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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 11

Bob Grimes was unconscious, totally oblivious to the drunken monster the media has made him out to be. His ex-wife Samantha expressed her sorrow on the Channel 7 news and his place of employment has publicly fired him pending the end of a police investigation. Medical officials reported that he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Harry and Jonathan’s status was still unknown...

Lynn splashed cold water on her face in the hospital bathroom. She’s been praying, trying her best to keep her bearings. She hasn’t eaten a thing.

“I’m sorry, Jonathan and Harry. I don’t know what to do.”

Her daughters brought her a simple black dress and a pair of floral flat shoes. Pulling her jet black hair into a loose bun, she gathered herself and took her time washing her face once more.

A cold breeze blew across her neck, the smell of White Diamonds filling her sore nostrils. She felt bile rising in her throat.

Her cell phone hasn’t stopped ringing since she made her unexpected debut on television.

Water dripping from her face, she reached for the towel in her gym bag. Clutching it, she stood straight up, drying her face. She refused to open her eyes. Images of her son danced on her dark lids...

There he was, five pounds, eleven ounces. Born three weeks before her due date. The day was Valentine’s Day.

She smiled when she laid eyes on him. She was told that he wouldn’t live. There was a small hole in his heart and his lungs were underdeveloped.

His biological father, Francisco James, cut the cord, his face beaming. She appreciated him being there, but she hated that he went behind his unsuspecting wife’s back to be there. Seeing him reminded her that she was the Other Woman about to raise her first born on her own.

She kissed her wailing son’s face once the nurse cleaned him up. She vowed to love him forever. Give him the life that he deserved. He was her keepsake.

The secret love she shared with another woman’s husband has been immortalized.

“Can I hold my son?”

She ignored him. She was humming an old Gladys Knight cut in his ears. Her maternal instincts kicked in out of nowhere and she was suddenly overprotective.


“What, man?”

“Oh, it’s man now?” He asked, clad in scrubs and a cotton mask under his chin. You could visit Milan, Italy in the gorgeousness of his piercing hazel eyes. She shuddered as she thought about how deep inside her he danced with an eleven inch erection of fire.

“Don’t you have to get home to your family? I’m sure your wife is expecting you.”

“Your best friend Norma is pulling a double. She doesn’t even know of our affair.”

“Are you sure about that?” Norma asked, walking over to Lynn with itchy red eyes. She was devastated.

Lynn was quiet, clearly ashamed of herself.

Francisco, the adulterer took a few steps back towards the door, speechless.

“Thank you, Lynn for calling me here.”

“You called my wife, Lynn? You set me up?”

Norma melted when she saw baby Jonathan. “May I?”

“Only for a minute,” the handsome male nurse said. “He’s premature. We’re about to incubate him. His life depends on it.”

“Sure,” said Lynn. With tender, love and care Norma picked him up.

“He’s just the cutest little angel,” she said, tears falling down her eyes. “He looks just like you, Lynn.”

She handed him to the nurse.

“You’ll be able to see him, Lynn, but doctor’s orders, he must be incubated.”

“I understand.”

The nurse leaned over so Lynn could kiss him. “See you soon, Jonathan.”

When the nurse left the room Norma stood by Lynn’s side.

“Something isn’t adding up,” Francisco said, looking from Norma to Lynn.

“It’s quite simple, my loving husband. I sent my best friend to seduce you. Our marriage had to be tested. She told me you were coming on to her the night of your birthday party. She didn’t hide it from me.

“You promised that you would never cheat on me or jeopardize your family. But you did. When you screwed her she called me while you were in the shower. She left the phone off the receiver and I heard everything. She was loyal to me, but you weren’t. I set this all up just to see how far you’d go.”

Norma cupped Lynn’s hand.

“We pretended to hate each other. I was in control the entire time. You see, I can’t hurt or cry over a selfish creep that was never mine. But you are going to do as I say. If you don’t I will call the authorities and tell them you raped me and abused your children. I’m a successful white woman. You’re a speedy black man with a criminal record longer than the meat you made your newborn with.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Deceptively, Norma smiled…

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