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My Fictional Boyfriend

By Stella Shimmers All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


"What if one morning you wake up and see the fictional love of your life next to you?" Who says you can't love someone who is fictional? Ella Grace, an aspiring young author, can prove you can love fictional people and by that love, you keep them alive... How about a little plot twist? What if one day she wakes up in her bedroom, see Marvin, the main character of her book, and fall in love with him as she has while writing their love story? ~ Join Ella as she figures things out to become a successful author of her time, plus a journey with her almost perfect ideal boyfriend... the only problem: He is fictional.


In two silent strides, my fictional character was now standing in front of me. He cupped my face and smiled lovingly. I could feel his warm hands on my cheeks and his eyes bore deep into my soul. “Your love is the reason why I am here—the reason why I am with you. It keeps me alive—fuels my life.”

I shook my head, cursing my body’s betrayal for enjoying the contact of our skin. “But how can I love you if you are not real? When you’re simply a product of my imagination?”

“Just because I’m fictional, ’doesn’t mean you can’t love me. I love you, and you’re real... but I still love you. I am real because you make me real.” He couldn’t have said it any better.

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