Vampire Lover

By ReiRan All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Mike Urishu is probably the most handsome man living at Arka at the moment, at least someone who is literally a human. His parents died when he just a baby, and since then his grandparents had took care of him.

He is hard-working, very dedicated, and cares a lot for the people he loves. Many of the maidens in the village fell for him, and are always competing for his attention. Unfortunately, he seemed to be not interested on getting a girl at all, that is…until he met Annie.

It was love at first sight; for him, the girl is one of a kind. Mike saw something in her that he never saw on any girl he met. She’s beautiful, smart and sweet; there’s just something in her that melt his shell. He’d give anything for her, to have her and call her his own but, he’s just planning his move and yet he already has the feeling that he won’t ever have her anymore.

He felt that he already belong to someone else.

“Mike…have you seen Annie?!” asked the store owner where Annie is working, “It’s been three days since she didn’t show up.”

“H-Huh?! What?!”

“What’s wrong with you boy?!” he frowned, “You’ve been spacing out…and you’re going to buy that seed bag, right?!”

“Uh, yeah…I am…”

“Did you two have a fight?!”

Mike just stared at him.

“These past months, Annie’s always happy…I thought it was because you two were together.”

Mike blushed at the thought, “N-No! You’re wrong. We’re…not like that…” sighed Mike, “…she…already has someone else…”

“You don’t say!” exclaimed the owner, “Why, I’m sure you haven’t look to any girl like the way you do with her for the past eighteen years of your life!”

The lad looked away.

“No one even thought of approaching her, because everyone thought you’re already in a relationship.”

“We’re just friends.” Mike sighed. This is really getting pathetic.

“Let me guess…The person she loves is not from the village?!”

“I don’t think so…” mumbled Mike, remembering the night when he saw Annie with a guy, “…he’s a vampire…”

“I’m sorry…did you say something?!”

“N-No! Uh…no…I didn’t.” Mike gave the money and took the bag, he was about to leave when the owner called.

“Mike. Is Annie home?!”

“I…yeah, I just visited her earlier. She…she had a fever and refused to leave to house…uh…until she’s okay…” Mike lied. He hadn’t seen Annie for days, even Danny.

“Oh, I see…”

“She wanted to apologize for the inconvenience…”

“Tell her to not worry, and just take care of herself. Maybe I’ll go visit her myself sometime soon.”

“T-There’s no need. She’ll be fine in no time I’m sure.”

The owner frowned.

“A-And I’ll tell her what you said. Later.” was Mike’s forced jolly farewell.

Mike head out.

Something tells him that something bad had happened to her. What is he doing anyway, why didn’t he went to see her this past few days?! So what if she’s going out with another guy, with a vampire?! She’s still Annie, and they’re friends.

It was almost noon when Mike sprinted to the house, only to find out that it’s wrecked.

“What the–” he exclaimed at the sight, “ANNIE! ANNIE WHERE ARE YOU?!” shouted Mike at the top of his lungs.

“Mike?!” called Danny from the upper floor.

Mike immediately headed her Annie’s room where the voice came from and saw Danny beside a woman.

“Danny! Where’s Annie?! What happened here?!” asked Mike in one breath, “Who is she?!”

Hilda looked away.

“S-She’s a friend Mike…” answered Danny, very distressed. He’s been crying earlier but stopped since there’s no point in it.

“A vampire…” hissed Mike, “Where’s Annie?! What did you do to her?!” demanded Mike angrily. He just knew that Annie is taken by them.


“Mike, calm down.” intercept Danny, “Sis is…” Danny wanted to cry again.

“What’s going on here?! Where is she?!” shouted Mike, he’s worried alright…very worried.

“She…She was taken. Kidnapped by–”

“Vampire!” Mike interrupted Hilda, “I knew he’s a bad news! I knew it! I shouldn’t have let Annie stay with him! I should’ve just told them!”

“What do you mean?!” asked Danny.

“I know about her relationship with that beast!” Mike growled, “What do you think you’re doing, Danny?! You just let your sister be with a vampire! You could’ve stopped her if you want to! Why didn’t you?! Are you mad?!” scolded Mike angrily.

Danny growled back, “You’re the one to talk! You said you knew about them! Why didn’t you make your move?! You like her!” Danny can really be so mature in his age. “And my sister is more stubborn than you think.”

“Please!” held Hilda, “I know you’re just worried about Miss Annie but, don’t think badly of my Master…”

“Master! Vampire! Blood sucker!” spat Mike, “What do you want from Annie?!”

“My Master’s maybe a vampire, blood sucker…but he sincerely loved the Miss, and I know she too. I assure you, although…although it’s partly mu Master’s fault that Miss Annie disappeared, she…she’ll be safe. My Master will bring her back…”explained Hilda, not really certain herself.

“Hah! Yeah?!” mocked Mike, “And I’m supposed to trust a blood sucker’s words?!”

“You have to. That’s the only thing you can do now.” said a voice from the direction of the window, the east prince of the vampire clan, Ken.

A few momets later, Ken and Mike were now standing at the shade of the big tree behind the Hashu house. Mike’s glaring at the vampire from the moment they arrived in the place, and Ken knew it though he didn’t meet his eyes.

“I know you dislike me.” said Ken, “I can’t do anything about that, nor do I want to do anything. But I assure you, I don’t like you either.” Ken turned and glared at Mike.

“Glad the feeling’s mutual.”

More glaring.

“But even if I don’t like you, you’re the only one I can trust now.” said Ken mysteriously, turning away again.

“What are you talking about?! And why the hell are you covered in wounds?!” exclaimed Mike, “Vampire’s regeneration process are supposed to be fast.”

Mike is not as ignorant as you think on the person of real vampires. He already met people who knew a lot about them.

“Looks like you knew us better than we thought.” smiled Ken, “I have a feeling that you’ll be my downfall someday.”

Mike stiffened, Ken knew better than he thought.

“But it’s not important at the moment.” Ken faced the human again, “It’s my fault that Anne is in the predicament she’s in now. And I intend to pay for it. These wounds are just the beginning.”

“What are you up to?!”

“As much as I hate to admit it. I know hat you’re the only one who can protect her, now that’s she’s involved in us. More involved that she should have.” said the prince seriously, “Even though I don’t have any right, I want to ask a favor.”

Night already fell in Arka a few hours ago. Mike had promised Danny he’ll return in the morning to help clean the house and make a scripted excuse for the village now that Annie is not around.

Ken promised that he’ll return Annie, unscratched. And as much as Mike hated to admit it, the vampire is right…he knew that Ken’s the only one who can return Annie, all he can do now is trust him.

Mike sat by the window in his grandparent’s house, his house, staring blankly outside. It was almost midnight, his grandparents are already asleep…or so he thought.

“Can’t sleep?!”

“G-Grandpa! Don’t scare me like that!” shook Mike in surprise.

His grandpa sat beside him, “What are you thinking?! Is it about Annie?!”

Mike returned her gaze outside, “Grandpa…are vampires really bad?!”

Grandpa looked at him weirdly, “Vampires…”

Mike caught himself and was about to dismiss the subject. What is he thinking, asking his grandpa about vampires; he doesn’t believe on them, right?!

“Have you met you first vampire, Mikey?!” asked his grandpa nonchalantly, he stood up and went to the bookshelf to take a very old-looking book.

“Y-You know about them?! No. You actually believe that they’re real?!” exclaimed Mike in surprise.

“Your grandparents are the oldest folks in this village, Mike…” laughed grandpa, “…of course we know about them…” he gave the book to his grandson. “This book contains everything about vampires, their secrets, weaknesses and strengths. I’m going to give you this…it’s up to you how you’ll use them.”

“W-What do you mean?!”

“I don’t think vampires are bad, Mikey…ay least I know some that are really good. But, people have different opinions…if to you they’re bad, and must not ne trusted, must be is you judgment.”

Grandpa left his grandson, and for a moment Mike wasn’t able to say anything.

“Grandpa, do you know the prince that lives beyond the garden?!” asked Mike but, his grandpa already disappeared to their room.

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