Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 4

Monday morning blues are gone, and you should know the reason why. My usual cup of coffee tastes better than before and it seems as though the day would look brighter too. “Morning Lex” in walks Sam. “So how did the date go?” she asks excitedly. “Firstly is was not a ’date’.” I stress out the point. “And it was good, I had fun” I reply. “So nothing interesting happen?” she asks. “No Sam nothing, we just hung out as friends” I reply. “So boring” she responds. With that I look up and see Vincent entering his office, he turns as he places his satchel down and sees me looking, smiling he greets with a wave of his hand. I return the gesture and immediately Sam turns around curious as to who I was greeting. “So sorry Lex, have to go greet my sweetie” she says impatiently, leaping off the chair. Sweetie? I think to myself.

The day starts off normal with the bi-weekly team meeting, which is much more interesting this time, as John is not the presenter. While sitting there, my cell vibrates and shows a message from Dash.

It reads: ’Had a really good time on Saturday, would like to see you again, REAL SOON.’

I didn’t know what to reply and just say: ’Sure we can make a plan.’

“Alexis is there something you would like to add?” John asks after seeing me not paying attention to what he had just asked. “Sorry John, you were saying” I reply. Sam looks at me, curiosity all over her face, and I gesture to her that I will speak to her after the meeting. Once the meeting has ended Sam comes straight over to me, still busy packing notebooks from the boardroom. She is curious to know what is so interesting on my phone. I tell her that I got a text from Dash, and what he it says. “I really think he’s into you, I mean come on. The sudden interest to spend time with you after so long?” she responds. “Come on Sam, he’s just trying to catch up, you know we were close once and a lot has happened” I reply.

Just as we walk out of the door of the boardroom, she says “Ok whatever, I still think he’s into you that way.” Just as Vincent walks in. “Who is into who now?” he asks. Surprised, I just brush him off. “Oh, Vincent. Don’t listen to Sam, she’s reading too much into a situation.” I respond. “More like she is in denial” Sam bursts in. “Hey, let me not get involved, ladies” he says politely. “But there was something, I was meaning to ask you Alexis?” he continues. “Please its, Lexi.” I reply. “Sorry Lexi, if you don’t mind” he replies stepping into the boardroom, gesturing me to come in. “Chat later Lex” Sam says as she leaves.

All nervous, I enter the room again, and place my things back onto the table. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal that I want to ask you” Vincent says probably picking up on how nervous I am feeling. It’s the first time he has addressed me ’privately’. “I just need to ask something about work” he continues. As he speaks I can feel myself falling deeper and deeper into a trancelike state, just staring into his striking blue eyes, they are mesmerizing. Waking up from my trance, I respond to his question and tell him that if he needs any more information, we can sit again to discuss and he agrees that we might have to since he will need some more information. I then leave for my office. When I get to my office I calm down, I’m such a nervous wreck sometimes, I think to myself. But who could blame me. If you could see Vincent for yourself, you would understand.

Just before lunch, Vincent was back at his office, he looks extremely handsome in a suit. Then again, that is all I have seen him in since he joined - I think to myself shaking my head. I then see him coming towards my office. “Hi, again” he says smiling. “Any chance we could discuss those things over lunch?” he asks, catching me off guard. “Sure, I’ll just let Sam know, that you’ll be tagging along.” I reply. “I’d rather it just be the two of us, sorry but I think she is trying to hit on me. It’s a bit uncomfortable” he responds with a chuckle. “Oh ok, I will just let her know then” I reply. “Hey Lex, what’s up?” she answers my call. “Can we forget lunch today, have another appointment to attend to?” I ask. “Are you meeting with Dash?” she asks eagerly. “No Sam, its business” I reply, making sure Vincent does not hear. He is just looking at my wall pictures, while I am talking, pretending not to be interested. “Sure Lex, speak to you later” Sam ends the call. “Are you ready?” Vincent asks and we head for the elevator. It’s strange that he is so comfortable with me, I mean he just started a few weeks ago and we seem as though we’ve been friends forever.

We end up at a café not too far from the office block, he orders a smoothie which I find strange for a guy, but hey each to their own. “So how long have you been with the company?” he asks. “It’s been about 4 ½ years since joining them” I reply. “Nice” he responds nodding his head. “So you wanted to chat about the project that you’re working on?” I ask sticking to business. “I have a confession” he says smiling. “I didn’t actually want to chat about that, I actually wanted to get to know you”. Shocked I nearly choke on my drink. “Really, why would you want to do that?” I ask all surprised and confused. “Because I think you’re interesting” he replies. “You just met me a few weeks ago” I reply confusion written all over my face. “I’ve heard good things about you. People speak very highly of you” he replies. I am quite surprised that I’ve been the topic of people at the office. I can feel myself blushing, feeling a bit awkward.

“I don’t see a ring?” he continues. What’s with all the questions, he’s just making me more confused. “Yes have not met the right person yet I guess” I reply. Just then I receive a text. It’s Dash.

Was thinking of you & just had to find out if you want to go out this weekend again, perhaps another movie?

“Sorry, I just need to reply to this” I tell Vincent. “Sure not a problem” he replies. Smiling at my cellphone.

Okay will call you later this week. I respond.

Vincent looks at me funny, then says “Seems like that was an interesting text, to make you smile like that?” I just laugh nervously. “You have a beautiful laugh” he compliment, making me blush all over again. “What about you?” I ask turning the questions to him. “What about me?” he replies. “Is there someone special in your life?” I ask. He hesitates when answering “No, I guess I too have not found the right person”. A sudden silence falls between us before we decide, it’s time to head back to the office. As I enter my office, I receive another text.

It reads: ’Can’t wait to see you again. Next time it will be better.’

‘Better’ what does Dash mean by that. I thought it was fine. I don’t want to read more into it so I just don’t respond.

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