Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 3

Saturday morning and the weather is beautiful, the sun rays waking me up from my bedroom window brings a smile to my face. I have not awaken like this in a while. All of a sudden my stomach starts churning, remembering the ’events’ taking place today. Why am I feeling this nervous, it’s not like I haven’t been out with a friend before. But this one was different.

First thing I check is the time, since I need to be ready before 12h00pm, what to wear. Thank goodness for Sam, fashionista. The perfect outfit chosen, not too flashy, not too conservative.

(Knock, knock)

Dash is here. Calm down Lexi, it’s just Dash. But when I look through the peephole, all I see is David. I open the door and he looks great. Tight fitting jeans, white t-shirt and check shirt – he was always a good dresser. “Are you ready to go?” he asks, smiling. “Yes”, I reply.

It is strange to be driving with Dash after so long. I mean we never had awkward silences between us. We always had some interesting conversations – something that David was content with, never really bothered him. You see sometimes David would just like to be alone and ‘reflecting on the day’ he always called it. Me, I enjoyed having a good conversation and with Dash it was always interesting and funny. But now we sit in the car, our mouths shut. “So, how have you been?” he finally breaks the silence. “I mean” - he adds, remembering the anniversary of David’s passing – “apart from the way you felt before”

“I’ve been better” I reply. “You never mentioned having a new love interest?” I ask trying to change the subject – 360 degrees. “I mean has there or is there anyone special?” I ask. “Not really” he replies hesitantly. “There have been some but nothing serious, well not from my side anyway, besides this one chick” he says. “What do you mean, besides one chick?” I ask, quite interested in finding out more. He chuckles and says that it was nothing serious, they’ve just been seeing more of each other than he was hoping. “Really, not serious.” I beg to differ. While looking at him smile, I feel my face warm up with a smile too, as I missed seeing that, I missed seeing David’s smile too.

“It’s been tough connecting with someone in that way … you know, after Faith”. He continued. Faith being the ’one that got away’ I called it. “I found that I don’t want to get serious with someone right now, want to enjoy being single for a while” he continued. “What if the right one came along?” I asked. He then turned and looked at me as if I had said something so alarming. “Hey! Watch the road!” I screamed. The car nearly swerved into the side of the road. “Sorry, sorry!” he apologized, and continued driving, not answering my question. Finally, we reach our destination.

“Right so where you want to go for lunch” he asks excitedly. “Not sure what you in the mood for?” I reply. “You still into pizza right?” he asks. He seems confident about his answer. “Ok pizza is fine with me.” I reply, not wanting him to make a big fuss. We enjoy a good meal and look to see what movies are out, unable to decide whether we should watch a drama, comedy or action movie. Dash loves action movies, while David always enjoyed something adventurous or fantasy. After deciding, we end up watching a Romantic Comedy, my choice of course.

While munching away at my popcorn - during a kissing scene – I can feel Dash staring at me. I try to look with the corner of my eye, but am unable to see whether I am right. With a clever flick of my hair, I catch him looking at me. Embarrassed he quickly takes his eyes away from me shifting in his seat, trying not to make it obvious that I just caught him looking at me. I just giggle.

After the movie we decide to hit the game arcades in honor of David, as he loved video games. As you may have noticed, the three of us hung out a lot together, hence the day starting out awkward, but seem to have become easier later on, the only thing missing was the one I loved. With the day almost over we head for a bar for some sundowners. “I hope you enjoyed the day out, with an old friend?” he asks quietly, leaning towards me. “Yes Dash it was fun I think I needed this” I reply softly. “It gets easier you know. Took me a while though but it got there” he says knowing what I am thinking of at this moment. The drive home brings that awkward silence back. I don’t know whether I should ask him to come in for coffee or just say good night, as he walks me to the door. I then turn and he is so close to me, I feel my breath escape my mouth like a gasp. “Sorry” he apologizes, realizing that he is too close. “I had a good time Dash. I hope that we could do this again sometime” I ask, hoping that I didn’t imply anything. “I enjoyed it to, and yes I would really like to hang out again” he replies.

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