Vampire Lover

By ReiRan All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


When Shin and Annie arrived at the room, Annie immediately felt that like she’ll be eaten; she tried her best not to look terrified as Shin banged the door close while still holding her wrist.

When the Vampire King next turned to the human girl, he already let go of her wrist and was really looking at her like he’ll really hurt her. Annie swallowed and begun to step back as he walked towards her. Tears welled in her eyes but, she refused to shed even a drop of her tears until she sees Ken again. She knew he’ll come to get her. She just knew he will.

He’s glaring at her, like she just did the biggest mistake of her life. The girl wanted to look away from him but, she can’t. It’s as if he magnetized her eyes.

Moments later, Annie found herself sitting in the bed; Shin stopped walking towards her but continued to glare. The human girl tried her best to hide her fear from him, both in her eyes and the trembling of her body. They locked gazes, and in that moment Annie felt that he’s really about to do something like what he just did when they first met.

“Why the hell were you with those two?!!!” boomed Shin’s voice that made Annie jumped, he eyes wide in surprise and fear, “You already have a boyfriend! Why the hell were you still flirting with those two?!!!”

“F-Flirting?!” Annie looked at him incredulously. What the hell!!!

“I know Ken is really an ass but, he has his good points too! He’s selfish, stubborn but very loyal as well! He’ll do anything to protect what he believes! He cared a lot for those who are weak, even if they’re enemies! Of all the humans and vampires you’re the one who must know these all!!!” he sounded so angry and disappointed. The girl just looked at him blankly. “What if one of those two decided to take you to their castle instead?! What will happen to Ken?! What will happen to all the sacrifices he made for you?! What?!”

Shin looked at her accusingly but, all she gave in exchange for all his accuses is a genuine smile, the first smile she gave him. She had the feeling that Shin is not really as bad as what she and the others think.

“You know, Ray told me that you’re a sadistic brother to Ken, and a like dictator father to all of the princes…” Annie said slowly and calmly that even the king’s tensed body relaxed, “…but hearing you say all those to me, I don’t think he’s totally right.” It’s Ken’s brother’s turn to look at her blankly. “He also said that no creature in this world who can understand how your mind works but, I think I do.

“You wanted others to see you as the cruel, rude and sadistic king of the Vampire clan…you acted like that not because you’re really like that but, because you’re afraid.” Shin raised a brow, “You’re afraid that they may choose wrong decisions that’ll make them suffer in the end. Earlier, I saw in your eyes that what you really wanted to say is that Ken is wrong for choosing me.”


“I think you’re really the total opposite of what you want others to see you. Because you worry too much about them, you’re willing to play the villain just to protect them.” she smiled at him admiringly, “But if you really want to protect them, you have to let them go and take the paths they want to choose…and let them face the consequences it’ll hold.”



Suddenly, Shin sighed heavily and turned to sit in the bed beside his brother’s love. Annie felt chilled but, didn’t show it. “Are you saying those words because you want me to let you two be?!” he said. Although it sounded like a helpless question, the king looked at Annie accusingly.

“Maybe…” she smiled.

“If I say that you’re right…what do you think is the reason why I’m like this?!” he murmured audibly after a moment of silence. He looked…sad?!

Annie examined his face; did he just admit that she’s right on her deductions?! She smiled in satisfaction.

“I’m not sure…maybe because you have seen other people struggle due to their mistakes, or maybe because you’ve experienced it yourself.”

Shin sighed again and gave Annie a smirk, “You know…I’m starting to hate you genuinely.”

“I’m glad you’re still starting…” grinned Annie. She’s feeling more and more comfortable with the king, even after all those things he did to her. She’s really just too nice to people.


“Did you wonder why there’s a human bed in the Vampire Palace?!” he asked.

No. she hadn’t thought of that. Ken once said that there’s a human bed in the Arkan Castle because of its legend but, yeah…Why is there a bed in the Vampire clan Palace?!

“No. I don’t think so.” he smiled, answering his own query. “Long ago, I once loved a girl; except you, she’s the only one who understood the way I think. Hell! Even my mothers don’t understand me.” Is that something to curse about?! “She’s really lovely. The epitome of a perfect woman.”

Annie smiled. He looked really happy thinking of his past. She thought it’s so unlike for the king to say those words; it’s so unlike him to open up to someone.

“She’s a half-breed vampire though…” his expression started to darken, “…still because she’s of vampire blood, the clan accepted her. But she was avoided. At that time my father still reigns, and because I’m the crowned prince, other vampires both respected and keep themselves away from me. Even then, to them I’m an Alien. I bet Ray said that as well.”

The girl smiled guiltily.

“We’re always together because we’re both treated as outcasts…” he explained, “…eventually we fell for each other…or so I thought…”

Shin stopped as he saw that his audience looked really into it. She looked really interested in his story…

“It’s a long story really…and a tragic one too…” he declared. Annie frowned at him then sighed.

“I have all the time I’ll need, right?!”

Shin smirked then continued.

Meanwhile, at Arka…thunder and lightning continued to appear and roar. There’s no rain but, the thunder and lightning bothered Mike’s grandpa a lot.

“Mike boy…” he called to his grandson, “…did something happen?!”

At first Mike just looked at him as he remembered the Prince’s words: “…You’re the only one who can protect Annie now that she’s involved in us…”

“There might be a coming storm grandpa…” said Mike, looking away sadly, “…soon, rain will fall from the sky.”

Mike’s grandpa just looked at his grandson’s retreating back. He said he wanted to be alone and headed to his room.

“I hope everything will turn out fine.” he said to his wife.

“I hope so too…”

At the Arkan castle, Ray and Hilda watch from the castle as Ken called out lightning from the sky at the castle backyard.

Danny had locked himself to the room Annie used when she stays at the castle. He knew Ken will be able to bring his sister back, still…


Hilda turned away from Ken and looked at Ray who stood a few feet from her.

“I…wanted to apologize.” he said, looking at her sadly, “Seeing Ken struggle so much just to save her from Shin…I felt that I should really have done the same with you.”

Hilda smiled, “Past is past. I don’t blame you or anything. I’m happy with what I am now, and I think that you should too.”

“But I–”

“Let’s just forget everything that’s happened…Master Ray.” she said respectfully.

Master Ray.

Since the exile, Hilda had been calling him that. And he really hated it.

“That boy is lucky.”


Ray walked to her and gave her a passionate kiss, maybe as passionate as Ken and Annie’s.

When he pulled away, he hugged Hilda tightly. “Always remember that whatever happens…I’ll always be here for you.”

Hilda hugged back the prince as tears fell from her eyes. She nodded.

Ken, the East Prince, never liked fighting. So even though he had the most powerful element in the Vampire clan, it remained unused for centuries.

But now that Annie’s at stake. He doesn’t care even if he had to fight the clan itself; he’ll get her back even if he’s on his own.

Ken swore to protect her, and protect her he will – using the power he hid deep inside him.


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