Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 7

Sunday afternoon I decide to make lunch around 12h00 since Dash is coming over to chat. Not long after there’s a knock at the door. “Hi Dash, come in” I answer the door. “Hey Lex” he answers, looking very down. “I fixed us some lunch, if you’re hungry” I ask. “Sure, cool” he replies. We settle down for lunch. “So you said that you needed to chat to me about something, what’s up” I ask. “Well, I guess I firstly have to apologize again for what happened, I didn’t mean to do that. So the thing is, that was not the first time we kissed” he continues. I stop eating as I am surprised to hear this. “What do you mean, it was not the first time?” I ask. “Well, remember the first date you had with David?” he asks. “Yes” I reply, that was the time David and I shared our first kiss, which is when I immediately know it was him. “Well … it wasn’t David that you kissed that night.” he continues. “WHAT!” I reply in shock. “It was me. You see David was not feeling well that night and he asked me to take his place as he was so looking forward to it and he didn’t want to disappoint you. He really liked you.” He continues. “So you’re telling me that we kissed, instead of David – did he even know that we kissed?” I ask. “David did ask how it went, and I lied – never told him about the kiss” he replies.

“I can’t believe that you never told me this before Dash. Here I thought of that moment all the while I was with David.” I chide. “I am sorry Lex, I should have said something sooner, but I saw how he felt about you, it was obvious that he was in love you, I couldn’t take that away from him.” He continues. “I don’t know what to say, Dash. We shared an intimate moment …” I continue. “I know Lex, I felt something too that night, but I couldn’t do anything about it then. But I have the opportunity now. I mean I would like to take you on a REAL date.” He laughs. How can he be laughing at a time like this, I mean I’ in shock and cannot stop thinking that I kissed him that night instead of David.

“Lexi?” he calls from across the table. I must be in a daze thinking. “Yes” I reply. “Where do we go from here?” he asks. “I’m not sure, Dash. I mean, this changes everything for us.” I reply. “See I don’t want it to change, I really do like you and I want to give it a try with you.” He continues. Then my phone rings. It’s Vincent. “Excuse me, just need to take this call” I excuse myself, as I step into the kitchen area.

“Hi, Vincent” I answer softly. “Hey Alexis, how you doing? Hope you weren’t busy, am I interrupting?” he asks. “No, you’re not” I chuckle lightly. “So I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed Friday night, and I was just thinking of you. I hope you enjoyed the chocolate and ate it like I suggested.” He says comically. “Yes, I enjoyed the chocolate” I reply, laughing. Then Dash enters the kitchen, he’s placing the dishes in the dishwasher. “So what you up to now?” Vincent asks. “Oh just having lunch, with an old friend” I say as I look at Dash. Dash scowls at me but doesn’t say anything. “Can I chat to you later?” I ask Vincent. “Sure, not a problem. Chat soon.” He replies and ends the call. Dash is standing in front of the basin staring at the floor. “So who’s Vincent?” he asks. “Oh just a colleague at work.” I reply. “So your colleagues call you on weekends now hey?” he says sarcastically. “What’s it to you anyway.” I respond as I put my phone down on the counter and switch on the kettle.

“You never answered me on what’s going to happen now?” he continues. “I don’t know Dash. I mean, it’s a lot to take in, and I don’t know what to feel.” I reply. I turn back to the counter to take my phone and as I turn around, he’s standing in front of me, he’s so close to me. Then he places his one hand on my face, looks down at me in my eyes and leans over, and kisses me. This time it’s not forceful, it’s gentle, yet intense. I feel my heart beating faster, as he pulls me closer. I lose myself in the moment, because all I see is David, but then I remember it is Dash, but that doesn’t stop me. “Now that’s what I intended to do” he says as he lets go of me. I cannot reply.

That night I sit in bed thinking of my first date with David or rather with Dash. I remember how imperfect it was yet we had so much fun. I think of other dates I’ve had with David, comparing them to see, how never knew it was not David the first time. I loved David there’s no doubt about that. The question now is do I feel the same way Dash feels. Then I receive a text.

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow … V.

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