Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 9

I wake up just staring at my ceiling, biting my lips thinking of what happened with Vincent. Then it occurs to me, that I have a stranger in my house. I immediately jump out of bed and run to my adjacent bathroom, to brush my teeth and wash my face. I brush my hair too. As I come down the stairs I see him standing in the kitchen, he’s making food. I’m quite surprised actually. “Hi, morning” I greet as I come down. “Morning” he replies. “It smells good” I compliment the food. “You don’t mind right? I was kind of hungry” he says turning back to the stove. “No, I don’t – it’s been a while since I’ve had a man cook for me” I reply smiling. “Well then sit down and relax” he suggests. I sit down, as I’m told just taking in the smell. “Voilà” he says as he places a plate in front of me. “Mmm, it looks good” I reply smelling the food. “Here you go my lady” he says as he places a cup of coffee beside my plate. Impressed I say thank you. He sits down opposite me with his plate, and is ready to tuck in. I stop him as I first want to say grace. We then tuck in. “I thought you would have left by now already” I say while putting the fork to my month. “Why would I want to leave and miss seeing this sight of you in the morning?” he replies smiling. “Not fair Vincent. I live alone remember” I reply. “I guess I have to enjoy it while it lasts” he continues and looks down. I sense he’s still on about Dash. “Look what happened. . . . I . . .” I struggle to express myself. “Don’t” he responds waving his hand for me to stop talking. “Let’s just enjoy breakfast” he continues. I just shake my head and chuckle.

It’s weird waking up having someone in the house with me for the first time in a while. I’m used to waking up and there being silence. But today there’s laughter whole morning. “Don’t you think you should be going home to change?” I ask Vincent thinking that he must be reeking by now. “Are you trying to get rid of me Miss Jones?” he asks smugly. “It’s not that I want to get rid of you, it’s just that you kind of reek” I reply laughing. “We could take a bath together” he replies tilting his head sideways. Just then his phone rings. “Hello” he answers, whispering as he’s not sure who it is. I just laugh. “Oh. Hey Sam” he goes on. “I’m great and you.” He continues. In the meantime, I decide to clear up the dishes and clean up a bit while he’s talking to Sam. I go upstairs, after showing Vincent that I’m going to take a bath. I decide to rather take a shower instead. When I come out, they’re still chatting – Sam, she can talk a lot. I check my phone to see if there’s anything, and there’s a couple of missed calls from Dash.

I decide I better give him a call. “Hi Dash.” “Hey sexy” he answers eagerly. “Been trying to get hold of you whole morning, but I take it you’ve been busy?” he continues. “Yeah, phone was on silent sorry.” I reply as I walk down the stairs. Vincent is finally done talking to Sam, and gestures to me that he’s going to go home. “Hey Dash, can I call you back in just a few minutes, something just came up quickly” I ask and he says sure he’ll be waiting. “Sorry to eat and run but I guess you’re right, I should be getting home to clean up.” Vincent says as he gather his things. “Sure, will talk again.” I say as I walk him to the door. Just before I open the door he grabs me around my waist and pulls me closer. He kisses me with such intensity, that it makes my knees go weak. “I couldn’t resist” he says breathlessly as he lets go. I stare at him dazed.

When Vincent leaves, I have to compose myself as my heart is still pounding in my chest. Then I call Dash again. “Hey sorry about that. How are you doing, how are things going?” I mumble. “Its fine Lex, relax” he replies. “You won’t believe how much I miss you. I can’t wait to come back.” He continues. “Dash come on. We said one step at a time.” I respond. “I know, I know.” He replies. “So what you been up to?” He asks. “Nothing much, just busy.” I say as I sit down. “Well I should be back end of next week, so keep your diary open because I want to take you somewhere.” He continues. He sounds really excited; I on the other hand am a bit distracted. “Ok cool.” I reply nonchalantly. “You don’t sound excited about it though” he responds. “Oh I’m just tired, that’s all.” I lie. There’s silence between us for a few minutes, as I don’t know what to say to him anymore, funny this never happened before. I guess it’s because someone else has taken up a bit of my intellectual side, I think smiling. “Alexis are you still there?” he asks. “Yes.” I answer. “Are you ok? You sound very distant” he asks. “I’m fine.” I respond briefly. “Well, I will call you again soon, enjoy the weekend.” He replies. “See you soon” I end the call. What must he think of me? I’m so distracted.

Sunday morning, and it’s a beautiful day, so I decide that I’m going to take a drive to the beach for a stroll. Just before I’m about to leave, I get a call. “Hey Lexi” Vincent greets. “Hi Vincent, what’s up” I answer. “What you doing today?” he asks. “Well I’m about to go down to the beach for a morning walk and perhaps get some lunch there too” I reply. “Great, can I tag along?” he asks. Sure I think, won’t mind the company. “Ok should I meet you there?” I reply baffled. “Yes, send me a message as to where you are.” He replies. Cool I think, at least the walk won’t be boring.

I’m sitting in my car waiting in the parking area at the beach. I send Vincent a text as to where I’m parked. It’s about 15 minutes later, and he pulls up alongside my car. I feel so humbled of my little Ford Fiesta, when he pulls up in his Mercedes. I get out of my car in a little shorts and flip-flops with a tank top. As he gets out of his car it’s like a scene from a movie playing in slow motion. He’s dressed in a body fit cream t-shirt, a Patimo Camo shorts, with a pair of cool flip-flops and police shades. He takes his shades off as he comes over to me – I swear I see females go crazy in the background as they walk by him – which makes my heart skip a beat, he approaches me. All of a sudden, the time goes back to normal speed and he stands in front of me. “Hey babe” he greets, leaning in to kiss me - on the lips. I blush and turn to grab my bag as I brush the hair from my face. “So I’m just going to take a walk on the shore” I tell him. “Yep, that’s why we here right.” He replies coolly. We stroll quietly along just taking in the atmosphere. “So how’s Dash?” he asks making conversation. “He’s ok. Called to say that he misses me and can’t wait to get back.” I reply nonchalantly. “Nice. He didn’t suspect anything I hope?” he continues. “No nothing.” I reply. “What about Sam? Are you guys seeing each other now?” I ask curiously. “Look you know that I don’t like her in that way - frankly I would rather want to be dating someone else.” He replies softly turning to me. “But I’m not sure where I stand.” He continues. I know he’s referring to me. He makes that clear the way he looks at me. I do feel something for him, I know that we have this attraction but I also want to give that chance to Dash. I mean I liked him too. “So you basically going to string her along, until you’ve had enough?” I chide, since Sam is my friend. “No I won’t do that. We do have fun together” he replies. “But remember, I can’t hang around waiting forever.” He continues.

“Anyway, I’m hungry. What you want to eat?” He asks changing the subject. “I’m in the mood for Shushi.” I reply, in a lighter note. “Great, let’s get some.” He responds; takes my hand and pulls me towards one of the beach restaurants. We sit down and order a platter. We sit there chatting about work, what new ideas are in the pipeline for our marketing division. Laughing I excuse myself from the table. “Just need to use the ladies, excuse me.” “Sure” he responds. I leave for the ladies, while I’m in there I check my clothes and hair – in walks a beautiful young female with light brown blondish hair. “Excuse me.” She taps me on the shoulder. “Yes” I respond. “Are you with that handsome guy, at the table in the corner?” she asks. “The one with the gorgeous eyes” she continues. I start smiling and reply. “Yes, why?” “He is gorgeous, is he a model?” she asks. I start laughing and say no. I return to the table with a big smile on my face. “What’s with the smile, are you that happy to see me, or did something interesting happen in the ladies?” he asks teasingly. “No, just that this chick asked if you were be a model.” I reply with a chuckle. “Maybe, I could be” he responds. “Hey are ready to get out of here” he continues and we head back to our cars.

“Thanks for the walk” I says smiling. “Where you headed to now?” he asks. “Home – to relax” I reply. “Mind if I join you – to relax?” he asks flirtatiously pulling me closer to him. I flush but agree.

We arrive at my place and he jumps onto my sofa, patting it with his hand indicating that I should sit next to him. “Ok let’s make deal” he starts. “All cellphones off for at least two hours” he continues. “Ok but what if someone looks for us.” I say hesitantly as I know that Dash might call. “No cellphones!” he demands. “Fine, I’m switching it off.” I respond. I turn on the television to see whether there’s anything interesting on. He suggests to watch the music channel since they’re playing some cool music videos. To be honest I haven’t been in touch with life like he is, he knows almost all the songs and the artists. I only knew a few. He keeps on serenading me – which makes me blush even more – at least his singing is a bit better than his dancing. David never did things like that, he was the silent romantic type. Vincent and Dash would actually get along if they weren’t competing for the affection of the same girl. It continues like this for a while. Singing; chatting and laughing. Seems like time stands still for us. Then the song of John Legend comes on – Tonight (best you ever had). He turns to me, with a smirk on his face and starts singing as he inches closer. My heart starts pounding, I can feel the heat rising from my face. He moves almost on top of me, staring into my eyes and I just go with the flow. We start kissing passionately; intensely. There’s definitely sexual tension between the two of us. We forget about everything; the TV, the music, our phones. Nothing matters at this moment. He stops abruptly, and pulls away. “What, what’s wrong?” I say out of breath. “Come” he says gently; takes my hand and leads me up the stairs to my bedroom. We stand by the bed. He touches my face with his hand, tucking my hair behind my ear. He pulls me closer and kisses me. I feel time stand still. He slowly pulls off his top and slowly pulls the strap down off my shoulder, exposing my bare skin. He starts kissing my shoulder moving up to my neck. I can feel the goose bumps popping up on my skin. His lips are soft; his breath warm. My knees feel weak as he slowly pushes me down onto the bed, his hand behind my head to stop me from hitting the bed. I run my hand down his chest and he presses it with his other hand over his heart. I can feel his heart pounding as fast as mine is. We stare into each other’s eyes for a few seconds. He starts kissing my stomach gently and then presses his body against mine. He kisses my lips softly and I hear - don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me.

And I think to myself, it’s not a bad thing at all’ – and one thing leads to another.

We lay there on my bed not saying a word, staring into each other’s eyes. Am I falling for him – or could it just be lust. There’s something strong between us, like we have some strange connection that keeps drawing us to one another. When we’re together, everyone else isn’t an issue. It’s like we’re the only two people in the world and nothing else matters. But I still wanted to give Dash a chance. My only connection to my past. “What we going to do now?” I ask him. “I have to leave now, I guess” he says helplessly. “We can’t say anything to anyone about this” I tell him. He’s not happy about that and immediately gets up. “Sure” he says grumpily shaking his head. I can see that he’s not going to say anything further and leave it at that. “I’ll see you at work” is all he says when he leaves.

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