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The Architect’s Folly

By lorrainehuntlynn All Rights Reserved ©



"Had I known that you were the Harriet Beecher Stowe of the modern woman, I would not have handed you an open bottle of cordial while on a train..........." Beattie Amey's search for a long lost brother takes her from Devonshire to Australia in 1885, and along the way she meets an American architect; one who makes his views about her profession as a writer offensively clear. Before long, Beattie finds herself, and her newly found brother's family, caught up in planning the rescue of the architect's kidnapped son. Loving him merely complicates an already impossible situation.

The Bartlemas Anthology

The Horseman’s Desire

In the summer of 1842, Emma Turpin converts an inherited house into a cottage hospital. Her first patient is a circus horseman, who releases in her a passion that knows no bounds. As the horseman returns every summer, Emma is caught between duty and forbidden love, knowing that one day she must choose between them.

The Hussar’s Passion

In 1856, Hannah Hampshire encounters a former Hussar, but within hours of finding solace in his arms, the man’s past reveals itself to be inextricably linked with the horror of what she once suffered. Thrust into the fever of the Ballarat gold diggings, Hannah uncovers a truth so terrible, that it threatens both her happiness and her life.

The Surveyor’s Obsession

Lizzie Bartlemas meets a young surveyor at the funeral procession for Burke and Wills in 1863. When the surveyor disappears in the desert, Lizzie blames both herself and the man who ruined her wedding for his unknown fate. Together, the unlikely pair set out to rescue a man who hates them both, and who she loves with eternal passion.

The Riverman’s Transgression

In 1875, Rebecca Birchmoor finds herself robbed and stranded half way up the Murray River, when she is saved by a paddle steamer captain’s son. No sooner does she fall in love with him than he disappears. As the hangman awaits her rescuer for a crime he didn’t commit, Rebecca plans his deliverance, knowing that the price she might pay for her actions could cost her everything she holds dear.

The Architect’s Folly

Beattie Amey’s search for a long lost brother takes her from Devonshire to Australia in 1885. Before long, Beattie finds herself, and her newly found brother’s family, caught up in planning the rescue of an American architect’s kidnapped son. Loving him only complicates matters, and Beattie can’t help but be drawn into his world of uncertainty and passion.

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