Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 6

I don’t bother replying to Dash the rest of the week; I’m still angry and try to forget about what happened. Dash stops texting and calling as well, with his final text saying that he will wait for me to reply and if I didn’t he would not bother me again. Friday morning comes and I decide that perhaps I should respond to him after speaking to Sam. She’s a good listener too and always able to give advice even though she could never follow her own advice. While I’m having my morning coffee, contemplating on what I can say to Dash, there’s a knock on the door. “Good morning Alexis” Vincent greets, his voice is so refreshing in the morning. “Hey Vincent” I reply. “How are you doing?” he asks. “Same old, same old, I suppose” I reply. “That doesn’t sound like you. Is everything okay?” he asks. “Oh just something personal” I reply. “Let me know if you ever want someone to listen” he replies. “Thanks Vincent” I reply. Just then Sam walks in. “Hi, Vincent, missed you this week” she greets. “Morning, Sam” he responds “Missed you ladies too”. Sam is looking much better, guess seeing Vincent was the cure. “Have you spoken to him yet?” she asks referring to Dash. “Not yet Sam” I reply signaling to her that Vincent is in the room. Vincent picks up on it, and asks “Speak to who?”. . . “Personal” I reply. “Oh okay, sorry. Offer still stands though” he continues. “Catch you ladies later” he says as he leaves. “What offer is he talking about?” asks Sam. “Oh nothing” I reply.

After she leaves my office I send Dash the following text.

Hi, Dash. Sorry I’ve been avoiding you but you caught me by surprise when you did what you did. I mean we’ve known each other for a while but I dated your brother. What gave you the impression that I would do that?

Not long after sending the text I receive a response.

Hey Lexi, I’m sorry too, for reading the signs wrong. It’s just that you looked so damn hot that night and I’ve been wanting to kiss you ever since, the last time. I will be honest with you… I had feelings for you and it has stirred up again. I should have told you first but I’ve liked you ever since we first met. I hated the fact that you dated David instead of me. You should have been with me…

I reply.

What are you talking about the last time and I should’ve been with you. We were always just friends.

He then replies.

I know but there’s something I need to tell you. Can we please get together sometime?

I respond that I will think about it as all this is too much to take in now.

The day seems to be dragging as I watch the clock, wishing I can go home already. Sam keeps walking up and down pass Vincent’s office, waving at him and blowing kisses as she walks by. I just laugh, shaking my head. Whilst answering e-mails, Vincent sends me one asking what is up with Sam. I look up and he is gesturing with his hands. I just chuckle and reply that she’s crazy and flirtatious. He sends me another mail saying that he would rather want to flirt with me instead. I can feel I am blushing.

He then picks up a paper and writes ‘what’s your number?’ on it, holds it up gesturing for me to respond. Just then Sam walks by his office and she sees the same question and goes in to write her number down. I start laughing as he embarrassingly accepts the note from her. When she leaves, he holds the paper up again, I respond by writing it down on a paper too and hold it up for him to take it. He is holding his hand up showing me that I need to wait until he is done writing. He shows me that he will call me. Then my cell rings and I answer. “Now you have my number too” it’s Vincent. I just laugh. “You are nuts” I reply.

As I am leaving the office, I get a text, it’s Vincent.

Any plans tonight? He asks.

Not yet, have to check my diary. I reply.

How about we catch a movie, my treat? He responds.

When I reach my car I think about whether I should go out with Vincent or just be by myself. I then respond.

Yes let’s do a movie.

Great! Send me your address & I’ll pick you up at 19h00. He responds.

I send him my address. When I reach my home, I get a call from Sam asking whether I would like to join her for a girl’s night out with her sister. Sadly I have to let her know that I already made plans, and she naturally assumes that it’s with Dash of course. While getting ready for tonight, I reminisce of the first time David and I went on a date. How nervous I was, not knowing what to wear and what he would think of me. In the end, we had so much fun that we forgot about being nervous. And it was also the first time we kissed which was magical.

I decide to just wear a skinny jeans and a nice top, something not to flashy since I don’t want to give the wrong impression. It’s about 18h45 when I hear a knock at the door. Vincent is wearing, a denim skinny for men, cream jacket and a coral colour t-shirt, which surprisingly matches the top I am wearing. He looks really handsome for the movies. When I open the door, he is speechless. “Hey Vincent, you’re early” I greet letting him in. “Wow, you look really hot right now” he answers, while entering the door. “Yeah right” I respond. “No, seriously, you clean up very nice” he replies. “Oh whatever, you have jokes I see” I say while laughing. “You don’t look so bad yourself, the casual look suits you well” I compliment him.

“I’m almost ready, would you like anything to drink?” I ask him as he is looking around the place. “Sure, thanks” he replies. “Nice place you have here” he continues. “Thank you, only been here a few years now.” I reply. “So where are you living?” I ask him. “Oh that’s not important” he answers. Wonder why he doesn’t say, perhaps he’s ashamed of where he lives? Maybe it’s embarrassing? Who knows, I don’t bothered asking again. Once he’s done drinking and I finally finish we leave in his car. He has a 2014 Mercedes Benz SLK 350 Roaster, a beautiful blue colour. “Wow, you have a really nice car. The SLK 350, right? I say as I come out the door. “Yes, you know your cars, hey” he replies. “Oh just the real fancy ones” I answer laughing. I feel a bit uncomfortable sitting in this car, it’s meant for the rich, not for people like me.

We arrive at the mall and Vincent is a real gentleman, offering to open the door for me as though we are on a real date. But I like the gesture and just go with the flow. “So do you want to get something to eat first before the movie?” he asks as we enter the mall. “Let’s first see what’s playing then we can see the time.” I reply. We check out the movie list and I feel like watching something exciting, I opt for an adventure movie, which is exactly what Vincent is considering as well. “Seems we might have something in common after all” he says. I just laugh. We chose to watch the last show which would give us some time to have something to eat. He’s really sweet, pulling the chair out for me at the table, pouring my drink. “Here’s to me flirting with you” he says as he holds his glass up. “Here, here” I reply as we clink our glasses. “Why did you ask me to the movies tonight?” I ask. “Why not ask Sam who was clearly interested in you from the beginning.”

“Well Alexis. There’s something about you that attracts me” he replies. At this moment his hand moves to mine and I feel a jolt of electricity go through our fingers as my heart starts beating extremely fast. “See what I mean” he continues pulling his hand away as he feels the shock too. “It’s just static electricity” I say as I feel myself blushing. “I want to get to know you better, where you came from, your family, etc.” I continue, trying to calm the intensity of the moment down. Those piercing blue eyes staring at me over the candlelight, makes me feel nervous. “What’s there to tell really? Ok so I come from a wealthy family, but that does not define me, I have always been down to earth, not like some others of my family.” He says this so I would not judge him the wrong way. “Wow, I was not expecting to hear that.” I reply. He just laughs. “But that’s all I am saying for now, I want to get to know you better.” He says. “Well, I come from a not so wealthy family. I have a brother and both parents are deceased.” “All my life, I had to earn the things I wanted. Lost the first love of my life way too early …” and that’s where I stop and pause for a while. He leans over and asks whether I am ok, I guess surprised to hear that. “Hey, hey. You don’t have to talk about it if it’s too hard.”

“Its okay” I reply. “It’s been a while but I still can’t get over him.” “I don’t mean to pry but is that the person you and Sam are always talking about?” he asks. “Oh, oh no, I chuckle. We talk about his brother.” I can see that Vincent is quite confused so I explain to him about David and what had happened and that Dash had now returned. “Geez, I didn’t expect that. I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable for bringing it up. I can see that you really loved David.” He says. “Yeah, I felt like he was my soul mate and that we were destined to be together and I guess that’s why it’s been so hard to let go.” I reply. “I hope that you get to feel that way about someone else again.” he says. I don’t know what to say to that. I then think of Dash and what he had told me, about the way he felt about me. “Hey, it’s almost time for the movie.” Vincent says trying to brighten up the mood. “Yes, let’s go before we miss the beginning.” I reply.

While waiting for Vincent as he gets the popcorn, I decide to text Dash.

Hey, Dash. I think maybe we do need to talk. Let me know when.

Hi Lex, can I come around on Sunday afternoon? He responds.

Sure, see you then. I reply.

“Ready?” Vincent asks as he holds the popcorn with both hands. “Yes” I reply. He gestures for me to hook my arm in his as we walk, which is funny.

Watching a movie with Vincent is fun. He makes weird sounds at the oddest of times and questions the actors while they are talking. Thank goodness the theatre room is not filled with people that would have been embarrassing and annoying. But I laugh for a solid three hours through. When the movie is over, he starts to search for something in his pockets and pulls out a chocolate. “I almost forgot about this” he says as he hands it to me. “Thanks, I really love chocolate” I reply. “Great, thought you going to throw it in my face saying that you are watching your weight. Besides it’s something to remember the day. You know while you eating it in your bathtub, you will be thinking of me while the water drips from your body.” He says while laughing. “Really Vincent, is that the best you got?” I reply to that sort of flirtatious comment.

After the movie, he takes me home and I am not sure whether I should invite him in or not. He walks me to the door. “I had a really great time tonight” I say “Yep I enjoyed myself too” he replies. It’s a bit strange, him not knowing what to say, he always seems so in control and smooth. “Well I guess I should be heading back, you have my number so if you ever want to talk or text me, your welcome to.” He says. “Thanks, I’ll do that. Thank you for the chocolate too, I’ll definitely enjoy it.” I reply. “Don’t forget to eat it in the bath tub remember” he says with a smile. I don’t know whether I should shake his hand or hug him goodbye since we work together and I don’t want him to get the wrong impression. He leans in and hugs me. I feel my heart skip a beat as I feel his embrace, which is a bit unexpected. I get a whiff of his cologne and it smells so good, whatever he is using works for him. I feel like I want to be the inappropriate one and kiss him, but I keep myself in control. This is not a date, it’s just a friendly outing.

“I’ll see you on Monday then” I say immediately. “Yes, enjoy the rest of the weekend” he says as he walks back to the car. As I open the door and enter, he waits in the car until I close the door behind me waving goodbye. I close the door, switch on the lights and go to the kitchen, where I stand for a few minutes just thinking of the night. Could I be interested in Vincent? I ask myself. I am definitely attracted to him. As I am contemplating my feelings, I receive a text. It’s Dash.

Hi, so what are you up to now, you still upset with me?

Hi, was out with a friend. Had a good time so I don’t want to spoil it. I’m not upset, just don’t want to think of what happened, right now. I reply

Fair enough, will see you Sunday. He replies and leaves it at that.

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