Vampire Lover

By ReiRan All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


For the days, weeks and months that followed Ken and Annie got closer. Annie comes to the castle as freely as she wants; on occasions, Danny’s with her. Sometimes she even spends a night in the castle, and no one minds…as far as she’s concerned, that is. In no time, she’s familiar with the whole castle as she is with their house in the village.

Mike’s already aware of Annie’s sneaking to the garden, and would even cover for her whenever some of the villagers come looking for her. Even though he’s helping her, he did it all without letting her know. Seeing how happy Annie is with the vampire, Mike decided that it’s already too late for him. All he can do now is to make sure, that she’ll not get into trouble with her actions.

Of course he doesn’t trust the vampire, always being suspicious of him and all. After all, even if he’s the guy that makes Annie happy, he’s still a sucker. What if he’s just being nice to her to have a reserved meal?!

Yeah, right!!!

Maybe he can’t have Annie but, he’ll make sure that she’ll never be hurt by anyone; and he has the feeling that she’s bound to be soon.

“Aww…they’re so sweet!” giggled Hilda. She and Bruno were spying on the couple. “The prince is showing more emotions each day. I didn’t know he can laugh like that.”

“Ah.” said Bruno.

“What’s with the ‘Ah’ you compassionless beast. I think it’s time you find yourself a woman.”

“I think you should stay with the Miss’ brother, the next time she comes here.”

“Ehhh?!” whined Hilda, “Oh well, I guess you have a point. After all, he’s still a little boy…”

Bruno began walking away, a serious look in his face.

“Are you leaving Bruno?!” Hilda asked innocently.

“Yeah.” He replied, “I’ll be gone for a few days.”

“Okay…Take care.”

Hilda is already used of having Bruno gone for several days; nobody question or suspect him with anything.

Bruno is one of the most trusted people Ken has. Who would’ve thought that he’s the reason for all the snags our couple faced?!

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