Beautiful Art

By Elizabeth Winters All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor

The Life of Shion

“If you could be anything, what would you be?” I remember hearing that question since elementary. It was always asked to all the children When they hear that they think things like a firefighter, policeman, and actor/actress. But what about being an artist? Have you ever thought of using your imagination, like a child, and using that to create master pieces that fill others with inspiration. That was always my dream, and I’m now making it a reality. My name is Shino Yamazaki , and I was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1988 on December 25. I’m in college going around the world learning the different art styles. I want to be a multi-cultural artist who does different types of artwork.My first stop was in Italy where I stayed for 2 years, but now I’m in America where I’ll be staying for about a year and a half. It’s January so there should be lots of snow, and yet, here I am in a more controlled area. I’m in New York and there seems to be no snow on the roadways. “I guess they also use salt.” I take some photos of the place. “It’s so foggy and there are a lot of lights.” That’s when a man bumped into me. I bow down. “I’m so sorry.” I said it at a low volume and he barely heard me. “Weirdo.” I tilt my head as I came back up. “Weirdo?” I shake my head. No, you just got here, don’t start thinking negative now! I pack all my things back on me as I head towards the building where I’m staying. I get my map out and walk around a little looking for signs of where I’m going. I make it to where I see the logo of the place when I see a crowd of girls.

“Alex!” I jolt as I see more girls pile up. I look further in to see a man, and he looked irritated. He looks my way and our eyes lock onto each other. I see him move his mouth slowly. He’s saying.... help.... m- help me! But what can I do!? I look around. I drop my stuff and grab my camera. I take a shot, grab the photo and my stuff, get into the middle of the crowd, and hold the photo up. “This is a picture of him!” I let the wind take it and the girls darted hunting it down. He grabs my hand and we run in the opposite direction. Wait, WHY DO I HAVE TO RUN!? We go inside of the building where my room is. I sit down breathing a little heavy, Too.... much.... r-running. “Thanks for saving me back there.... you don’t look familiar.” I look down at my feet. Well of course I look out of the ordinary, “Well, I’m from Japan and I, came on a trip.” His eyes began to sparkle. “You’re Japanese!? That’s so cool!” He grabs my hands and shakes them a little. “I’m Alexander William, and you are?” “Yamazaki, Shino Yamazaki.” He smiles. “Nice to meet ya Shino!” W-why my first name. “Do, you know who I am” I blink quickly and shake my head. I just learned his name. He chuckles. “Well look up.” I look to see the TV showing his face on magazines. THIS GUY’S A MODEL! What are the odds. He continues to laugh. “You’re so.... I don’t even know! We should be friends.” My face gets flushed. What!! He gets a sheet of paper out and hands it to me. “Write your number please.” I look at it for a little. I just want to do art. Why does this have to happen to my first day here. “You know how to write English right?” I nod. I'm taking too long!! I write down my number and I slowly hand it to him. “Thanks, well I got to go now.” He starts to walk off, but then he stops, He walks back. “I didn’t do it right! I need to do it the way your country does it.” That’s when I felt something soft against my lips. HE KISSED ME! “See ya later.” Wrong country!! Wrong thing in general!!!! He walks with a little skip in his step. What, just happened.

I run to my room and prop all my stuff on the table. I lay on my bed screaming in my pillow. I get up and sigh as I make some microwave foods and drink some water. I get on my computer and look him up. “Alexander William. Aha!” I find bunches of websites with this guy’s name. “He really is popular.” He seems to be a model for big companies. He was on tons of pages for clothes and watches. “Wow....” I kinda want to use him for some photos. Like colorful trees or the skyscrapers. My face turns red at that thought. Maybe I should just go to sleep. I get under the blanket when I hear knocking. “Who....” I get up and walk over to the door when the knocking gets louder and faster. “I don’t feel like opening it anymore." I open it anyway, to see him! “Oh! Hey Shion! Wow, who knew that you’d be my new neighbor. I live in front of your room.” I look past him to see the door open. “It’s, nice to see you again William.” “William?” “That is your last name right?” “Yes, but you can always call me Alex or even Alexander.” I move my thumbs clashing them together silently. “It’s common for me to call people by their last name, to show respect.” He giggles and pats my head. “You’re so adorable Shion” I look up at him with my face flushed. “Now we make eye contact; it’s been a while.” “Uh.... uh!” He laughs some more. “Well just wanted to see y new neighbor later." He gets closer like the last time “That actually isn’t how the Japanese say goodbye.” “Ohhhh.... my bad.” We shake hands so it’s not too hard for him. “See you in the morning.” I wave as he leaves. Wait, morning? He’s coming back!? I’m a stress ball right now.

I pace around. I know! I set my alarm for an earlier time. “If I’m not here then he won’t come over.” I cover myself back on my bed and close my eyes. It’s 3 in the morning and I hear my alarm clock. “God, why me?” I turn it off and get up. I make a quick breakfast and head out the door. I open it and end up crashing onto someone. “I’m so sorry!” I look at the person to see him there. “Hey Shion!” I look down and I’m.... I lunge back up and started bowing like crazy! “What’s the bowing for? Ooh, you excited to hang out!?” I start waving my hands left and right. “I have work today.” I look downward while speaking. He tilts his head a little. “What do you do for work?” I jolt. “I’m, an artist.” I begin picking up all my things when he grabs my bag. “Wait....” “I want to come with you!” “Why?” I try going for my bag when he raises it to his head. “Please give it back.” “Not until you say you’ll take me with you.” I start to jump for my bag, but he’s too tall!!! “You’re like a school girl, come one take me with you.” My face is red beyond belief. “You can, come, with me.”

He lowers the bag giving it to me. I hold it tightly. “Well, off we go.” He follows me around asking questions left and right. I try answering most of them, but I also had painting to so, so I had to stay focused. I shift every so often when Alexander taps my shoulder. “You want some food?” I shake my head. “I didn’t bring money.” He giggles. “No prob, I’m going to the grocery store over there to get some snacks. Be right back!” I watched him leave with a smile in his face then sit in silence for a few minutes. I could leave, just leave and.... then what? Time passes by as I contemplate the situation. He lives right in front of me! But then again, I wouldn’t be bothered anymore. “Ah! What do I do!?” I cover my mouth and notice that no one was here. “I’m.... alone.” How long has he been gone!? I can’t tell anymore. The silence.... it’s suffocating me! I can’t breathe. I’m being swallowed by my own loneliness! That’s when I hear a ding. “It’s William.” He comes back with two bags and a big smile. “Sorry I took so long, ready to eat?” I nod slowly as my anxiety disappears. He pours out a bunch of Korean snacks. “I think these are from Japan.” I look at the food than him. I burst out into laughter making him confused. I continue to laugh and begin to lose my breathe. “So it’s not Japanese food?” “No hahahahah!” He scratches the back of his neck. “Oh well, still will probably taste good.” I nod as we open some of the bags. “Next time we should both go, they had a ton of free samples!” That’s probably why he took so long. “Hey try this Shion!” I take one of the chips. Seems kind of spicy. “It’s spicy ain’t it!?” I shrug, “Not really.” He gives me a somewhat shocked face. “Well dang, this stuff is really spicy to me. You must be a wizard!” “Are you serious?” “Kinda.” Face palm. Wait what am I doing!? “I need to continue on my work.” He looks at me with worry. “Come on, just a bit longer.”

I sigh. “But, I guess I could finish this drink at least.” He smiles. “Good! Then try this treat!” Face palm. I try the treat and I feel a burning sensation. I wave at my mouth. “H-hot hot hot hot!” He laughs as hard as he can. “Want something to drink?” I nod violently. He grabs a bottle and drinks all of it. I start to panic when he cuffs my face. He brings his lips to mine and I feel the water go down my throat. A streak of it went down to my chin and drips a little.He stops and I gasp a little for air.“Hah! Look at your face Shion, it’s redder than before.” I touch my face. “Well I got to go to work, bye Shion!” He leaves in a skip. WHAT THE HECK!!??? I grab all my stuff and rush home.And back to screaming in my pillow went. What did we just do!? Did I lose anything, is that normal in America!? I went online and looked it up. “IT’S NOT!!!” It is something models do then!? Must be, don’t even look it up. I don’t want to know the answer. Because what if I’m wrong!? “OK calm down. There has got to be a simple explanation.” But what would it be!!? I stressed myself to the point where I just fall asleep. Good job me.

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