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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 10

Harry and Jonathan were, with careful precision and care, bound by expensive medical gurneys and waited aside a large field while the chopper thunderously landed. EMT personnel checked their vitals, but they had weak pulses.

Harry was hanging on by a thread.

Jonathan as well.

Air traffic control supervised via technology every move while under scrutiny in the media.

Once the chopper was on the ground, the powerful propellers blowing leaves and huge gusts of wind into the mob of folk that were recording with cell phones, the viral topic streaming on Facebook Live.

Numerous television news stations gathered to the left of the mob, captured the traumatic event and only wanted ratings.

They could care less that two gay men could quite possibly die.

Harry and Jonathan were placed on the chopper and connected in place. And a third person, the drunk driver, was connected as well.

In the next few minutes air traffic control confirmed take off and the thunderous chopper was rising in the air, panning North East, and cutting through the atmosphere towards Jackson Memorial Hospital North...

Harry flat lined, his EKG reading a straight line...

Jonathan slipped into a coma and was unresponsive...

The drunk driver pulled through.

He was admitted into the hospital and placed in Room 1276 with armed cops keeping guard.

For the next few hours Bob, Harry and Jonathan’s handsome faces and the horrible accident was the number one trending topic in the world.

Everything was about to change. Publishers and movie production companies were already sending their agents to Miami pending the outcome of the accident victims. If they survived, they were prepared to make them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Considering that Harry was an independent bestselling author that walked away from a promising literary career, for a normal life of debt and bills and artistic freedom, there was money to be made off the tragic event of a gay couple.

And if marketed right, they could make millions...

Lynn was trapped within herself. All of the years she purposely mistreated a son that was and has been loyal to her has given her a face lift. Kaboom. She was pieces of her famous iron fist.

The rust of her soul has been immediately reformed. Her eyes registered nothing. Her daughters were by her side, painfully quiet.

Why had she treated Jonathan like the scum of the earth when she loved him more than anything on earth?

Even more than her selfish-but-she-raised-them-that way daughters.

Lynn has been keeping a secret from Jonathan all his life. And it was deeper than him being gay. As a cop she hasn’t always done the right thing.

She put her profession before her family.

Jonathan reminded her of her failure with his father, a man that had a wife and five kids before they met.

Lynn was the Other Woman.

The mistress.

The Jump Off.

Jonathan’s father, Francisco James, led her on for years.

She lied to her son and told him that a man that he thought was his father died from abusing alcohol. Liver disease.

Jonathan and her ex-boyfriend (Jonathan’s alleged father) were close. He attended every optimist football game, father and son movie night, ESPN on Sunday’s. Chris, her dead boyfriend, was a God send in Jonathan’s life.

But he wasn’t Jonathan’s father.

Spiritually dead, she snubbed religion and the Lord during her promiscuous days. She was in her early twenties when she joined the force. She slept through the ranks for unwarranted and unearned promotions. She sucked her way to Corporal.

Officer by day, an officer’s masked call girl by night. With the best body in town.

Officer Becky.

Her side hustle made her the best in town. Lynn was loved by many that never seen her face.

Especially women.

As the masked, lesbian cop, an identity that has never been revealed, she was a woman politician’s favorite girl.

But an HIV scare sent her to church, the day she turned her back on sinful living.

When her test came back negative she found a boyfriend and closed lesbianism off forever and she took it out on her gay son...

Because he lived his truth. He’s as open as she wanted to be, as she dreamed to be. She desired to openly love another woman, preferably a Butch, a woman who walked, talked and dressed like a man, whom thought she was a man; a woman who hated her private area and wished she had an erection instead.

But her image on the police force was her bread and butter.

Her everything. And she was never going to indulge inside that part of herself ever again.

She hated Harry and Jonathan because they were free.

While she hid in the closet, behind an I’m a heterosexual mask. She was being slammed on social media by the gay and lesbian community.

She was Charlemagne the god’s Donkey of the Day and the butt of Late Night TV jokes.

What do you get when you come out the closet? A psychotic cop beating the hood with a Bible, said a famous late night host to a cheering audience...

The Bible was a prop she used for years. God this, God that. Every night she goes to bed with thoughts of women on her mind.

And now her faith, or lack thereof, was about to be tested....

There was a price to pay for toying with scripture.

Time for redemption...

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