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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 12

“Lynn, once you’re released from the hospital I have forty thousand dollars waiting for you as per our deal. I appreciate what you’ve done. I was just about to put my husband in my will and because of you that’ll never happen.”

She walked up to her so-called husband. “I own you. From this day forward you are not to see your son. You are not to sign his birth certificate. You are not to contact my best friend again. If you attempt to see Jonathan I will have your ass on the ten o’clock news.”

“I have a right to see my son.”

“I’m the leading prosecuting attorney in this state. I have everyone from the Chief of police to several judges under my bra straps. Break my terms and conditions I will take your freedom and shove it up your ass. You will go to prison. Try me,” she went on, kissing his lips.

“Go on, now. Your children are at home with our new sitter. And trust me, her fat ass isn’t as gorgeous as Lynn. Make sure their homework is done. Bedtime before eight pm. If you breathe a word of Jonathan to them all bets are off. Don’t call my bluff. I’ll throw the book at you with it. From this day forward you’re my bitch. Now, master suh, get out of here.”

Lynn whispered, I’m sorry.

Tight-lipped, he left the room, never to see his son again.

Lynn wiped away tears, opening her eyes, staring at the sink.

“Jonathan. Many lies I’ve told. It was wrong of me to hide your father’s identity. If you pull through I will make it all right. I vow, baby. Don’t leave me, baby.”

Glancing in the mirror she was startled. A woman with graying temples was staring at her with maliciousness.

“Can I help you?” Lynn asked.

“Are you the woman from the news that caused that beautiful gay couple such grief?”

“I don’t owe you an explanation for how I treated my son.”

“You’re right. But Harry is my son, bitch! I’m his mother, and you will answer to me if he dies.”

The woman locked the bathroom door.

And pushed Lynn against the wall, aiming a loaded Smith and Wesson at her black heart...

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