Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 8

I feel distracted when I enter the office doors this morning. I don’t know how to react. “Hey Lex. How was your weekend?” Sam asks. “It was ok” I reply. “Has Dash called you yet?” she asks. “Yeah, he came over yesterday” I reply. “Great, did you guys get to chat?” she asks. As I am about to respond to her question we see Vincent unlocking his office door. “Hold that thought, Lex” Sam says as she goes over to him. I shake my head smiling. Vincent looks over at my office as Sam greets him. He waves and continues to talk to Sam. Sam comes back as Vincent leaves for the kitchen. “So I was thinking, do you think Vincent will say yes if I asked him out on a date?” she asks smiling. I look at her, surprise written all over my face. “Lexi, so what do you think?” she continues. “Uhm, I don’t know, do you think that he is in to you?” I ask. “Well he’s been chatting a lot more to me, and I sensed a hint of flirting” she replies. “I wouldn’t read too much into that Sam” I respond. “What’s that supposed to mean? Do you know something that I don’t?” she asks. “I’m just saying, you don’t really know him that well” I reply. “Well never mind you, I will still ask him and then we will see” she continues.

I keep myself busy in my office all morning, during the afternoon Vincent pops in. “Hey Lexi, are you avoiding me?” he asks. “What makes you think that?” I reply. “Well you never called back last night and you’re awfully quiet today and you haven’t spoken about Friday” he continues. “Friday? Sorry I’ve just been so distracted today” I reply. “Oh yeah, you had company yesterday. So who was it?” he asks. “Yes, Dash and I found out something that took me by surprise” I reply. “Well, I am here if you want to chat” Vincent replies. “Thanks I know, but I did enjoy Friday it was fun.” I add. “Would love to do something like that again sometime” he replies. “Just one more thing, Sam kind of asked me on date.” Wow she works fast. Determined. “Oh. It was bound to happen sometime. Did you agree to?” I ask. “Well, I told her that I would let her know. Do you think I should? I mean, seeing that she is your friend and we went out Friday, I thought …? I mean, will you be ok with that?” he asks. “Why do you care what I have to say? It’s up to you, it’s not like we’re together, right? I reply. “Yes. No, yes we’re not together, just thought . . . I didn’t want it to be awkward between us” He responds. “Chat later then” he says leaving my office, sounding a bit disappointed.

Why does he care what I think? Wait. What am I thinking? But wait I am not thinking, I’m distracted with other thoughts. He told me that he’s interested in me on Friday, how stupid can I be. This thing with Dash is making me confused. I don’t know whether I am coming or going. Yes I felt something with Vincent on Friday, but then Dash came on Sunday and we shared an incredible kiss. I’m confused about my feelings. I am just about to call Vincent, then Sam comes in and she looks extremely excited. “I asked him, and he said yes!” she says enthusiastically.

It’s too late . . . . . .

Dash calls, saying that he’s going to be away for the next two weeks and when he returns he wants us to have a real date. He really wants to show me how he feels about me. All I get from Vincent is a wave in the morning and a wave goodbye in the evening. He’s also out of the office the rest of the week. Sam keeps on going on about what she’s going to wear on their date; where they are going and how it’s going to be incredible. Wishful thinking if you ask me, but I’m glad for her though. I don’t know what to do. I want to give Dash and I a chance to see where it could go but then I think of Vincent and I get butterflies in my stomach, the attraction is definitely there with Vincent. But Dash and I have history, I am an emotional wreck.

Friday morning and Sam cannot shut up about their date. She goes on about what she wore and where they went and how sweet Vincent was. I just nod my head. She mentions that he’s not as talkative as he is at work, but she guesses that perhaps he was nervous, which I doubt was the case as Vincent is not the nervous type but then again, he was a bit with me. “So I like did all or most of the talking. But he was funny and sweet.” She goes on. “So you guys hit it off?” I say sarcastically. “Yes, I think there is definitely something there.” She replies. I feel a bit sad though, did I miss out since I wanted to give Dash a chance. “I can’t wait to see if he will be calling me this weekend, maybe the next time we’ll move to the next level.” She continues. “Whoa, Sam. Let’s not get to hasty here, you’re not even sure if he wants to even go on another date yet.” I slow her down. She’s not too impressed with that comment. “What’s up with you, it’s not like you’re into him, I mean you and Dash are an item now right?” she responds. “No we’re not, things haven’t even gone anywhere yet” I react quickly. “Where is Dash though, you’ve been quiet about that?” she asks. “He’s out of town for a while” I reply. “How cool is it that we both are having new love interests at the same time” she says smiling. “Yeah, awesome” I say sarcastically.

Coming home from work, I decide that I felt like going out tonight and having some fun. I call Heather again to see what she’s up to. She says unfortunately she’s not available, but that she wished she could have a girl’s night out again. Seeing that she can’t make it, I sit and think of who else I can ask. Then I remember my cousin would be bets for a girl’s night out, so I call Jessica. “Hey Jessie, what you been up to?” I ask her, haven’t seen her in a while. “Hey Lexi, nothing much, how have you been?” she answers. “So much to tell, that’s actually why I’m calling. I want to know if you have plans tonight.” I continue. “Oh, nothing here, do you want to do something?” she replies. “Yes please, let’s go to Xena’s Lounge – this is a really cool place to hang out, restaurant/ club – I hear they’re having a pool party” I suggest. “Sure, will you be picking me up?” she asks. “Ok let’s make it at 19h00 then” I continue. She agrees. Now to look for an outfit.

While I get ready for tonight, Dash calls. “Hi Lex, just thought I would call.” “Hi Dash, how are you doing?” I answer. “Not so good” he replies. “How come, what’s wrong?” I ask. “I’m missing you . . . . . .” He replies. I stand there silent. “So what you up to?” He continues, not noticing I didn’t respond. “Oh just going out with Jessie.” I reply. “Oh cool, say hi for me. Girls night out I guess” he continues. “Yes, I feel like it” I reply. “Great stuff, so where you going?” he asks. “Xena’s Lounge, they’re having a pool party.” I reply. “Nice. Hope you’re not planning on going in your swimsuit, without me?” he jokes. “Well it’s a pool party” I reply sarcastically. “I’ll bet you’ll be the hottest chick there.” He replies flirtatiously. “Damn, sucks that I’m not there, wouldn’t miss that for anything.” It’s a bit strange to have Dash flirt with me, it feels weird. “Uhm, so I won’t keep you up then, enjoy it. Can’t wait to see you when I’m back, hope you’ll call at least.” He says sadly. “See you soon Dash.” I respond.

Dressed in my bikini top and skinny jeans, I pull up at Jessica’s house. She’s wearing a cool beach dress – not as daring as I am when it comes to clothes. We manage to get a table quite quickly considering that the place fills up fast on a Friday night. We sit there listening to the music and enjoying some cocktails whilst making fun of what people are wearing. “Have you heard that Dash is back?” I ask her while sipping on a Pina colada. “Yes, I heard, how is he doing?” she responds. “He seems to be good, seen him a few times.” I reply. “That’s great. So is he like married yet or seeing anyone?” she asks. “Funny you should say that actually.” I reply. “What do you mean?” she asks. “Well he kind of confessed that he has always had feelings for me.” I reply. “Say what! Wow.” She responds. “I’m not surprised though, you guys were close. So are you like an item now?” she continues. “I wouldn’t say an item, he has asked that we give it a try but I’m a bit hesitant.” I reply. “How come, I think you would be good together? Come on just give him a chance. Besides it would be like having another David, well physically at least.” She laughs. I laugh too. “Let’s go dance.” She says as she pulls me to my feet.

The dance floor fills up fast, but its fun. When suddenly I get bumped into from behind, I nearly fall to the ground – not so a good idea to dance in heels. “Hey, watch it dude!” Jessica shouts over the music. “Shit, I’m so sorry.” I hear the person say, it sounds familiar. As I struggle to pull myself right, with Jessica’s help I turn to see the person that bumped into me. It’s Vincent. I am speechless.

“Alexis!” He screams. Hilarious for a guy.

“Vincent” I say softly – probably red in the face from embarrassment.

“Fancy meeting you here” he says leaning in to hug me. “Sorry that I bumped into you” he continues. There’s someone with him, a girl. But I don’t say anything. “Yeah, fancy that hey” I reply. “Lexi do you know this guy?” Jessica asks confused. “Yes, Jessie, he works with me” I reply. “Hi, I’m Vincent” he greets her. He’s a bit tipsy I can tell. “Hey, Vince” the girl calls. “Sorry, he’s not a very good dancer!” she apologizes. “Selena, this is Alexis!” he introduces me - loudly. “Alexis? From your work!” she says as though she knows who I am. “Nice to meet you, Vince talks a lot about you!” she continues. “Nice to meet you too!” I reply confused. I think Vincent sees the confusion on my face because he immediately says “she’s my little sister!” “Oh!” I say with a bit of relief in my voice. “This is Jessica, my cousin” I introduce them. Jessica is a bit hesitant, since he almost knocked me to the ground – she is sometimes a bit overprotective of me. There’s an awkward moment of silence, when I break it by saying that they should enjoy the rest of the night. As we move away from each other I turn to look back at Vincent, and he does the same.

“What a jerk” Jessica says as we move back to the table. “No he’s not, Jess” I say defending him. “He just nearly knocked you over and you’re defending him?” she says sarcastically. “It’s cool, he’s a cool guy” I reply. I must be blushing or smiling as I say, because she responds: “OMG! You have thing for him!” “No I don’t!” I rebuke loudly. “Come on Lexi, your face gave you away” she replies. “Ok, ok. So we went out once, no big deal.” I respond. “Well he is kind of cute” she replies and we both laughed. “But what about Dash?” she asks. I shrug my shoulders - I don’t know. “You’re a lucky girl, two gorgeous guys interested in you” she comments.

We decide to call it a night and we leave. While dropping Jessica off at home, I get a text on my phone.

Hey, Lexi – where you at?

It’s Vincent looking for me – guess he’s still at the lounge.

We left already – on my way home. I reply as I wave good-bye to Jessica.

Can I come over – don’t feel like going home? He asks.

I’m a bit hesitant to reply, but I really wouldn’t mind to have spending time with him.

Ok – I’ll be home in about 30 minutes. I reply.

He doesn’t respond, so I leave it thinking that perhaps his phone died.

I get home, and he’s standing at my front door. He looks exhausted.

“Hey, what took you so long?” he asks. “How did you get here so fast?” I ask him bewildered. “I have a fast car” he says sarcastically shrugging his shoulders. “Right” I respond sarcastically rolling my eyes. I open the door and he comes in, and I allow him to have a seat as he looks tired. “Thanks, I just need to relax” he replies. “Make yourself at home” I say. He takes his shoes off and lays across the couch really making him comfortable. “So that was your sister, she’s cute” I say trying to make conversation. “Yeah, she’s crazy. It was her idea to take me there” he replies. “I’m surprised, would’ve thought you would be out with Sam” I say trying to get a reaction from him. “Nah” he replies. “I think one time was more than enough, just did it to get her off my back a little anyway.” He continues. I feel bad when he says that, I mean she’s not that bad. “Anyway, want some coffee – looks like you need some?” I ask and he nods yes. “Hey you mind if I crash here for the night? He asks. “Really! You want to crash here?” I say with perplexity in my voice. “Well, can I?” he continues. “Sure” I reply softly. I have a spare room anyway. He asks where the bathroom are and I direct him. Then he returns and he looks much better. “You ok there?” I ask. “Much better, cold water to ones face does wonders” he replies. “I used some of your toothpaste, hope that’s ok?” he asks. I nod, as I hand him his cup of coffee.

“So you never told me how it went?” I ask him trying to hear his side of the story. “How what went?” he responds. “Your date with Sam” I answer. “It was okay. Not as fun as our date was” he replies shrugging. “We never went on a date remember” I reply. “It was just two friends” “Yeah, yeah. Whatever you want to call it – I still call it a date” he replies sternly. “What was up with you this week though? Did I do something wrong?” he asks. “I know you said that Dash was here.” “Yes.” I reply. “So how come you’re still hanging out with your dead boyfriend’s brother” he asks insensitively. “Sensitive much?” I reply sarcastically glowering. “Sorry, didn’t mean it that way” he apologizes. “He just had something to tell me” I continue. “Let me guess, he confessed his undying love for you” he says grinning. I nearly spill my coffee all over the fall. “What makes you say that?” I ask baffled. “Well, Sam went on about how he is back in Town and that she thinks, the two of you should get together, blah, blah.” He replies. Thanks for nothing Sam, I think in my head. “Well, he did actually and more” I reply hanging down my head. “More?” he asks raising his eyebrows. “He kissed me” I reply looking up again. “Wow, lucky him.” He says with disappointment. “So are you guys like an item now?” he asks, trying not to look me in the eyes, running his hand through his hair. That looks so sexy when he does that, distracting me. But I sip my coffee before replying. “No. not really. I don’t know yet.” “We haven’t even been on a date yet.” I continue. “Yet? So you’re considering it I take it?” he replies. “So it’s getting late, the guest room is upstairs next to the bathroom.” I respond trying to avoid the question. “No, it’s not. Stay up with me, please. . .” he begs, and pulls me down next to him. “Fine, fine. I’ll put on a movie” I respond as I sit down. “No. no movies. I like talking to you.” He says still holding my arm.

He looks at me innocently, I feel that trancelike state creeping up again as I stare into his eyes. Damn they’re so mesmerizing, it’s difficult to pay attention to anything else. “You look HOT tonight, by the way.” He says as we remain sitting. I’m on the one end with my feet up crossed underneath me and he’s on the other end. “You do realize that I’ve seen you half naked now hey?” he says while laughing. “Yes I know.” I laugh back. “Bet you Dash hasn’t seen that” he says sarcastically. “Actually . . .” I’m just about to respond looking away, and he interrupts holding his hands up. “Wait, I don’t want to know.” I can’t stop laughing, he’s really funny. We sit for a while chatting about stupid things; work, friends, love. I don’t even feel the time pass by. “I want to do something” he says while staring at his hands. “Like what?” I ask, confused as to what he’s referring to. Then he moves closer to me. His face adjacent with mine; I feel his breath and before I know it, we’re kissing. I don’t push him away, my heart is pounding non-stop. He pulls me closer, I can think of nothing else but how I was dying to kiss him ever since we met. I’m not even thinking of Dash or Sam. It’s just Vincent and me – everything is blank. He pulls me on top of him, as he slowly slides down on the couch. This is definitely going somewhere. I feel his hand move up over my thigh up to my back; it sends shivers down my spine. All I can think is - yes, I want this – he’s about to lift my top up, and my phone beeps! We stop and I push him down. “Wait, wait” I say breathless and panting. He lets go of me, disappointment on his face. I get up and pull myself right, then I go over to my phone which is on the kitchen counter.

Hey, sexy. I know you probably sleeping now, but I just wanted to say goodnight and good morning Will give you a call soon mwah - Dash

“It’s from Dash” I say breathless. “Perfect timing.” Vincent mutters sarcastically, turning to sit up. “I think I better go to bed.” I say all flustered. “What! Ok” he replies disappointed again. “Make yourself comfortable, good night Vincent.” I say as I go up to my room. I can see he’s disappointed, he sits downstairs for a while. I get undressed and go to bed. Not long after I hear Vincent coming up the stairs. I hear him open my room door and I pretend I’m asleep thinking he might come in but he doesn’t, he just closes the door again.

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