Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 28

It’s eventually time for Ryan and Emma to head home. I can see that Ryan is happy for me as he can tell that I am. “Please don’t be a stranger sis” Ryan asks as he hugs me goodbye. “You too little brother” I reply. “And Vincent, if you hurt her, you’ll have to deal with me” Ryan utters seriously. “I wouldn’t dare bro” Vincent replies pulling me to his side and kisses me on the forehead. As they get into their car, we wave goodbye and return inside once they are out the driveway.

I’m about to clear all the dishes when Vincent pulls me towards him. “Finally we’re alone” he whispers and kisses me so intensely, I can feel my heart starting to pound. As he runs his fingers down my back, he gently picks me up and carries me up the stairs to my bedroom. With the same passion and gentleness as the first night we spent together, Vincent and I make sweet passionate love. At that moment the world stands still and all that exists is just the two of us. I have been waiting for this feeling for months and now that he’s finally here I never want to let go.

I feel all my emotions streaming into one. I have longed to feel his touch, for him to caress my skin. The warmth of his body touching mine burns my skin. Leaving me with goose bumps as the cool air rushes in from the open window. I can feel him moving to my rhythms. My emotions flooding my brain until it’s ready to pop and then I exhale.

I lay on his chest listening to his heartbeat, as he runs his fingers through my hair. “That was incredible” Vincent finally whispers breaking the sweet silence. I just smile. “Vincent” I murmur softly. “Yes baby” he responds. “How long are you staying?” I ask not wanting to kill the moment, but I need to know. “Lexi, I told you not to worry about that right now” he answers. “I know but I just want to be prepared the next time you have to go.” I reply. “I’m here now and we have all the time to be together right now, let’s not think of the negative. Let’s just be together here . . . now” he continues as he lifts my face with his fingers and gently kisses my lips. “I just can’t believe you’re here” I mumble giddily as I jump on top of him. “Oh that was so sexy right now” he teases and pins me down and we kiss again.

I awake this morning to the smell of breakfast being made in the kitchen and I realize that it’s not a dream, Vincent is really here. I stumble down the stairs and embrace him. “Morning to you too my love.” He says as he turns around. “You hungry?” he asks as he shows me what he’s making. “Do you ever sleep in?” I respond with another question. “I love watching you sleep that’s why I get up so early, just to stare at you for a while.” He answers. “I’m sorry I never got you a gift for Christmas, if I knew you would be here I would have made a plan” I apologize as we sit at the table.

“No worries Lexi, I kind of never got you anything either . . . yet” he replies looking away suspiciously. “It’s fine, as long as I have you” I reply. “Why don’t we go out today?” he suggests. “Sure we can. Where would you like to go?” I reply. “I missed the beaches around here, was thinking that we could go for a walk before going back to my place.” He suggests. “Your place? You mean you guys still own that mansion?” I ask surprised. “Sure we do, we never sold it” he laughs. It’s a great summer’s day with just the right amount of wind blowing. We pull up to the beach which is packed with people from all over. This was not unexpected since it’s a public holiday. Vincent is dressed in his ‘chinos’ and flip-flops while I’m wearing my bikini under a shorts and crochet top. We look hot together. Who would’ve thought that a ’Plain Jane’ such as myself would end up having a gorgeous; down-to-earth ‘Greek’ descendent hunk by my side? A fairy tale come true.

We walk along the shore watching the children splash away in the water, while parents stand by making sure that they remain in full view. Laughter and excitement in the air - this is what the season is all about.

“Have you thought about having your own?” Vincent asks watching me smiling, pointing with his eyes at the children running by. “Sure I have . . . eventually. I adore kids.” I wonder why he asked me that – I think to myself. Vincent seems very different since his return. “What about you? Do you want children one day?” I ask. “Of course, I want a big family. Imagine three or four of mine running around here” he says jokily. “Three or four? Wait that’s too much” I reply laughing.

“Alexis would you marry me?” Vincent murmurs casually, stopping for a few minutes where we walked. My heart skips a beat. “Excuse me, what?” I ask stunned at what I had just heard. “Did you just ask if I would marry you?” I screech, my hands shaking with surprise. He looks me in the eyes, with a smile on his face. “I know that I’ve been away for a few months and we haven’t really been together for long, but ever since we met, I felt a connection between us and I’m not talking about the electricity we felt when we touched the first time, but the first time I laid eyes on you. . . . I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that right now I love you and I think I’m ready for that next level.” He continues.

I stand there wobbling as my nerves takes over my body, my legs feel like they are about to give way underneath me as the people walk by. “Vincent, what is this?” I ask nervously, looking around to see if people are staring. My face starts to burn up as I start blushing. He takes my hand and bends down on one knee. “Alexis Jones . . .” he starts. “Vincent . . . What the . . .” I mutter nervously interrupting him. “Alexis will you marry me?” he finally utters as he removes a tiny box from his pocket.

“Are you serious Vincent” I croak softly as my nervous take over, my entire body shaking, making it hard to speak clearly. People stop and smile pointing towards us. “Well would you become my wife?” Vincent mumbles again with a huge smile on his face. His striking blue eyes glistening in the rays of the sun.

And all I hear myself say . . . Without thinking twice is . . . “YES!”


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