Vampire Lover

By ReiRan All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Since the day that his sister brought him to the castle with her and met Hilda, Danny already had his eyes on her. In short, she had a crush on her. Everything about her fascinates him to no end. He would always beg Annie to bring him with her whenever she goes to the castle, not just because he wanted an up close contact with vampires but also because he wanted to see her.

Of course he knew he can’t ever have her, he’s just a boy. How can a vampire woman, who had lived for centuries, like back a human boy who has seen the world for barely eight years. But, knowing that he can be with her every time his sister is not around just made him so happy.

“You really do love us vampires, huh?!” mused Hilda. She and Danny were watching another vampire movie.

“Yeah! I’ve read lots of books about vampires too. In my last school, my classmates call me ‘The Vampire Expert’.”

“Oh really?!” Hilda raised a brow.

“But, after meeting you guys, not half of what I’ve read or watched are the truth.”

“Not really…we do sleep on coffins, suck blood and turn to bats…”

“Yeah but, you don’t hate garlic, or can’t stand sunlight or killed by silver bullets or holy water.”

“Holy water only kills demons, and we’re not exactly demons; our sense of smell is just so sensitive that garlic affects us so much; and our regeneration process is so fast that we’re fine going at day light or hit by silver bullets.”

“You guys are really amazing. I’m so lucky I met you.”

“And we’re lucky we met you…You don’t know how much your sister changed our master.”


“Master Ken is a very distant vampire, he tend to ne alone, even when he wasn’t an exile yet. Bruno and I hardly saw him. Ever since the time he accepted us in his castle, the only responds we get were ‘Yes’, ‘No’, a glare, and his expressionless face.”

“What a guy…”

“But, it all changed when Miss Annie came. Now, we can get a full audible sentence from him; always in the mood most of the time and talks and asks us random things from time to time. We barely see his expressionless face these days.” Hilda smiled at the thought, “Miss Annie makes him so happy, I won’t be surprised if one day the garden is full of flowers and trees again.”

“Whoah. No way! Vampires are supposed to love dark places.”

“Hey! Even vampires appreciate nature…”

“I guess…” laughed the boy.

“I believe that the prince was really bothered by his exile.”

“I would be, if I was in his place…” Danny made a face.

“Aww…you’re so cute.” Hilda suddenly hug Danny, tight, “If you were older, maybe your sister’s age…I’ll really make you my boyfriend.”

“A-Ah…” was all Danny said, blushing furiously.

Suddenly, the door flew open, revealing Annie and Ray.

“Miss Annie! R–…Ma-Master Ray…” Hilda bowed her head politely.

“Danny, Hilda…” Annie breath, hugging Danny close to her.

“W-What’s wrong sis?! And who is this guy?!” he looked at Ray from head to toe. He frowned, for some reason, he instantly didn’t like him.

“I am Ray…Prince of the West Castle. The Vampire King is after Ken and your sister, that’s why they have to hide, and–”

“W-Wait…” Danny held a hand, “I thought Ken’s an exile, why would the King still bother?!”

“Because he’s my brother…” said a menacing voice, “…and I don’t want him having affections for his food.”

All looked to the direction of the voice. A man on top of the stairs, eyes burning in menace and smile of viciousness.

“The King…” Hilda gasped in fear.

Ray was just about to stand in front of Annie for protection but, the King was just faster. In a split of second, the once standing human girl beside her brother was suddenly locked in the King’s arms. She wheezed in pain as the arms tightened, movement is really impossible.

“So this is the food my dear brother is keeping.” he said as he tilted her head to one side, and rested his mouth on her neck, fangs showing.

Ray growled as he attempted to attack the King but, Shin was fast to react. Before Ray can jump to the King’s direction, Shin was already beside him and had kicked him to the wall.

Hilda, on the other hand, was fast to take Danny outside of the house. She knew that Shin won’t hurt the two of them but, it’s better to be safe.

“No wait! Annie…Annie…” Danny screamed, “What about her?!”

“I’m sorry Danny but, I can’t let you get hurt…”

“We can’t just leave my sister!!! Let go!!!” Danny struggled but, Hilda won’t let go.


“Ray.” said Shin in mock surprise, “What are you doing here?! I thought I sent you to convince your best friend to leave his food alone?!”

“I know you knew this would happen.” Ray growled.

The King replied with a loud laughter, “Indeed. Let’s just say, I have my doubts ever since Ken was exiled.” he gave an empty smile, “…and this food made me realize that I have the right to do so…” his grip tightened again. Annie screamed in pain. “I’m not really fond of girls like you…” he whispered in her ear before he threw her and Ray to a wall.

“Ack! Annie…” gasped Ray. Annie’s hurt alright.

Shin than used his telekinetic ability to throw the two, and with it as well…he boomeranged the two around the house, crashing on the walls, breaking the furniture and etc. and he really looked-like he enjoyed doing it.

Annie was already covered in bruises and cuts, blood gauzing on some of them.

Ray could have had the same injuries but, he’s a vampire. His skin is not only able to injure all those impact but, his regeneration process is fast as well.

Suddenly, Shin stopped and had the two hover in the air behind him, “Ken, what a surprise…”

“Let them go!” was the furious respond,

“Nice seeing you too…”

“Ken…” Ray managed to say before he lost consciousness, the regeneration exhaust him, taking all his stamina.

“Tsk! Pathetic.” Shin threw the west prince to a corner.

Ken took a glance on his friend, and then glared at the vampire before him. Ray will be fine, he just needs some rest.

Annie saw Ken in her blurry eyes, and she’s glad he’s okay. She found herself nearing unconsciousness but, she pushed herself.

“Let her go Shin!” shouted Ken angrily.

“You’re angry.” laughed Shin, Ken was never angry. He never showed any emotions. Shin looked at the girl…did she change him that much?! “You know the rules, Ken. A prince like you can’t just fall for any girl…and this is worse, a human.” He said the word with loath.

“I’m already an exile. Why would you still care?!” Ken is in pain, seeing Annie in her situation he just wanted to run to her, save her and hug her close. But he knew better. He knew that the time he attack Shin, Annie would suffer more.

“Don’t be stupid.” Shin laughed evilly, “You really thought I exiled you?!”


“That’s just an act, brother. Because I know that, that’s what you really wanted.” he smirked, “Well, aren’t you grateful to me?!” laughing again.

Honestly, this guy really loves laughing.

“Why do you think I still let you keep the Arkan Castle?! Out of sympathy?!” spat the King, “No prince can ever be exiled, Ken. None.”

Ken wasn’t able to say or do anything but, stand there and stare at his brother blankly.

“And now that you finally know, I think you won’t stop me from doing my job?!” Shin looked up at Annie with a pleasant smile, “The west prince fell for an unqualified vampire, she’s exiled. Now the east prince fell for a human, she’ll be k–”

“No!” Ken interrupted, “I won’t let you hurt her.”


“I’ll protect her. Even if it’s the last thing I’ll do!”

“You’re willing to take her punishment, then?!” Shin smirked, “Her punishment for letting a prince fall for her.”

Ray was already, slowly getting consciousness and heard everything…

“I’ll do it.” said Ken broadly, with determination and courage.

Annie is the girl he’s been looking for all his life; he’ll do everything to protect her. He can’t lose her.

“Very well…” shin slowly put Annie on a couch, “…shall we visit your castle then?!” he smiled pleasantly, “Your best friend is invited too.”

Ken took one last glance at Annie in worry, Hilda will be back to take care of her. He can’t forgive himself if anything serious will happen to her; it’s his fault why she’s in this mess, and he hated himself for being so.

Unknown to him, Annie is conscious all the time. She is hurt that Ken had to sacrifice himself for her sake; it hurt more than what her physical body felt. She hated herself for leading Ken into this mess.

They knew each other for barely half the year but, she knew that she already found the man she’s willing to sacrifice everything for. She can’t lose him.

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