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Romance / Erotica

Chapter 9

She’s free to go, said Sergeant Love, a huge, burly man said to Officer Lungren.

“But she attacked...”

“She’s your supervisor, have you forgotten. You are still going to be written up for tasering your fellow officer. Maybe you don’t know what loyalty is. She’s been on the force for fifteen years. You are a rookie, still wet behind the ears. She acted out of passion. If a drunk driver hit your child’s car you would have done the same thing.”

“I still think she should see jail time.”

“I tell you what. I’ll take care of Lynn. I’m changing your orders. For the next few weeks you’ll be monitoring the Senior citizen’s knitting class downtown.”

“Ah, come on Sarg! Don’t do me like that! I’m a cop! Not a babysitter!”

“Exactly. Now release Lynn and escort her to Jackson Memorial North Hospital. You are to remain with her until your relief shows up.”

“And what time will that be? My shift ends in four hours. I have a hot date tonight with one of the Dolphin cheerleaders.”

Sergeant Love stubbed out his cigarette. “You better bring a blanket. Officer Biles called out. It’s going to be a long night...”

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