family fell from metal hooks and shattered on the marble tile, the only place in her room without a carpet. Photos she cherished because she was in every last one of them, staring at her father’s face were ruined.

Her mother was deeply in love with him, but he slept with other women behind her back. So while he pretended to love his family in photos (image was everything), Lynn knew his indiscretions and glared at him in those pictures.

But now he attacked her for hating men and turning to women.

“Dad, you were my world. I looked up to you. You were caring and supportive. I thought you loved my mother.”

He smacked her and turned to her girlfriend. “Cover your naked ass up and sit on the bed.”

Frightened, she obliged, doing what he asked.

“Your mother is going to be disappointed when I tell her about this!”

“How do you know her mother?” Daisy, Lynn’s mother, asked, entering the room. She dropped her purse on the floor, fuming. “And why is your neck bleeding?”

“Mama!” Lynn said, facing her. “Let me explain!”

“The only thing you need to explain is why your friend was between your thighs, pleasuring you.”

Stunned, Daisy grabbed her daughter by the arm and yanked Lynn into her face. “You’re gay?” Daisy’s world exploded. Her heart, broken.

There was a secret she kept from Wilt, Lynn’s father. One that she vowed never to tell him, and now she must because her daughter was in love with someone she could never be with.

“Explain yourself! As your mother I’ll give you a chance to speak, defend yourself. And then I’m going to kick your ass. I’m going to beat that gay demon out of you! You won’t so much as think of another girl.”

“Daddy is cheating on you, Mama, and have for years!”

Rapidly blinking, Daisy slapped Wilt in the face, spitting on him. “I go to work twelve hours a day at a hospital I hate, just to pay the bills and your non-working ass stepping out on me?”

Daisy called her sister. She’d know what to do! She lived twelve miles away yet they never spent time together. Because Daisy worked six days a week, taking advantage of overtime hours. Getting while the getting is good. But being just a phone call away had it’s advantages.

“Hey, Daisy! I was just about to call you.”

“Listen, Mona!”

The color left Gene’s face.

“How do you know my mother?”

Daisy stared at her, her mouth hanging open. “My sister Mona is your mother?”

Lowering his head in shame, he looked up with his eyes, a chill running down his spine. “You’re Mona’s daughter?”

Dropping the phone on the floor, Daisy faced her husband. “I never told you I had a sister. I said I was the only child, that my mother never had another child. Yet you asked was that Mona’s daughter like you know her.”

“Wilt?” Mona said with a collective gasp. “Baby, how do you know my sister, Daisy?”

Daisy snatched up the phone and said, “Baby? Why are you calling my husband baby? How do you know his name?”

“Bitch, Wilt is my man, the father of a daughter I can’t seem to find right now. She’s been gone for hours. That’s unlike her.”

Daisy attacked her husband, devastated. “You’ve been having an affair with my sister?”

Gene’s mouth fell open in shock. “You’re my father? You can’t be serious!”

It dawned on Lynn that the woman her father was sleeping with behind her mother’s back for nearly twenty years was her girlfriend’s mother.

“No, no, no, hell no!” Lynn exploded, throwing her shoes at her father. “So the woman I walked in on you screwing, a secret I hid from Mama, for years, because I loved her enough not to hurt her, is my girlfriend’s mother?”

Desperately, Gene rushed into Lynn’s arms, kissing each other as if it was for the last time, trembling with the fear of losing a secret love they shared for the past few years.

“They’re lying! They’re playing a dirty trick on us! We can’t be sisters!”

Lynn tried to cover Gene’s mouth before she could say the word SISTER, but it was too late. That was all the confirmation she needed.

She slowly backed away from her, picking up the phone from the floor, her world shattered with her family photos laying in ruins on her bedroom floor.

“You and my father I will never forgive. Yes, I’m gay and was too afraid to make it public, but to be ripped away from Gene, the love of my life, because you screwed my father, a married man, and had his baby, my sister, a sister I never knew existed, I hope you both rot in hell!”

Mona was taken aback. “Your sister? You mean to tell me that the love of my life has been living a double life with my little sister? That ya’ll are married, when I’m married to him as well?”

“You’re a bigamist, Wilt” asked Daisy, openly sobbing, falling to her knees, weak in the knees. “You have a child outside of our marriage? With my sister? And y’all had that child in wedlock, behind my back?”

There was a loud banging on her front door and Lynn attempted to answer it.

Gene stepped in her path and hugged her once more. “Baby, this isn’t real. You’re not my sister. I never met my dad. Mama always told me, over the years, that he was in the military and did tours in different countries. Four years in Japan. Eight years in Germany. A tour in Iraq and Turkey. And Javonte, your dad and your dad only, doesn’t fit the description of a military man and damn sure don’t stand like a soldier.”

The loud knocking increased.

Daisy was on her feet, staring at a niece she never knew she had, her cheating ass husband’s daughter. Her sister’s daughter.

The room was spinning.

She could hardly breathe…

“I don’t understand. How did you and Mona meet? And why did she lie and say you were in the military? Negro, you never even watched a movie named Japan let alone been there. Your broke ass? Germany? Nigga, are you shitting me right now? The only Turkey you had was dead, seasoned and baked with homemade stuffing for Thanksgiving.”

Now someone was kicking on the front door and Lynn pushed Gene away, reluctantly.

How was she going to cope with losing her sweetheart to DNA and genetics?

This had to be a dream. No, a nightmare. Any minute they were going to wake up and it’d all be some type of sick joke.

Yes, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

That’s how it’s going to play out…

“We’re blood, half-sisters. As much as I hate it we will never be ever again. This is bigger than one’s sexuality or the weakness of our flesh. For years I’ve dreamed of having a sister. I never knew I actually had one. A girl from my class in high school, who I lost my virginity with is my sister. This is bittersweet for me. I’d rather have you for a sister than my lover.”

“You don’t mean that. I never wanted a sister. I’m glad I was my mother’s only child! I’d rather have you as a lover, I have no room in my life for a damn sister. We’re friends. Lovers. Snap out of it, Lynn! All the times we made love…You can just walk away from all that?”

Bitterly, crushed, destroyed, Lynn shook her head in the negative.

“You’re my sister. Get it through your thick skull, baby, I meant Gene! We’re over and done with, just like that. I can’t live with myself if I stay with you, knowing now that you’re my sister, and the woman I watched my dad cheating on my mom with over the years is your mother.”

Lynn leaned in to kiss her, but she quickly pulled away.

It broke Gene’s heart in two...

Lynn wiped away tears...

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