Vampire Lover

By ReiRan All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


And the competition began.

Annie saw everything, how Ken effortlessly defeated the normal vampires; fought a little serious with Jason; and go all out with Conrad. She saw how Ken can be such a cold-hearted monster, and he did it all for her sake.

She can barely watch the fight, especially the one with him and Conrad. No doubt it’s the fiercest of all the brawls that happened that night. All were silent as the fight proceeds, not even a bat’s wing flap can be heard.

Why does loving someone have to be like this?! It seemed so stupid if you think of it now. What’s with this tournament really?! It doesn’t make any sense at all.

When Conrad was defeated, Ken immediately jumped at the veranda where Shin and Annie stood and took his lover in his arms. Annie welcomed Ken’s arms whole-heartedly; she didn’t saw how Ken looked at Shin like he wanted to reap him apart then and there.

Without any other word, Ken lifted Annie from the veranda and jumped away, leaving everything behind without any more glances.

Annie hugged Ken as tightly as she can, she missed him a lot.

Finally, she cried.

Ken, on the other hand, slowly loss his monstrous aura as the flight to Arka proceeds. With Annie in his arms at the moment, he doesn’t need it. He only needs her.

Blankly, Shin watched the two as long as his sight allowed him.

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