Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 5

The next morning, I receive another text from Dash.

It reads: ’Good morning Lex, you never responded to my last text?’

I then reply: ’I’m sorry must have forgotten.’

‘Not to worry, just thought ……’ he responds.

I reply: ‘Thought what?’

‘Never mind …’ He replies.

‘Are you sure?’ I ask.

‘Yes, will chat again, see you ….’ He responds.

I leave it at that, as I have more important things to worry about.

I am busy with a proposal plan for John when I notice an e-mail from Vincent. I peep over my screen to see if he is at his desk, but he’s not there. I open the mail.

Hi Lexi, hope your morning has not been too busy. Thanks for lunch yesterday. Would really like to get to know you better, like I said I find you very interesting….

I pause as Sam walks in. “Morning Lex” she greets. “Hey you don’t look so good” I reply. “I know, think I’m coming down with the flu” she replies. “Maybe you should ask John if you can leave.” I suggest. “And miss out on seeing Mr. Kellis, no way” she bounces back. “Really Sam, you’re going to choose seeing a guy over your health?” I ask. She nods yes, before sneezing.

I continue reading the mail while she’s busy.

I won’t be at the office till Friday - outside meetings. But I’m going to miss seeing your sexy. . . . I mean friendly smile.

When I read this I nearly choke while drinking my coffee. “Hey what’s up, what you reading?” asks Sam. “Nothing important. I was just surprised at what I read.” I lie. But to be honest I am surprised, at least not expecting this. “Sam I really think you should go home, besides I don’t think Vincent is in today” I continue. “How would you know?” she asks. “Uhm, he’s not in yet as you can see” I reply, pointing to his office. “Maybe he’s just coming in later, I’ll ask Sally” she says while walking out my office. “Go home Sam” I say loudly as she leaves. I continue reading the mail.

Forgive my forwardness, I say exactly what I’m thinking sometimes

See you.


I think to myself, should I respond to this or not? What if I don’t respond? Would he think I’m rude or what if I do respond, do I look desperate? And what do I say to this? All these questions running through my head. Then all I respond is.

Enjoyed lunch too, see you.

The rest of the day is quiet with Sam feeling gloomy and depressed because she is sick and Vincent not being in the office. I manage to get the tasks John has requested done and start wondering what my plans are for the night. I decide to call my friend Heather to find out whether she has anything planned. She then tells me that she has some marketing event happening at Club Verve and ask if I want to tag along, so I immediately agree. I need to get out.

I get to the venue just as the formalities have ended which means that the party could commence. Dressed in a funky short cocktail dress with heels, it is time to have some fun. After dancing away with Heather and a few of her colleagues, Heather and I decide to chill at the bar with a few drinks. “This is a real awesome event, Heather. It’s well executed.” I compliment. “Sorry that I missed out on the speeches” I apologize. “No problem, you came in time for the best part . . . THE PARTY!” She screams over the music and we cheer together. While drinking and dancing at the bar, I feel an arm take me around my waist. As I quickly spin around, I am surprised by a familiar face. Guess who it is . . . .

“Dash!” I scream over the music.

“Hey sexy” he whispers in my ear, before hugging me. “What are you doing here?” I ask. “You’re not the only person that knows the right people” he replies loudly. I laugh before asking him who he knows. He points to the person and it’s one of Heather’s colleagues. “Hi, my name’s Heather” Heather butts in. “Sorry, Dash this is my friend Heather, she works with your friend” I introduce them. “Hi Heather, nice to meet you” he greets. “Likewise here” Heather replies all flirtatious. Why do I have such flirtatious friends I wonder, rolling my eyes? “So how do you know Lex?” She asks Dash. Dash looks at me and continues to reply. “We go way back, she dated my brother.” “Oh is that the one that passed away?” she asks turning to me. “Yes, he’s twin brother” I reply. “Wow, twin. Identical?” she asks. “Yes” Dash replies. “Great taste, Lex” she replies softly. She then leaves us alone.

He leans in to speak to me so that I can hear him. “Can we go somewhere quieter?” he asks. I nod yes. We move up stairs to the VIP tables. “Sorry I never responded to your texts in time, were you upset?” I ask. “It’s just that you stopped texting when I did” I continue. “I could never be upset with you Lex, you know that. I just figured you had more important things in your life” he replies.

“Damn, you look hot tonight” he continues changing the subject, looking at me from top to bottom. “You really think so?” I ask. “I just put on whatever I had available.” I continue. That’s the nice thing about Dash, you feel comfortable with him and able to talk to him about anything too. “Come on Lex, have you not noticed all the guys checking you out? Why do you think I came over” he replies. “I had to intervene when I saw you and saw how they were staring.” He continues. “I haven’t noticed anything” I gesture with my shoulders. I can feel myself blushing.

“Have to look out for special people . . . like you” he replies. “So how do you know Heather’s colleague, Michelle?” I ask. “We’ve been in contact now and again, let’s just say a mutual friend introduced us. She’s the one I spoke to you about. I’m surprised to see you out in the middle of the week” he continues.

Just then Heather and Michelle joins us. “Lexi you’ve got to come with me, someone is dying to meet you, if you know what I mean – hint, hint” Heather says while pulling me from my seat winking at me. “Chat later Dash!” I say while being dragged downstairs. He doesn’t look too impressed but is distracted by Michelle. As I turn to see if he is fine, I can see Michelle asking him about me, and he just brushes her off with his hands and suggests they hit the dance floor. Heather introduces me to another colleague – quite a handsome guy. He pulls me to the dance floor and we start dancing together.

While we are dancing, I keep catching Dash watching me. He tries not to make it obvious but fails, not that he is not enjoying himself with Michelle from the looks of it. I am glad to see that he is enjoying himself too. I decide to call it a night, I think I had enough partying for a mid-week outing. As I am exiting the club I feel my cell vibrate. It’s a text from Dash.

Leaving without saying goodbye?

Are you watching me now? I respond.

Wait for me, I’ll take you home. He replies.

I wait. Soon he’s out the door too. “What about Michelle?” I ask. “She’s going to stay” he replies. “I don’t feel like this vibe anymore anyway” he continues. “So let’s go then, I am exhausted” I reply.

The drive home is quiet, but mainly because I am exhausted. We reach my home just before I am about to fall asleep. “Lex” Dash whispers thinking I am asleep. “I’m awake, I’m awake” I reply. He walks me to my front door, so that he can make sure that I unlock and I’m indoors before he leaves. “Thanks for the ride home” I hug him. “My pleasure” he replies. “I’ll give you a call some time” I say as I turn to enter through the door. He grabs my arm and pulls me towards him and before I know it we lock lips. It’s such a forceful kiss that I can hardly breathe. I manage to push him away. “What the hell!” I scream. “Lexi, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I just ….. “ “Just leave Dash” I say as I close the door. “Come on Lexi, please” he pleads. But I don’t want to listen. I stand at the door, as I watch him leave. What was he thinking, I ask myself. I see him punch the steering wheel before he drives off. I can’t believe he did that. I think about that kiss the whole night, while Dash keeps on calling and texting me to apologize. I mean, I use to be with his brother, we were like brother and sister. I never thought of him in any other way. Did I give him that impression?

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