Falling for Red

By JaysArmy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery

Chapter 11: Sleeping with the Boss

“You’re late, idiot!” I swat the air in the direction of the voice and turn to my side. “Get the water!” The annoying voice shouts once again. They wouldn’t dare…

Or maybe they would. Ice cold water is thrown over me. Squealing, I shoot up out of bed. My eyes snap open and zero in on Marisa and Robin. “What the-”

“Shut up and get your ass to the airport!” Robin tugs my arm.

Airport? Oh my god... Airport! Leaping from the warmth of my covers, I sprint to my bathroom. Marisa places a towel and clothes on the sink. “The bag’s packed, your purse is at the front door as well.” She inspects her face in the mirror while I take a quick shower.

I nod absently and rinse my body of suds, “pass me the towel,” I call out. Laughing at my expense she passes it through the fogged glass. “Did Red call?” I question while wrapping the towel around my body.

Red?” I can practically feel her smirk through the glass, “first name basis…”

I roll my eyes and step out of the cubicle, “shut up.” She chuckles and moves into my room, I quickly dry off and pull on the lace underwear and tight black dress, without much thought. Walking out of the bathroom, I glare at my friend’s lazy form on my bed. Rushing past her I head for the front door. Robin thrusts a bag in my direction and I smile gratefully for the breakfast.

“Where’s Mar?” Robin grabs her car keys and takes my suitcase for me.

No response is needed; Marisa exits my room with a pair of black ankle boots. I shake my head, how could I of forgotten footwear. She gives me a wink.

The three of us lock up and make our way down to Robin’s vehicle. She doesn’t wait for us to settle, as soon as the doors close, Rob tears out of the parking space and speeds onto the highway. “How much time left?” She questions.

“Forty-five.” Marisa pipes up from the back.

I cringe, “Red’s going to murder me!” I look down as my phone begins to buzz, speak about the devil and he shall appear. I ignore the call and shove the rest of my banana into my mouth, drowning a bottle of ice tea, I wipe away any residual. “Take this exit, we’ll come around from the back,” I speak through a mouthful of coconut loaf.

“Twenty-seven minutes,” Marisa mutters out.

Robin presses down harder on the accelerator. Five agonisingly long minutes later we arrive. Robin grabs my suitcase and Marisa my purse while I ready my passport and boarding ticket. In a blur, we pass through large glass doors and then to the ticket counter. Marisa helps me check in and we head towards the departure gates.

“Ten minutes,” Robin laughs as we stop in front of the terminal.

I finally release a sigh of relief, only then taking in the situation. “Oh my god!” I join Robin, scanning the two of them I can’t help but shake my head, there they stand clad in their nighties. “Give me a hug,” I pull them in close.

“Oh shit…” Marisa mutters.

I pull back slightly, confused. Before I can question her, my arm is yanked hard. “Where’ve you been!” The sound of Red’s deep voice has my spine rigid, “never mind.” He turns me to face him, “are you okay?” He questions, his eyes trail down my body.

“I’m fine, we should get on the plane, sir.” I shift uncomfortably with his concern, especially with my friend’s suggestive expressions. “Thank you,” I give them another quick hug, before Red and I head down the large terminal. I speed walk just to keep up with his lengthy strides, we stop in front of gate seven. Red takes my ticket from me and hands it over to the clearly impatient man.

Mr. Alfonsi keeps a tight hold on my wrist as he leads me down the tunnel and towards the entrance to the plane. Boarding the massive aircraft, we’re led up to first class. I frown, not understanding why I am also being situated in that section. “Keep walking, Julia.” Red’s breath is hot against the back of my neck, he keeps a nudging palm against my lower back. “I re-seated you,” he explains, somehow guessing the thought on my mind.

The air hostess smiles politely, “please take a seat, we’ll be lifting off shortly.” She holds her arm out, directing us to our seats.

Red slips in and looks at the plush space facing him, expectantly. Hesitating, I wait for the lady to leave. “Sir, I am fine in economy.”

“Sit down.” His jaw clicks. “If you want, on the way back we can sit in economy. But right now, we need to work and we won’t be able to if we sit there.”

Biting my lip, I lower onto the spacious seat and buckle up. Smiling softly, I take in Red, “I’m surprised you don’t have your own jet.” I tease.

“I do.” He replies, seriously. “I’m saving money,” the corner of his mouth rises.

For some reason the grin on my own lips don’t die down, “we’re sitting in first class.” I hold back from laughing.

“I’m enjoying my wealth…” He swipes his tongue across his bottom lip, a small smile taking over his features. I find myself amused with his behaviour. “Do you have a jacket?” He questions all of a sudden.

I roll my eyes, “Red. The sleeves reach my elbows.” His eyes narrow, I give in, “in my bag.”

He nods pleased with my submission. I gaze out the window as we lift off. Soon the land disappears completely and I find myself going over our presentation. The seatbelt lights switch off and Red stands, he comes to a stop next to me, “move over,” reaching down he releases my belt. My mouth dries, beyond speechless I shift to the side and lift one leg over the other.

Red lowers into my seat, instantly the plush almost sofa-like chair shrinks. His warm body pressed against mine, leaning into me, he begins to flick through the presentation on the laptop on my lap. I force myself to focus on my job and not the handsome man next to me.

Just like that, several hours pass.

Red finishes off my meal and leans back. “Good?” I question. He shakes his head, no. “Still hungry?” I smirk. He nods, yes. “Do you want anything else?” I probe his shoulder as he closes his eyes.

“Yes,” his voice is husky.

My stomach clenches and I press my thighs together, praying the lace underwear is thick enough to keep my pride intact. “What?” I mumble out.

“Come here…” His head drops to my shoulder and I hold my breath. Fisting my hands, I squeeze my eyes shut and think of the foulest images, his intoxicating scent clouds my mind. I mouth silent curses and slowly close the laptop after saving the work we’d done.

His head becomes heavy and his breathing steadies. “Just my luck.” Arousal leaps from nerve to nerve and I find myself searching for some sort of distraction. Finding absolutely nothing, I settle with closing my eyes and leaning back. Hoping sleep brings back sanity. Before the darkness swallows me, I feel a large arm band around my body, it sends a pulse straight down to my core.


“Ma’am!” Opening my eyes, I find myself looking straight into a beautiful woman’s face, “we’ll be landing soon,” she looks down pointedly.

Following her gaze my eyes widen, Red’s large head rests on my chest while the rest of him curls around me. Blushing, I nod, “thank you.” Fortunately, she straightens and walks away from us. I free one of my arms from Red’s captivity and reach up to stroke his hair off his face, he’s beautiful. Selfishly, I take a minute to stroke his defined features and indulge in his scent, before I wake him.

“Stay still, Julia.” He tightens his hold.

Liquid heat leaks from my lower lips. “Red,” I fidget to get away from him.

“Stop moving,” He frowns, his words slur in his sleep induced state. Biting the side of my mouth I think of a plan of action, looking at the empty space opposite me I realise he doesn’t have to wake up, I just need to buckle him in and take his seat. Confident in my solution, I begin to free myself from Red’s clingy form. What I hadn’t anticipated was the possibility of him shifting closer and dropping his lips to the side of my neck.

His mouth presses down on my pulse, I become very aware of my boss in that moment. Very aware that my feelings for him cross the professional expectation. “Shit…” Staying in that position for a moment longer, I soak up the feeling of his body against mine.

You’re a strong woman, get the fuck up! My subconscious crosses her arms and fumes at our weak response to him. Nodding, I pry his body off mine.

A few minutes pass before I escape his strong hold. Placing my hands on my hips I look down at his pouting face, he hands move around mindlessly clutching the space I’d occupied. I quickly buckle him up and take his seat, before the air hostess checks in one us once more.

Not too long after her visit, we begin to descend. Red chooses this moment to wake, he looks down at his empty arms with knitted brows. Then, his head snaps up to find me silently watching him. Mr. Alfonsi straightens while running a hand through his hair. I break our eye contact and look out the window to the large city coming into view below us. The darkened sky a stark contrast to the lit up buildings. Sensing Red’s scrutinising glare, I play innocent and remain fascinated with the landing procedure.

“Do you have everything?” Red questions, after the pilot’s voice, died out of the speaks.

I nod, placing his laptop back in his carry-on bag. “Mrs. Lee, will be waiting for us.” I wait for Red to walk ahead. Reaching out to me, his brawny arm wraps around my waist, tugging me close he leads us out of the plane.

I try to break from him, but he simply squeezes my hip. “Stop,” He halts looking down at me. I open my mouth but he beats me to the line, “there are too many people here, I don’t want you getting lost.”

I could have argued the matter, insisted he acts more like my boss. But I enjoyed the sensation of his possessive hold on my waist and grip on my hip. He makes me feel like a woman. Red works systematically to locate our baggage and walks us through customs. Within twenty or so minutes we’re walking through the terminal. It’s not hard to find Mrs. Lee. She waves at us frantically with a broad grin on her face.

A man accompanying her takes our trolley off Red’s right hand. “Good evening, Mr. Alfonsi and Ms. Williams.” She holds her hand out.

After introductions, she navigates us through the large crowded airport and to a waiting car outside arrivals. Helping us in, she slides into the passenger seat while her partner keys the ignitions. “Thank you,” I smile, taking the pamphlet Mrs. Lee holds out to me. Next to me, Red sags, despite having slept on the plane. I’m glad he’s able to rest, he doesn’t sleep enough!

We make it to the hotel in record time. Mrs. Lee helps with checking us in before she bids farewell, “I wait in lobby, tomorrow.” Her accented voice is soft.

She passes a key card to Red, I wait for her to hand me mine. She doesn’t. “Only one?” I look down at the small plastic rectangle in his hand.

Red nods, “you booked us one room.” He gives me a stern look before heading towards the elevators. The fuck I did! I specifically remember booking us two rooms, him a master suite and myself a normal single room. “You coming?” He looks over his shoulder.

Nervously, I step forward. My feet falter as the reality of the position I’m in sets in. Sharing a room with my boss… how professional.

My heartbeat skips a thump as I step into the elevator with Red...

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